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Why I should be the First Official LA County Fair Foodie.

Imagine my delight upon seeing via Twitter this week that the LA County Fair is looking for the very first official Fair Foodie to cover this year’s events. As one of my BFFs said when I shared the news “How could their possibly be anyone more perfect for the job than you?” I concur.

So I’m throwing my hat into the ring and offering my top three reasons why I am indeed the most perfect person for the job.

3. As I proudly stated in 2009; I love the LA County Fair. I know what you’re thinking; who doesn’t? But what you and the most esteemed judges need to understand is that I really, REALLY love The Fair (by the way judges, have I told you how nice you look today?) We’re talking, favorite-day-of-the-whole-year kind of love. My birthday? Please! Christmas? Overrated. None of these days hold a candle to my annual pilgrimage to The Fair. It is truly the happiest day of the year.

2. The LA County Fair is the largest county fair in the country (take that, every other state!) Just one of the many reasons we heart this loves LA. Apparently, LA loves us too. We recently found out that we are ranked among the approximate top 13,000 blogs by users in Los Angeles. Seeing as Google says they have over 1 trillion unique URL’s, that’s kinda big news. I will make it my mission to convince Angelenos that they need to attend The Fair. Really LA, why wouldn’t you go? Where else do you get rides, animals, shopping and food all in one local destination?

1. While I love everything the fair has to offer, the food is what brings me back year after year. I will gladly eat anything the fair has to offer. I wait with baited breath every year for the new fried delight. Because really, there’s always tomorrow for salad. How often do you get to eat a zucchini weenie? You may think a foodie would snub their nose at the mention of “fair food”. But let me tell you, there are treasures to be found on the grounds of The Fair! Wine tastings, meats smoked right in front of your eyes, ice cream churned on the premises; it’s a food lover’s fantasy. Plus, the true mission of a foodie is to bravely explore every food adventure you encounter. I wholeheartedly welcome the task.

So, if the LA County Fair needs a Foodie with Flair, I am the girl. we heartsters, if you think I should be awarded the Blue Ribbon, let us know!

The 2010 LA County Fair runs from Sept. 4– Oct. 3.


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  1. I vote Stef the Foodie with Flair as the Blue Ribbon winner!! I clicked above on your “I Love the LA County Fair” article from last year, and it’s got me wanting to get to a fair this instant! Every person has got to have some part of them that loves a fair, whether it’s the sites or sounds. Sadly, the fair of my youth here in Michigan is gone now, but these articles sure have me nostalgic for one badly (funnel cakes were always my favorite) – and where can I get a Zucchini Weenie pronto?!!

  2. Unnnn, Zucchini Weenie?! I’m in!

    After reading your post from last year, I’m almost ready to hop on a plane and jet over to LA and check this out! Sure, here in New England we have our great fairs (Big E!) but the LA County Fair sounds amazing, you sell it beautifully!
    I think you’d be a great Fair Foodie, but even if you don’t get the gig you have to tell us if the fried butter gets there this year. Hahah, it sounds so ick, but you just have to try it!

  3. I vote a definite YES on Stef being a Fair Foodie blogger! Not only because she’d do an amazing job (seriously, did you read her post? FUNNY.) but last year she…and it pains me to say this…has made this Texan and frequent Texas State Fair attendee a little jealous of the LA County Fair.
    Okay, a LOT jealous.

    But please don’t tell anyone, they’ll ban me. And if I don’t get to eat funnel cake and fried Twinkies every fall, life just isn’t worth living.

  4. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job as the LA County Fair Foodie than you, @Stef! My stomach is growling just from reading your post. Zucchini weenie? Ice cream churned on the premises? I wish I could be there NOW!

    Here’s hoping the LA County Fair knows a Blue Ribbon winner when they see her!

  5. Dear LA Country Fair Foodie judges – you couldn’t find a better blogger to cover all things fair than our Stef! Not only will she willing eat, drink, and ride all that there is to be found – she can also take fantastic pictures – I love these images. Makes me hungry for something deep fried and salty right now. Followed by something deep fried and sweet.

