Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Ageless Body Mousse

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Lose the Lines, Show Your Heart

The first thing you will notice about your Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip “Back to Youth” Ageless Body Mousse (8oz. $32) is the adorable apothecary packaging, complete with silver-toned, crystal-ball tipped spatula. The white mousse that fills the simple glass jar hasn’t even met my skin, but I had a feeling we’d be friends. I don’t judge the ubiquitous book by its cover. Nor do I judge beauty products by their packaging, But I am human and first impressions count. It was a good introduction, a fabulous first date, and I’m pleased to tell you all that we are now courting.

Once I unscrewed that silvery jar lid and slid the spatula into the light creaminess, I was in love with the texture of it all. Lighter than a butter, but with all the richness of one. It was all I could do to not spread it on my morning pancakes.

It’s really not a wonder that FHF products skewer to the epicurean side (their love of food turned out to be inspirational). The scent is subtle and slightly sweet, reminding me of milk and honey. This isn’t a cloying baked sugar cookie-sweet kind of scent, but more like that of the scent of the kitchen when you’re rolling out the cookie dough. It’s raw like that.

It was all I could do to not spread it on my morning pancakes.

The mousse-like whipped texture makes this so easy to apply, its lightness adding no unctuous overtones. A rubdown of this stuff, and I can immediately get dressed or hit the sheets, feeling much softer than when I started. Yep, I’m totally smitten.

Then I find out that this Moon Dip formula has peptides and vitamin-rich emollient oils that are known for their anti-aging properties. I’m used to looking for those in my face creams and moisturizers, but I never paid attention to anti-aging my body in that same way I do my face. I guess I figured that I’d moisturize my body until I got the turkey jowls, then I’d invest in turtlenecks and scarves. I’m just happy that Moon Dip blurs some of the lines atop my ample chest (which spent much of my roaring twenties overexposed). Things are getting serious, now.

Now is the time in a relationship where one starts to dig a little deeper. I was hoping that there were no skeletons in the closet (like parabens or sulfates). Whew! FHF passed that test with flying colors since none of their products has either. In fact, all of their products are mostly or all natural, sometimes organic and always cruelty-free. While Moon Dip is not vegan (it contains beeswax and lanolin) many of their products are.

Speaking of cruelty free, the “farm” in Farmhouse Fresh is actually a ranch in Texas where they have a collection of rescue animals of all makes and models! FHF not only doesn’t hurt animals, they love on them with veterinary care, healthy food and lots of love to go around. The FHF team donates time to rescue activities, and donates dog beds to shelters with their Dog Bed Fairy Program!

Is there anything more that you’d need to know before taking the plunge and making a commitment to this brand? Oh yeah, FHF is a Certified Woman-Owned Business with 98% of their products made locally in Texas. That should do it…

we heartsters, have you tried Farmhouse Fresh products? Tell me what I should try next in the comments!


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