Ever wonder what a Beauty Blogger buys? It’s haul time!

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Blogger Haul Y'all

I love checking out haul posts. Especially when it’s a beauty blogger doing the hauling. I know first hand that it’s hard to justify buying new products when you have a whole slew of them sitting on your desk. But since a beauty blogger is also a beauty junkie, and there are just so many irresistible products out there, hauls happen and they’re usually epic. Here’s my latest from my trip to Philadelphia.

First stop, one of my favorite beauty stores; Bluemercury. Their location in Center City is just gorgeous, a beautiful old building rich with history and filled with the high end beauty galore.

If you ever see a Bluemercury – go inside! You will flip. I do, every time.

CHANEL lipstick

I’m embarrassed to admit that this is my first CHANEL lipstick ($34). And I may have created quite a problem. Because Rouge Allure in Enjouee is amazing. This is their brand new formula that they say has “concentrated, ultra-thin pigments.” It delivers a shockingly pigmented satin finish for how smooth it is.

CHANEL red lipstick

And fall shades be damned, I couldn’t resist the beautiful, subtly shimmered pink coral Enjouee. Plus, I love the heavy weight of the square tube. And the fact that with a click of the double C’s, out pops your lipstick.

CHANEL lipstick swatch

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact

I actually paid a bit more than I would have liked to for the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact ($45) but I just couldn’t control myself at the thought of a tinted moisturizer COMPACT. And once it was on my skin, it was all over. I chose Sand, which seemed way too dark in the pan. But once my MA applied it on one side, with the shade lighter on the other, then send me outside with a mirror, I saw it’s perfect on my still summer skin. It’s creamy, divine and I love it.

M-61 Skincare Fast Blast

I also got the M-61 Skincare Fast Blast ($50). M-61 is Bluemercury’s own line which was just developed and released “after thirteen years of performing nearly 100,000 spa treatments every year.” Fast Blast is named after one of their facials. It’s a two minute vitamin C mask with seaweed and aloe. It brightens and exfoliates and bubbles! My MA demoed this on his hand and I couldn’t believe the difference in his skin. It was like a giant Smart Water and a good night’s sleep happened right in front of my eyes.

AND, I was able to get their anniversary gift so I got a bag chock-a-block with samples. Hooray – samples! (Use code 13years for any purchase over $150) My favorite? The Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift, which has gone straight on my list for my next haul.

Açaí Damage-Minimizing Cleanser

I also popped into Kiehl’s, home of my favorite skin care line, to pick up a couple of items I’ve been eying for awhile.

I’ve dreamed of Açaí Damage-Minimizing Cleanser ($24.50) since I first read that its “organic formula wipes out the first signs of aging.” I mean, wouldn’t you? It’s in a pump that creates a lovely foam, it’s organic certified with 100% natural origin ingredients, it smells FAB and it leaves my skin feeling super clean and not at all dry. What’s not to love?

Closer look of Midnight Recovery Eye

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate felt a bit too heavy for my oily skin. But the Midnight Recovery Eye is juuuust right! It has the same essential oils but in a rich cream that you use only at night. I love having a night specific eye cream! And it really seems to be working, I’ve actually been skipping my cream in the morning because my skin looks so nourished.

Badger Balms in Sweet Orange, Cool Mint and Lavender & Orange shades

I couldn’t resist the items at the supermarket checkout of Wegman’s (the east coast’s Bristol Farms), put specifically there to do just that. I picked up organic Badger Balms in Sweet Orange, Cool Mint and Lavender & Orange. Yum.

Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold

Finally, how great is Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold? It’s a honey gold with a very slight blue duochrome (I see it more in the bottle than on my nails, but I swear I see it!) Plus, it’s got amazing coverage with just one coat. Let’s hear it for drugstore polish!

Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold

we heartsters, are you intrigued by any of my purchases? What have YOU bought lately?

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  • Stef Andrews

    Stef is a plethora of things. Amongst them: co-founder of we heart this, photographer, condiment connoisseur, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie. She also has a touch of wanderlust and, arguably, the cutest dog in the whole world... skin tone: NC 25/30 skin type: oily with a fear of rosacea favorite beauty product: high end skincare and lip products


  1. @stef – your haul has ruined me for productive work today! I’m too busy obsessing! I *love* Chanel lipstick and that color is beyond gorgeous. The Laura Mercier compact—creme tinted moisturizer?!– is something I didn’t know existed. Ditto Badger Balms, even though I shop at Wegman’s all the time! I’ve also been eyeing (ha) Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye. Glad to hear it lives up to the hype!

  2. I always love your hauls Stef! That Chanel lipstick is beyond amazing – I can feel the weight in my hand as I read that, and I can’t believe you click the double C’s to get the color up – how fun! I need to get to the Kiehl’s counter too – the eye cream sounds awesome. All I’ve bought lately are my staples from Lancome I’ve run out of…my staple fall lipstick, Sugared Maple, and one of their perfect glosses I’m madly in love with for the texture, doe foot applicator, and long lasting formula, Combustible – also more of a spring burnt orangey coral.

