Finally! Mad Men inspired, totally modern make up…

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Mad Men + Estée Lauder = Where have you been all my life?!

Mad Men by Estee Lauder Collectionphotos: krista for we heart this

As some of you already know, Estée Lauder has recently released a much buzzed about Mad Men collection. I will give you a moment to collectively take a deep breath and calm yourselves.


Better now? Good. I have to say that along with this latest season of Don Draper in all his man whorish glory, Estée Lauder’s latest mini-collection has also taken too long to arrive to the masses. I mean, seriously – we’ve got four seasons under our garter belts, ladies. That’s four, whole seasons we could have been enjoying these 60s themed cosmetics.

Mad Men collection packaging in a blue-colored background

The collection is very small, but still epitomizes a basic vintage face, and contains both a limited edition cream rouge and a limited edition lipstick. As a girl who loves cream blush and favors lip and cheek colors in rosy shades, these HAD to be mine. I pre-ordered them, such was my paranoia that I would somehow miss out on their greatness.The Mad Men collection is now available exclusively at Bloomingdales and Estée Lauder, so I wouldn’t wait too long to nab these beauties!

When my package from Estée Lauder arrived, I squealed with demented glee at the retro 60s Estée Lauder packaging. My fingers were practically itching to slap my nonexistent daughter that always tries my patience, or maybe a judgmental neighbor lady. I also weirdly felt like playing my trusty accordion

A red-haired woman wearing a red lipstick carrying a piano with a portrait in the background

(Confession: I don’t even have a trusty accordion.)

Mad Men collection packaging in a blue-colored background

The packaging is delightfully decadent: both the lipstick and rouge are housed in gilded cases that practically beg to be applied in front of a one-way mirror! I especially love the turquoise button on the rouge compact. Even more fancy? Each item comes with its own golden leatherette pouch! *swoon*

LE Creme Rouge with a medium rose shade and LE Lipstick with a deep pink shade

The colors are pretty true to the shade you see in the pan/tube. The LE Creme Rouge ($40) in Evening Rose is a medium rose shade, with what I think I’m detecting is the teensiest bit of shimmer. It’s like micro-shimmer; just enough to give you a dewy look, but not look like a disco ball or a Twilight vampire in the sun.

The texture of this blush is very light and once applied, you can’t even feel that you are wearing it. The staying power on this is nothing short of fantastic. I still had rosy cheeks a few hours after applying.

The Mad Men inspired LE Lipstick in Cherry ($25) has a light, almost sheer texture that is surprisingly long lasting. It applies as a deep pink with a hint of red. This would be great for daytime if applied lightly, or you could layer this on for serious drama.

Lipstick, Creme Rouge swatchesLipstick, Creme Rouge

Overall, if you love anything vintage or want to lure your own Don Draper into a passionate, if brief and emotionally unfulfilling interlude – you kind of need these. I know I’ll be wearing these when the long-awaited Season 5 of Mad Men premieres on March 25th!

Mad Men Fans – are you easing the pain of the long wait until the premiere with the purchase of either Estée Lauder piece? And please share your vintage makeup inspirations in the comments!

Bonus Tip: For those of you purchasing from the Estée Lauder website: Be sure to look under their “Special Offers” header for current promotional codes. They frequently offer deluxe samples!

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  1. Super swoon! I’ve been collecting vintage compacts ever since I was a little girl, and this new Estee Lauder model would fit right in with my collection. Even the boxes are so pretty! Yes, @krista , I will be treating myself to both of these! They might be too nice to use, though…

  2. @turboterp – Yeah, it kind of pained me to defile these beauties. But I totally did and it made me feel purty. The colors are just to die for.

    Readers–kindly excuse my swatch photo. I have skin the shade of Vlad the Impaler’s and to get a proper swatch, I had to go outside. In the foot of snow we’re rocking right now. Goosebump City; Population: Me. :P

  3. I kind of freaked out when I found out that Mad Men was going to have a makeup collection! I was slightly obsessed with the Banana Republic fashion collection (although I didn’t buy anything, and am now kicking myself for it). My fiance loves Mad Men, and he did admit that these products looked amazing. I’m kind of disappointed by the colors though, and I don’t usually wear lipstick or cream blush, but those products are definitely era-appropriate.

  4. I very much want this but i can’t find out whether or not i will ever be able to buy it in Australia. I’ve already tried EL US site with a US address but no luck – they don’t accept international credit cards – bastards! I will get this – somehow lol.

  5. I’ve never really given Estee Lauder a look but what a cute collection! I have never seen Mad Men (it’s on my Netflix queue) but I’m super intrigued by the show and its styling. Wow, Creme Rouge looks gorgeous and I really want that blush. The packaging is so cool. Love this.

    1. I used to love Estee Lauder about 10 or so years ago–then they came out with their Pure Color lipsticks. The colors were gorgeous, but they trigger a horrible allergic reaction in me–hives on and around my lips. So attractive. In any case, I pretty much gave up the brand because I couldn’t be sure what would trigger an adverse reaction after that. I really took a chance on this set and I’m glad I did. Fortunately for me, this lipstick didn’t trigger any allergies.
      I will say that if anybody has to pick between the lipstick or the rouge, pick the rouge. With its metal compact and clear, turquoise button, not to mention the gorgeous product inside–I think most would be hard-pressed to find anything as gorgeous as this. Without a time machine, that is… :)

  6. I am sooooo tempted by this collection. Vintage compacts? Mad Men theme? How can I not buy it is really the question. Everything about it is divine: the gold compacts, that turquoise jewel (that really kills me), the leatherette pouches, the pink punch shades. I’ve been the the Estee Lauder site once a day, adding this in my cart then running away. I think I need to take the plunge.

    @krista – you have learned the secret that plagues all beauty bloggers: swatches are HARD! Goosebumps, hair, wrinkles, lighting – it all works against you! I think you did good.

    1. EL has a good deal right now where you can pick up 4 deluxe samples. Their site also offers free shipping on any order, too. Consider yourself officially enabled :)
      As for my adventures in swatches, I’m still getting used to my new fancy camera, so that adds to the difficulties I had. I am proud that you can actually see the micro shimmer in the rouge–that was hard to capture. Go me *raises the roof*!

  7. I’m raising the roof with you @krista! Nice job on the swatches (I am still trying to master them myself) AND on getting these products into your hands so quick!

    I’m not much of lipstick wearer myself (especially in red) but I do love a nice creme blush and this one has all the bells and whistles – and the little touches and pouches just make me giddy. The compact is so lust worthy!

  8. Wow, I really like the lipstick! It looks like a very wearable shade of red. May I ask about your skin type? I always like the *idea* of cream blushes, but my combination skin makes it really difficult (one part of my cheek is too dry/flakey and the other is too oily).

    1. WARNING: The lipstick isn’t so much a red as a deep pink with a hint of red. I happen to like that shade, so it worked. That being said, I still think it is mighty wearable.
      As for my skin type: I have sensitive skin that is somewhat combo. I have an oily t-zone, but I sometimes get dry/flakey skin, too. The hazard of living in New England, I guess :P That being said, the cream blush wore really well on me. My best tip for setting a cream blush is to lightly dust a translucent powder or very pale complimentary blush over top of the cream blush. It really locks the color in. Hope that helps!

  9. This collection looks divine! I have been dying for the new season to start ever since the last season ended-so forever! Estee Lauder looks like they have truly captured the glamour and charm of Mad Men in this capsule collection. The compact is so beautiful! And the cherry lipstick is so Joan!! I am so there!!

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