Fleur's Night Smoothing Cream and Pearlescent Eye Care Review

Fleur’s Night Smoothing Cream and Pearlescent Eye Care Review

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Just when I think I’ve found the “best of the best” for my face, another brand comes my way and wows me yet again. This is my first experience with the French brand Fleur’s and what a great first impression.

Fleur’s have built their company on the idea of combining science with senses, creating products that use fruits, minerals, florals and organic ingredients for an effective and “sensorial” skin care line. They have over 30 floral ingredients they use in their products, along with their own laboratory to research their formulas.

Floral ingredients shine in the Fleur’s Night Smoothing Cream ($96.50 for 1.6 oz). This fabulous cream not only has encapsulated hyaluronic acid, which allows for an extended release to plump and smooth wrinkles. There’s also some floral ingredients that were new to me, such as Silene and Cristus, with anti-oxidant properties, and Water Clover, that has firming properties. I love the subtle scent of rose, with hints of citrus and jasmine notes.

SO thick!

I have to say, this cream is pretty wonderful. It has one of the BEST consistences of any night cream I’ve used… it’s thick, it’s rich, it absorbs VERY quickly and doesn’t feel heavy at all, which is a problem I often have with night creams.

It also works. Every night I use it, I wake up with a softer, smoother face and I swear I felt like this effect was almost immediate. I’ve been using the night cream for about a month now, and I’m really happy with the results. While it is on the pricier side, I honestly think you get your money’s worth. It’s a great size and you don’t need to use a lot of it each night. I have also become obsessed with the beautiful scent (it’s seriously addicting) and I look forward to putting it on each night.

The Fleur’s Pearlescent Eye Care ($58 for.5 oz) is also another winner. It’s packaged in a tube with a needle nose tip (so that it comes out with just the right amount every time). The consistency is the star here, too. It’s silky soft, lightweight, fast absorbing.

I love the added pearlescent finish and slight tint that gives off an immediate glow. Key ingredients include Cornflower, that helps with blood circulation and dark circles, and Buckwheat Flower, which eliminates fat storage to decrease puffiness.I found this eye cream to be soothing as soon as I applied it, and I noticed the area around my eyes felt softer as well.

Fleur’s Night Smoothing Cream and Pearlescent Eye Care swatches

If you are new to this brand like I was, I think you will find that either of these products would be a great choice to try. Consider me a Fleur’s fan!

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3 thoughts on “Fleur’s Night Smoothing Cream and Pearlescent Eye Care Review”

  1. Oh, my word! I want them both so bad! This sounds fantastic..Great review and also up my ally! I love love love rich thick night creams, and with a name like Fleur gets me too.. Flowers are soooo good in skincare! I am very intrigued with Pearlescent Eye Care too!

  2. That night cream looks incredible! I bet it would be great for when my face dries out in the winter–I’m bookmarking this so I remember to check this out once it’s wood stove weather ;)

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