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Firming & Lifting Intensive Mask and Eye Gel Review

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When spring turns towards summer, many of us start to think about firming up. After months of bundling up in layers of clothing, it’s time to show a little skin – and leg lifts, arm curls and push ups get added to your workout schedule to fight the flab.

But what about saggy facial skin and droopy eyes? All the weight training in the world can’t help those areas. Luckily, the bio technologists at Algenisticon have a solution with their line of Firming & Lifting products.

Working with the most current scientific skincare technology and the latest botanical discovery alguronic acid (read all about it in our earlier review), Algenist has made some bold claims about the anti-aging benefits of their products.

Happily these claims are more than just words – our review team was wowed with our first test of Algenist products. So when we received two items from the Firming & Lifting collection I was ready to do some beauty science research of my own! As I’ve been getting older, I’ve been noticing my skin is just doesn’t look as plump and full as it once did, and I was excited to put the line to the test.

First up, the Firming & Lifting Intensive Maskicon ($52) which combines the alguronic acid with ProPeptide3 for an anti-aging one-two punch that “boost(s) production of skin’s key structural proteins: elastin, collagen, and proteoglycans” and promised immediate and long-lasting visible results. Plus caffeine and chamomile which helps to reduce eye area puffiness and soothe skin all over.

Packaged in a simple tube (so you know your money is being spent on the formula inside) this creamy, gel-like mask did not disappoint. At first I was unsure of the unassuming, virtually unscented formula that applies clear and, except for a sheer shine, practically disappears into the skin. Aren’t masks supposed to be full of fruity smells and brightly hued?

I applied a thin layer over my face and set my timer for the 10 minute wait. I noticed a very slight tingle on my skin (that means it’s working, right?) but did not experience any itching or discomfort.

When my time was up, I needed a washcloth and lots of warm water to fully remove the creamy mask. Looking in the mirror I was surprised to see that my skin really did look a little bit better! I noticed my skin looked a tad plumper and my fine lines were less visible. Even better, my face felt great – smoother, firmer but not an ounce of product overload tightness.

I’ve been using the Firming & Lifting Intensive Mask twice a week for about a month and have been very happy with the results. Each use seems to firm up the jiggles just a little bit more. I’ve been so impressed that I’m tempted to start using this mask on my flabby arms and thighs.

Believe it or not, I’m even happier with product number two, the Firming & Lifting Eye Gelicon ($68). Using the same cutting edge, gravity defying ingredients as the mask, this cooling eye gel “strengthens skin’s structure…and redefines eye contours”.

I appreciate this gel is packaged in a simple bottle with a pump applicator – no digging fingers into a jar or worrying about exposing the gel to dirt and germs. One quick pump dispenses just the right amount of gel for both eyes.

The creamy gel formula is a winner. It immediately sinks into the delicate skin around the eyes, leaving a brighter, dewy surface that’s perfect for makeup application or going it alone on a ‘natural’ day. It helps to plump up and fill in those pesky fine lines around my eyes – an effect that lasts all day.

Best of all, while this gel fully nourishes and moisturizes the eye area, it is light enough that it does not affect my eye makeup. Most of my favorite, heavy-duty eye creams are too much for daytime use – their creamy goodness causes my eye makeup to stray and pool under my eyes – not a good look.

But with the Firming & Lifting Eye Gel, I can wear any makeup, even go with a full on smoky eye, without it all melting away. Combined with the anti-aging, skin plumping goodness of this formula, I do believe I’ve found my perfect eye cream.

So count me in as another Algenist believer! This scientifically evolved line of skin care products not only makes some bold anti-aging promises, they also deliver visible results. If you’re fighting the flab and sag of aging skin, I heartily recommend a look at the Firming & Lifting Algenist products.

we heartsters – are you an Algenist convert too? Share your favorite products in the comments!

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  1. The eye gel sounds really, really nice, @tyna ! The fact that you called it the “perfect eye cream” is enough to make me seek it out pronto.

    1. It’s true @turboterp! I’ve been looking for-ever for a gel eye cream that’s rich enough to please me – and Algenist hit all the marks! Lots of gels just weren’t nourishing enough for my eye area – while heavier cream wrecked havoc on my eye makeup and seeped into my eyes after a few hours.

      The Firming & Lifting Eye Gel not only gave me all the moisture I craved, it also stays put – never irritating my eyes or helping my makeup to pool underneath them. Love it!

  2. I did not test this Algenist product, but am still swooning over the moisturizer and serum from them before! I have finally run out of the moisturizer after popping the top and turning it over to let gravity do its job to extract all the last possible drops! I’m so sad it’s gone and will be reordering it when my other moisturizers run out. If the eye cream is half as good as it sounds and as good as I know the moisturizer and serum are, I’ll have to add that to my order – great review, Tyna!

  3. I did not get to test this set of Algenist products either. :(
    But I will tell you that I am freaking out that I am almost out of my bottle of Algenist serum. That stuff is AMAZING!! I had a crazy weird dark spot on my face that would not go away. And the serum has completely made it disappear. I swear!! I adore the stuff and would not hesitate to try their other products!!!

  4. I love this line.. I am so wanting this now! I need to get the serum to help rid my big and ever growing dark spot on my cheek.. I can’t tell you how many times someone is tying to rub it off when I get my hair color done! So not funny anymore!

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