Exfoliant fanatics and organic connoisseurs: meet Michael Todd’s Pumpkin Mask

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Michael Todd's Pumpkin Mask photos: we heart this

Recognize the name Michael Todd? You should! If you’re long time reader of we heart this you’ve seen reviews right here. Or if you attended one of the animal charity raffles we’ve sponsored, you’ve received an item in your gift bag that was generously donated to the cause. But if you’re new to the line, sit back this Green Monday and let me introduce you to their Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask, aka an exfoliant extraordinaire! (3.4 fl oz for $34).

The company has shifted its efforts from cosmetics to skincare, releasing a line of organic skincare that rivals all that I’ve tried. And the Pumpkin Facial Mask may just be the cream of the organic crop. Though feel free to browse their site, everything you see is as green as can be. Me? The exfoliant lover that I am was happy to have this be my first launch into the line. I slathered my face with it and let the testing begin…

Oo-wee, it packs a tingle! A tingle that borders on a sting actually. But just for the first minute. I personally love a good tingle because I know it’s working. I’ll admit I’m usually one to buck rules, but they say this is not for sensitive skin and they really mean it.

That tingle is the pumpkin enzyme (the 1st ingredient), combined with the glycolic acid of sugar cane, (the 3rd ingredient) going to town on your skin’s flaws. I love to imagine the enzyme as little pac-man type things, munching away at impurities like dead skin and clogged pores. The second ingredient, Bilberry, is no slouch either. It’s known to reduces inflammation, giving a soothing effect to what the other two are doing.

It also smells EXACTLY like pumpkin pie. But don’t eat it. I know someone who licked her finger to check only to find out it does not taste like pumpkin pie. What a dummy, huh? Ok…that dummy was me. What can I say? It’s been a long time since I had pie.

Michael Todd's Pumpkin Mask swatch

After 5-10 minutes when the mask has dried, you wash it off to reveal a beautifully smooth face. Seriously smooth. I asked my hubby to feel my face and tell me what he thought. “It’s like a baby’s bum!” was his answer. My skin also looks brighter after I use this. Smooth and bright, could I ask for anything else?

• Serious exfoliating power.
• Leaves skin smooth and bright.
• My products absorb into my skin more thoroughly after use.
• Website lists ingredients (why don’t all sites do this?)

• All products in the line use things you’ll recognize: apricot, avocado, carrot, cranberry, orange, pumpkin and tropical fruits to name a few.
• All products are sans mineral oil and other petrochemicals. Oils are from olive, coconut, jojoba, neem, seabuckthorn seed and tea tree.
• Free of parabens, triclosans, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes and fragrances.
• States on every package the precise percentage of organically grown plants and fruits used and if it is vegan.

• The 1st minute tingle maybe too intense for some.
• Not for sensitive skin.
• $49 is not exactly cheap (though you do get a lot of product).

Michael Todd's Pumpkin Mask

My verdict? Michael Todd’s Pumkpin Mask will please exfoliant fanatics, organic connoisseurs and skin care lovers alike!

we heartsters, if you are any of the above, let us know if that sounds like something you’d like to try!

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  1. Ooh, this sounds really, really nice! I love exfoliants almost as much as I love pumpkin (and I love pumpkin A LOT), so this goes right to the top of my must-try list!

  2. Ive tested out a few Michael Todd products, and they were great. And how can you not love a company that donates so generously to the animal rescue raffles?!

    I’ve been on a pumpkin kick lately (“pumpkin pie” oatmeal, green smoothies with pumpkin and allspice…) I would totally have tasted this face mask if it smelled like pumpkin pie, so I’m glad you warned me! ;) $49 is definitely not cheap, but if it actually works, I’m tempted to try it. I’d love for my skin to be bright and smooth.

    I agree–all cosmetic companies (heck, every company) should list the ingredients in their products. Also, the number of ounces or grams. As a consumer, and as a blogger, it’s something I ALWAYS want to know.

    Also, I looove your nail polish :)

  3. Oooo, this gives me pause. I don’t like pumpkin pie, but I ADORE the scent (I know, I know…) and I love face masks. I use them so rarely, but when I do I always feel so pampered.
    This sounds like it might scare some away with the tingle, but I’m one of the weirdos who welcome a tingle! If I can’t feel a mask working, OR peel it off, I probably won’t like it.

    I do love that you tasted it, @Stef! See what you do for us readers?!? :-) (Also, I’ve been guilty of this with a chocolate body scrub. I couldn’t help myself!)

    Sidenote, WHAT are you wearing on your nails?!? Not only does it match the packaging in a really awesome way, it’s GORGEOUS!

    1. Oh that @Stef, always taking one for the wht readers! Heh.

    2. @lyssachelle – It’s the Deborah Lippman Lady Gaga duo for Barney’s Holiday launch. It’s called Edge of Glory, a black base and a holo top coat.

  4. I must say I am really excited for the new emphasis on skin care that Michael Todd is taking. I am always looking for organic skin care and was mightily impressed with the makeup I’ve tested from this company. Excited to see what they come up with!

  5. It is not secret that I love great skin care—especially from natural ingredients that could be in my own kitchen. This is right up my alley.

    As someone with sensitive skin, I would still try this because I find most of my sensitivities come from ingredients like dimethicone and low quality sunblock that is mixed into certain products.

    I look forward to hearing more about the new skincare line.

  6. This sounds really nice! And I have a serious love affair going with Michael Todds vitamin C serum, so that makes me seriously consider trying this! I love pumpkin and a powerful tingle, not to mention my skin is in serious need of a good spring cleaning – great review!

    1. Oh, I love that analogy @melinda – this product IS like a spring cleaning!

  7. Michael Todd products are always pretty great! And I love anything pumpkin. I have been in the market recently for a new mask-this just might be the one!

  8. I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I am very into pumpkin, so this sounds awesome. I also like a good tingle, makes me feel like it’s really working and if it smooths out my skin, I am sold!

  9. Hahaha, I totally would have licked my finger, too! Pumpkin pie, nom nom nom!

    I love a product that I can really feel working. I’m always a little disappointed when an exfoliating product doesn’t *feel* like it’s exfoliating. I’ve always had such good luck with Michael Todd products, I’m super tempted to try this! (But I have to say, I’ll miss their cosmetics line. The lipstick was so perfect!)

  10. I’m an exfoliating fanatic, too! After reading this, I think I want to try it–but $49? That’s kind of steep! I definitely keep it on my radar though. Thanks for the review!

  11. I may have to try this…I’ve tried a few different face masks, etc., with pumpkin as a main ingredient and they’ve always been AMAZING. Sadly, the one pumpkin mask I used to love (B&BW) was discontinued. I cringe at the price, but my skin may demand it :)

  12. Did you all notice the magic that happened above? Michael Todd dropped the prices of all their products on their website – this mask went from $49 to $34!

    So, if you were thinking about it before, it suddenly got a whole lot more tempting, didn’t it?

  13. I’ve been testing this for awhile, and have been trying to decide what to say about it. It smells fabulous and really does a great job of brightening and smoothing my skin. I use just one or two pumps, so I imagine it’ll last awhile. It smells great, like real canned pumpkin, too. I would say $34 is definitely reasonable. But I agree that the first minute is pretty intense. Like, the first time I tried it, I went into a panic and was like “GETITOFFMYFACEGETITOFFMYFACEAHHHH!!!!” It’s a pretty intense burn. I did try it again and once you get past the first part, it’s fine. But because of that, I would not recommend this for sensitive skin. I do feel that afterwards my skin looked great–really much smoother and brighter. I’d give it four stars. :)

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