Feeling like a Hot Mama with TheBalm

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When a brand has a “beauty in five minutes” philosophy, I say count me in! Enter TheBalm, founded by Marissa Shipman, a beauty lovin’ lady (just like all of us) who simply started learning how to make cosmetics in her own kitchen with the help of some books from Amazon. And that, my friends, is how TheBalm started. How’s that for inspiration?

TheBalm allows women of all ages to enjoy their own vision of youth and glam with simple products that give off some major sass. Their packaging is always cleverly done with retro vibes, sometimes adorned with a sexy pin-up girl that’s bound to give your makeup bag a wake up call. This isn’t overly kitschy, but fun, clever and embraces femininity in a way that makes you want to take a look in the mirror and say, “Damn, girl!”

The review team had the luxury of trying out one of their most popular products (and you will soon find out why), Hot Mama ($19) shadow/blush. Don’t question the dual function, just trust TheBalm is offering both a sexy shadow and possibly (and most importantly) the perfect blush. And if the bikini-clad lady in front of a palm tree lined sunset doesn’t get you in the mood for a summer glow, then I can’t help you any further!

This product is the most perfect shade of peachy pink to grace your cheekbones. And your mom’s cheeks, your sister’s, and bestie’s cheeks too! This is one of those products that I feel will look good on so many complexions. It’s laced with a beautiful gold shimmer that’s just enough to illuminate without overdoing it. The product feels silky, smooth and blendable upon application. It picks up on your blush brush very easily. If you use it as an eyeshadow, it will give your lids a touch of effortless sheen thanks to the gold shimmer. You can even use this product to finish off a lip look, with just a dab on the middle of your lower lip! Multitasking at its finest.

• No parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, or phthalates.
• An extremely versatile go-to shade that will work for many complexions.
• Perfect for when you’re in a pinch or just don’t feel like experimenting with different colors.
• Includes a mirror inside for easy touch ups!

• It’s not a huge con, but should be noted: the packaging is all cardboard (with a magnetic closure). Which is more prone to get a bit more banged up in your purse as opposed to typical plastic casing. Thankfully, there is an outer cardboard sleeve for protection!
• Using this as an eyeshadow might not work for everyone, as peachy pink tones can make one look sick very easily.

we heartsters and testers: Are we going to get our glow on with Hot Mama! or what?


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  1. I’m giving this baby 5 stars! The price point (especially if you’re on a budget but want to get the most of your money) and quality is so right on. It’s almost $10 cheaper than a certain competitor product AND this will last, ladies. I find that the most I need is a single tap with my blush brush for each cheek and I’m good to go! I personally don’t care for it as an eyeshadow, but they do make it a possibility!…and that’s what I love about TheBalm. Great brand.

  2. I’m sold just based on the cute packaging! This looks like a perfect shade for summer!

  3. Love, love, love this product! Cute packaging, gorgeous color (kind of reminds me of NARS “Orgasm”) and makes my skin glow! I used it mainly as a blush and really liked the color. I will say it’s a bit lightweight so it didn’t last as long as some of my other blushes but it still looks great. I would give it a solid four stars!

  4. YAY! Wearable colors for all skintones, I LOVE it. And I love that she started on her own in her kitchen. Inspirational!

  5. Yep, Hot Mama is 5 star blush if there ever was one. It’s everything I want Orgasm to be but isn’t. The same beautiful peachy glow, but with a softer, luminous shimmer rather than frosty shimmer.

    It’s also beautifully pigmented, finely milled (so it not only looks good, but feels good), and really does look nice on the eyes as well!

    One more note, this is my second Hot Mama and I think they have updated the mirror quality. My previous one (from 5 years ago maybe?) had a cheap looking fun house mirror (a huge pet peeve of mine), and in this new package – tada! The mirror is perfect. Hooray!

  6. @stef – I love when an included mirror is a good quality one. fun house mirrors are so useless :)

  7. I’m giving Hot Mama 5 stars! This peachy pink w/ gold shimmer blush applies as a perfect, sheer wash of color. Like mandabear said, it doesn’t take very much, just one swipe per cheek and that’s all you need (I am super pale, so if you’re darker, you may need more). The gold shimmer can be a little much, but I gently blot the blush with my fingers after I brush it on to make it look more natural. This is definitely a soft, natural look, so for those of you who don’t like to be too made up, this is perfect for brightening up your complexion. This was a huge “NO” for me as an eye shadow–it made me look like I had some kind of hemorrhagic fever or something–I have green/yellow hazel eyes and this was just a wrong shade for me. I bet this would look great on blue eyes, though.
    All I can say ladies, is if you pick up one of these, toss in one of their plumping glosses while you’re at it–they smell like heaven & are a steal at $14 (Cherry My Cola is my personal favorite) :)

  8. I agree with everything that everyone’s said about Hot Mama! I have NARS Orgasm and prefer Hot Mama by far. The color is gorgeous and glowy (but don’t go overboard–you’ll be too shiny)! The packaging is adorable, and I don’t mind the fact that it’s cardboard. But honestly, this product does not work as an eyeshadow. At least, not for me and my brown eyes. I looked diseased. But as a blush, it’s totally fabulous, and worth every penny!

    I give it five stars :)

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