Found: An Equal Opportunity Concealer

Found: An Equal Opportunity Concealer

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evolution-man-conceal-treat-1Press Sample

EvolutionMan Conceal & Treat – Swatches and Review

Ladies, before you pass this off as a guys-only brand, hear me out! EvolutionMan is all about sustainability, green packaging, ethical business practices and multi-tasking products with proven ingredients. All that plus a mid-range price point and free of testing on animals. Sounds good, right?


They’ve produced a handful of simple but elegant and carefully thought-out skin, lip and nail products. And if that’s not enough to get you crushing hard on this brand, the founder of EvolutionMan is Marco Berardini, a world-class hairstylist, groomer and makeup artist.


One of his hair/makeup clients was none other than BRITNEY SPEARS, and he’s currently touring South America with Jennifer Lopez. If he can hang with those ladies, you can be sure that I am more than willing to try his products. And the guys are loving EvolutionMan too – their Wash & Buff was named best Face Scrub by Men’s Health magazine, and the Conceal & Treat was featured in DETAILS magazine.


I tested out the EvolutionMan Conceal & Treat concealer ($22), which is available in a small black matte twist up tube in three shades: Light, Medium and Medium Dark.


The medium shade was just about perfect for my NC30ish skin. Sorry darker skinned guys and gals – there isn’t a shade for you (yet), since Medium Dark is probably about NC35-40. But if you do happen to find a shade that works for you, the Conceal & Treat concealer does exactly what it says it will do – conceal and treat!


Beeswax, Vitamins A & E, and Green Tea Leaf extract hydrates and rejuvenates your skin and soothes irritation, while salicylic acid (2.0%) treats and prevents acne through chemical exfoliation. The formula glides easily onto skin, blends well, and then dries down nicely. It’s also formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan.

evolution-man-conceal-treat-7Conceal and treat in light, medium and medium dark

I liked that this is creamy and very pigmented, but doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, and lasts well throughout the entire day. There’s no medicinal scent to it either. It’s small enough that you can throw it in your purse for emergency cover up situations. I also appreciate that a little bit goes a long way.

evolution-man-conceal-treat-8Conceal and treat in light, medium and medium dark – slightly blended

evolution-man-conceal-treat-9Conceal and treat in light, medium and medium dark – fully blended

I also received a few EvolutionMan samples including their Nu Noir face & body cleanser (smells masculine in a divine way and cleanses perfectly without drying), their Moisture Protect SPF 20 moisturizer (a good sunscreen for acne-prone individuals as it dries down nicely), and the Cleanse & Shave shaving cream and face wash (luxuriously rich for shaving.)

Overall, I’d say EvolutionMan has some really nice products perfect for the man in your life (or keep them all for yourself!)

we heartsters, have you ever used a product labeled for men? What did you think?

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6 thoughts on “Found: An Equal Opportunity Concealer”

  1. Oooo, I’m NC42; SO CLOSE!! I like the look of this, it doesn’t seem thick or chalky, which is my biggest complaint about concealers.

    I’m all for using men’s products! I know marketing is skewed to particular genders because it works, but if the product meets my needs, it’s mine all mine and there’s not a single “no girls allowed” sign will keep me out. (I’m looking at you, Dr. Pepper Ten.)

  2. Interesting, I’m kind of tempted to buy it for the circles under my husband’s eyes… If I can get him to wax his eyebrows I don’t see why I can’t get him to wear concealer : )

  3. Here is to equal rights makeup! I love that this has such quality ingredients. I usually conceal and hide. I am intrigued by conceal and treat.

  4. I love hearing about new products like this! And the ingredients here really appeal to me, too. I never borrow my dudes’ stuff because he is ridic low maintenance, but there are so many great men’s products out there…

  5. I’m always looking for a newer, better concealer, and the Light shade looks like the perfect yellow-based hue for me! I don’t care a bit if it’s designed with men in mind.

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