FabFitFun Summer 2015 Box review

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I’ll admit, I was a bit lukewarm on the FabFitFun summer 2015 box when it first arrived. I’ve widely noted that this is my favorite subscription box. But when I looked at the contents, I wasn’t convinced I was going to love this one. Turns out, FabFitFun knows me better than I know myself. I was delightfully wrong – I love this edition!

Let’s take a look at the contents…
(And if you like them, get the Summer 2015 box for $10 off with code: WEHEART – That’s over $275 in product for just $39.99 (including shipping!)


The items I knew I’d love, and do


Gorge “I’ll Make You Look Amazing” Daily Spray ($24.95)
I am not only a big fan of leave in sprays, they’re pretty much a necessity for my dry/overprocessed locks. This gorgeous one from Gorge (see how I did that?) smells like a tropical vacation and penetrates hair to deliver moisture with zero residue.


tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss in True Love ($19)
What self-respecting beauty editor wouldn’t be excited to see a tarte lip gloss in a package? Not this one, at least! LipSurgence has a faint vanilla scent, a sticky but hydrating feel (thanks to vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and flower extract) and a classic doe foot applicator. The shade is a pretty shimmer-packed pinky-red. It’s called True Love, but I don’t think it’s the same one that’s available now (which has no shimmer). This was a special Valentine’s Day 2014 edition, I believe.


The items that were the sleeper hits


Everyday Wireless Speaker ($29.99)
I am electronically challenged. I took one look at this cute little speaker and thought “I’ll never figure out how to use that.” But I did, in approximately 10 seconds without even reading the directions (because directions are for chumps.) It’s pink, it’s got a latch to hang it anywhere and you know what? It’s sounds pretty darn good!


Wren 14kt Gold and Black Sapphire Necklace ($100)
I wasn’t certain I needed another necklace. But oh, how I did! There are three variations of this delicate Wren necklace shipping in this box: horsehoe, heart or moon, in either a gold or rose gold 14kt dip. As you can see, I got the rose gold moon. And it’s been on my neck more that it hasn’t ever since I tried it on.


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer ($7.99)
I have approximately 25 body lotions in my bathroom cabinet right now. So, I really have to love one to squeeze it in amongst the others. Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer in Aloe Soothe was such a great surprise! It sprays really well (not all do) in a super fine steady mist, it’s got a simple, clean scent and it’s REALLY moisturizing without being greasy at all (a true feat since it has Vaseline jelly in the formula.) I just found a new summer staple.


Headspace 3-Month Subscription ($38.85)
I’ve collected quite a few gift cards for services that quite frankly, I just won’t use. So when I pulled out this one I thought it would go straight in the pile. But turns out Headspace offers something I’ve been interested in trying for ages, meditation. With sessions offered for stress, creativity, focus, anxiety and relationships, I’m super excited to delve into this (particularly through the app so I can listen on my way to and from work.)


CosmoBody Jump Rope ($14)
Jump rope: it’s as fun as it was when you were 8. Who knew? Umm, FabFitFun and Cosmobody, that’s who. (CosmoBody is a workout site from Cosmopolitan Mag, btw.) Plus, you’ll burn 150 calories in 10 minutes.

These items: not so much for me, but maybe for you…


Inkling Scents Roll-On Perfume in Sultry ($25)
I love that this rollerball perfume is alcohol-free. BUT I’m not a fan of the scent. Sultry is a blend of creamy sandalwood, white amber, lotus flower, orchid, Bulgarian rose and silky vanilla, but all I get is super sweet flowery vanilla that is just not my cup of tea. They are offering 15% off at their site with code FFF15, so I may try a richer oriental blend. (Both Chimera and Tigress seem more up my alley.)


Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge ($12)
If you’ve never used one of these I totally suggest giving them a try. Sensitive skin folks flip for them. But my skin needs a bit more exfoliating power than I’ve found these little ol’ sponges offer.


Scratch Nail Wraps ($12)
Scratch has a lot of really cute designs on their website. And lord knows I love me some nail stickers. But I’m not crazy about the design I received, which reads a little young and a little 80s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things!) I really like their Zodiac collection though.

With a different scent, Korean beauty product and nail wrap design, the Summer 2015 VIP box would have been a perfect 10. But that’s ok, I’ve got three gifts ready to give, and way more to keep!

Get the FabFitFun summer 2015 box for $10 off with code: WEHEART – which item looks like a must-have to you?

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  1. @stef — I love the adventure of subscribing to various “boxes” you just never know what may land in your mail. I have found a lot of good products I would have never tried otherwise.

    1. It’s really fun, isn’t it? It’s like a present – you never know what you’ll get!

  2. Man, I really want to love the konjac sponges but I guess I need a little more oomph too!

  3. Well that moon necklace is just sassy! I’m going through a rose gold phase right now…it may be more than a phase…possibly an addiction… :/

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