Key pieces to add a pop of color to your wardrobe

The east coast has gotten an early burst of spring (hooray!) and I’m already thinking about what to add to my wardrobe and what I want to wear this spring. I thought I’d share a few great pieces in spring worthy colors you should consider adding to your closet this spring.

Just one or two new pieces can add all sorts of possibilities to your daily style. As a color addict, these four items are at the top of my my list for my spring wardrobe refresh.

Lightweight scarves
My scarf collection is constantly growing and I love light gauzy scarves for spring. Neon is also going to be huge this spring and summer and if you’re terrified of the bright trend I say go for it in a playful accessory like this open weave scarf in neon green (above, left) from Urban Outfitters ($24)  Use it to brighten up your neutrals, to add some pop to a khaki or black coat, or pair it with a blazer and jeans for a bit of a fun in your wardrobe.

Colorful denim
In high school I remember having 32 pairs of jeans in every color of the rainbow. I am so happy when a trend I love makes a comeback and I can wear it again as an adult. You’ll find colorful denim in almost every store this spring, like this fab fuchsia pair of lightweight always skinny skimmer jeans from the Gap ($69.95).

On my list for favorite colors to wear in denim:
• Magenta – (aka fuchsia) would pair beautifully with neutrals.
• Kelly green – (my favorite color of all) would look awesome with navy, yellow, white or a bold floral print on top.
• Cobalt blue – is more versatile than you think. Pair it with highlighter yellow if you want to be bold or black and red to be a bit more subtle.

A fantastic lightweight coat
I’ve talked about how you should invest in a great trench coat as a transitional piece in your closet, but I also think picking up a bolder coat, in color and/or print, is fun too.

And while I love bold prints, I also love classics too and nothing is more classic (and bold!) than navy and white polka dots. It’s a great print to buy when you’re easing your way into prints. I’m in love with this double-breasted polka dot coat ($39.99) from Target.

It’s perfect for a rainy day or when there’s a chill in the air on your way to work. Added bonus, the navy and white will look great with jeans and even more playful and fun with a red or yellow dress.

The older I get the less inclined I am to wear stilettos (much to my husband’s disappointment). I’m loving that Oxfords and loafers are still on trend and look fresh and cute with flirty spring dresses and socks. I’m also about shoes with fun and quirky details like neon bright soles! These Steve Madden Jazie Oxfords ($63.89) are fun with their surprising burst of color, and there are neon versions too!

we heartsters – what’s on your shopping list for spring?

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9 thoughts on “Key pieces to add a pop of color to your wardrobe”

  1. stef

    Love the picks @dwj1 – especially the scarf (so inexpensive!) and especially the oxfords. I’ve been day dreaming about getting a pair lately. It’s all I used to wear, and I’m tired of heels too. The punch of color makes them fun.

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  3. mandabear

    I love your picks @dwj1 I’m all about a pop of color and I am thoroughly into the neon trend! For spring I am all about flats and low wedges this year. I realized that while I do love heels for special events and outings, I walk more comfortably and much much faster in flats. So cute flats are at the top of my list!

  4. lipglossandspandex

    Scarves are a great inexpensive accessory–especially if you’re always cold like I am! And I love cute trench coats. I actually have one that’s white and khaki striped that I got on clearance from Target a few years ago, and am looking forward to busting it out for spring. I’m going to steer clear of colorful skinny jeans though…. I’m sticking with dark shades.

  5. kellie76

    Excellent advice as usual! I love all of the color this season! And I am a huge fan of gauzy scarves and oxfords. They are timeless and seasonless!!

  6. tyna

    Since I pretty much only wore black the last time neon was in style, it was a trend that passed me by. But now that I’m older and have learned to appreciate some color I’m warming up to neons. Great idea to go for it with a sheer scarf!

    I’m also really loving the return of colored denim – now I just need to decide on a color! There’s soo many choices….but I’m leaning towards a bright blue.

    1. sherrishera

      I just got a pair of bright blue ones at Target! They were cheap, like $22, and only need to last me this season. Also, they go great with black;) I’ve worn mine with my dad’s old black wool suitcoat from the 50’s that I inherited, as well as a (female) 50’s inspired curve-hugging, black cashmere tunic sweater. Today I happen to be wearing them with an orange/multi-color, hippie-meets-Missoni-weave knit wrap top. So many possibilities, these colored denims!

  7. hao9703

    Great Review @dwj1 ! I just got a trench coat that is light weight and red. I wore it for the first time today and was suprised that I got so many compliments.

    Next, I need to find some nice lightweight scarfs.

  8. Mel

    Gorgeous picks, as always! I love the neon light scarf also, the denim, and the trench. I have a bright raspberry trench for the spring that I am loving – huge pop of color for me since I’m always the beige/black wearer!

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