  6. OMG!! @stef would be an AMAZING Official LA County Fair Foodie!!!!!!!!!! Why, do you ask? Well, she loves to eat. She knows what good food is. She is daring and willing to try anything. She is an amazing writer/blogger. She knows how to generate excitement among people for just about anything. @stef can convince a Native Siberian to buy a bikini and a beach ball in the dead of winter. She is that good folks! And she can do it all while making you laugh. @stef would be a genius LA County Fair Foodie. She has just about convinced me to go and I live on the other side of the country. This fair sounds amazing and delicious!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the support ladies. It would be my dream gig, and you know I’d rock it hard!

    This just in, Deep Fried Butter has made it to the west coast! Oh, I think I felt my arteries harden just typing it…

    Oh yeah, there’s also a Deep Fried Klondike bar making the rounds this year too. I can hardly wait!

  8. I feel like a bad Angelino – never been to the LA County Fair!?!? How is that a possibility? Well… that is all over. Stephanie…your blogging has made a believer out of me. I will be there with bells on! Thank you for exposing me to the joys that await me! Yay!

  9. I think @stef would be perfect for this job! She has made me jealous of not being able to to the LA state fair! I want delicious fried food too!

  10. Oooh @stef, better you than me. I’m feeling a little nauseous already. That in and of itself should tell the folks doing the hiring for this most prestigious position that you’re their girl! It takes a cast iron stomach and a true love of the deep fat fryer to knock this post out and we here all know that you are true blue (and green and yellow and…).

  11. Deep fried Klondike bar?!?

    I am officially in a fight with everyone in California.

    Deep fried Klondike bars…Texas needs to get on the stick and FAST, we’re being shown up in big bad way…

  12. I nominate @stef. I know she will shine as a great “foodcaster” giving us the blow by blow of the different choices.

    It sure makes this Pacific Northwest girl want to hear about every offering at the LA County Fair.

  13. @stef, in the meantime.. The Orange County Fair (ends this Sunday, August 15th)can prime you for the LA Fair! I’ve been twice already and there is just something so great about going there! I just wish they had italian zeppole’s though! YUM!

  14. Hands down, Stef should be the Fair Foodie Blogger!!
    And while I love the variety of food on a stick at the good ol’ MN State Fair, Stef has me wishing I could visit the LA Fair now. She had me at Zucchini Weenie. ;)

    Good luck @stef!

  15. I totally vote for Stef, she would be perfect and do them proud! I love the nostalgia fairs bring and I also adore the elephant ears…no one better get near me when I have one of those, cause I’ll take your hand off!! ; )

  16. Yes, yes, yes! Stef, you MUST land this gig. There is no other writer that can have me craving fair food quite like you.

    Attention LA County Fair folks: please look no further. Stef is your gal. Her engaging and FUN writing style is unrivaled, and coupled with her sincere love of all things LA County Fair, there is just no way that you can select a better person to faithfully represent the many wonders, large and small, that your fair has to offer.

    PS: The San Diego Fair (formerly the Del Mar Fair) had deep fried Pop Tarts and Chocolate Covered Bacon this year. Stef, get your taste buds primed and ready. :)

  17. 1000% YES … I don’t know how they could even consider someone else once they read up on Stef. Her writing style is inviting, warm and engaging…and her descriptions of food…I’m with @nouveaucheap Stefs food write ups leave me hungry and ready to seek out what she’s describing!

    Good Luck Stef! You’d be so perfect!!! :)

  18. @stef —You have a true appreciation and lack of fear of fried foods. You would truly be the best choice to be the LA County Fair food blogger b/c you understand that deep frying makes everything better. You are adventurous enough to eat bacon in any incarnation. You admit to eating something called “Fried Butter” and don’t feel shame. You see the simplistic beauty of food on a stick. You ARE the best blogger to represent the offerings of the LA County Fair. Good luck, Stef!

  19. @stef, You ARE truly be the best choice to be the LA County Fair food blogger! Go get em, while the gettin’s good! lol!

  20. So glad you won…hands down you are the right foodie for the job!

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