    1. @melinda – the double c’s are nestled up in the black case, then when you click them the gold part that holds the lipstick comes out. It’s like you’re releasing some treasure, which, it kinda is!

      Sugared Maple is the Lancome shade I always used to get in GWPs – it must be one of their most popular shades. With good reason, I assume!

  3. @stef , you dont’ mess around, do you? Your haul has me wanting.. I love Kiehl’s and have for years gone in that store with a list of wants.. I recently picked up Kiehl’s “Clearl Corrective Dark Spot Solution” and it’s been working on correcting my dark circle on my left jawbone.. I’ll keep at it since I can see it lightening already. I also am going to try the Badger Balms. I’ve been meaing to and I really like the sound of all the ones you mentioned above. Sweet Orange, Cool Mint and Lavender & Orange, yum is right!

  4. I love haul posts and pictures too! I always want more products, even though I have so many. I just love trying new makeup items :D

    My last makeup haul was a couple of items from the MAC StyleSeeker collection about a month ago. I’ve purchased a few small drugstore items here, and I’ve bought myself a few pairs of pants and jackets (my old ones are too big!) and there but I’m itching for a makeup haul (birthday present to meeeee!). I’m eyeing the Marilyn Monroe x MAC collection, Inglot eyeshadows, and the new Urban Decay Vice palette.

    1. @lipglossandspandex – do you not own any Inglot shadows yet? Omg – GET SOME! The stores are really fun, if you’re near one.

      I’m kinda freaking out about MAC/Marilyn too. How could you not, really?

    2. @Stef, I know! I’m kind of embarrassed to say I haven’t tried Inglot yet…. I don’t have a Chanel lipstick either, but I feel like it’s a greater offense not having Inglot shadows, especially since I LOOOOOOOOVE eyeshadow.

    3. Don’t be embarrassed! Just think of what fun you’ll have picking out your first palette.

  5. Lovely haul @stef – I LOVE hauls! Chanel lipstick…ah how I can’t wait to get one one day. Same with Chanel nail polish. I’m so scared to bite the bullet and turn into an addict with an expensive habit haha!

    I recently got my favorite Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray in the XL size ON SALE on their site! I was so proud of my find, so I got two since I love this stuff. I also got these limited edition Maybelline Baby Lips duos. Oh and Zoya nail polish because they always have really cool limited edition sets and sales :)

  6. @stef – Count me in as a lover of makeup hauls! I love going with friends to pick out new makeup. I love trying new colors, formulations, packaging. I am such a makeup addict.

    I have not bought anything exciting lately. However, I need some powdered sunblock to protect my face midday. (Not that the purchase is exciting but, . . .)

  7. I love haul posts, I get to live vicariously though other’s purchases. And I LOVE Badger Balm! I think I have every flavor/variety of lip product they make, and I love their different body balms. (The Anti-Bug Balm stick is an AMAZING natural bug deterrent!)
    You know what they say, once you go Chanel you never go back! The entire Rouge Allure line is fantastic, and crazy addicting. Welcome to the club, hehe!

  8. Yay! Your first Chanel Lippie! I feel like there should be a celebratory cake/glass of champagne involved…Mine was “Vamp” and I got it back in college, back in the 90’s. I wore that and the matching polish–I felt so fierce! lol
    I’ve been a bad girl haul-wise lately. In the last month and a half, I picked up a lipstick & nail polish duo from Le Metier that was 1/2 off at Neiman Marcus. I picked up a Laura Mercier lip gloss in Brick and a Canyon Cheek Mélange (1/2 off sale) from their website and snagged deluxe samples of the tinted moisturizer in the compact (It IS awesome!) and an eyeshadow duo and then a tube tinted moisturizer and lipgloss (They had free shipping and free 2 samples w/ purchase, so I made 2 purchases and got 4 samples. I’m diabolical.). I later grabbed a LM stickgloss in Courtesane & a caviar stick in Khaki at Sephora. I just grabbed a Stila Illuminating powder foundation, a MAC blush in Modern Mandarin, a cream blush from Korres (Eros Coral), and am awaiting the arrival of a Sheswai polish in “What” and new Tarte giftsets–a blush one and a lip surgence one. They have a big daddy giftset that I just can’t afford right now, but dang, do I want it…
    Skincare-wise, I also picked up a new Murad AHA/BHA cleanser (I love that stuff).
    Hair-wise, I picked up a bottle of Kerastase shampoo–the green bottle that helps fight breakage.
    I also snagged a Tweezerman set of travel tweezers with the Gwen Stefani Harajuku character on them.
    I blame my birthday. It was yesterday and I tend to buy a lot in the month leading up to it :P

    1. And I forgot about the Philosophy Black Cherry Italian Soda 3-in-1 and matching lotion. They smell LIKE HEAVEN.

  9. Thank you so much for the lipstick recommendation! i have been looking for a while for a colour this pigmented that doesn’t make my lips look or feel dry – this is the exact product i was looking for! Will defiantly read more of your blogs for advice in the future. x

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