Flirt! Cosmetics – Flirty Eye Enhancing Palettes review

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Flirt just made come hither eyes a whole lot easier.

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I am not ashamed to admit that I love help from experts – especially when the advice involves makeup colors. Creativity and I have just never been simpatico. Even after 20+ years of playing with makeup, I wish every company would offer a service along these lines: “Based on the picture you sent us, you should wear this eyeshadow – and pair it with this blush and this lipstick. Here’s even a gloss if you’re really feeling adventurous!”

FLIRT! Cosmetics has come to my rescue with its new-for-spring limited edition Flirty Eye Enhancing Palettes (on sale at Kohl’s for $13.60). The four palettes are designed with colors that enhance blue, brown, green, or hazel eyes. Great ideas like this are why they have been gaining more and more respect in the makeup world. Bloggers especially have a high opinion of FLIRT!, some even giving it the highest praise possible; comparing it to MAC (both of which are owned by Estee Lauder).

Each palette has four generous pans of shimmery colors, which are numbered 1-4. The box gives easy application instructions to best compliment your eyes.

I tested the Flirty Eye Enhancing Palette for Brown Eyes. Which includes (shown in the above photo from left to right):
1 – Beige (beautiful all over color – reminds me of champagne with pink undertones)
2 – Caramel (very warm and pretty true caramel for the lid)
3 – Coffee Bean Brown (dark and deeply pigmented shimmery brown for the crease and liner)
4 – Shimmery Turquoise (bright and deeply pigmented to make inner corner pop)

Brown eye palette swatches

Following primer, I applied each color as instructed, using a large shadow brush for colors 1 and 2, an angle brush for the crease and a smudge brush for the liner to apply color 3 and a smudger for color 4. I used a blending brush at the end.

These colors are beautiful, deeply pigmented and have just the right amount of adult-like shimmer
• The shadows go on nicely and have decent staying power – especially with a primer.
• The mirror in the palette is huge!
• The palette has a good, heavy feel to it and a strong closure

• There is some fallout with these shades, even with a primer. I would say the quality is somewhere between drugstore and department store (which the price reflects as well).
• You may encounter some packaging issues. Two of my pans are slightly out of the base and look like they could fall out.
I think it may be subjective what colors work best with your eyes. The brown palette was definitely pretty and unusual, but not the best color combo I’ve ever seen on my eyes. Now I do have light brown eyes – so maybe this combo is made more for dark brown eyes, but I did find myself wanting to try all the other palettes – not necessarily a bad thing!

Here’s a look at the other palettes…

Hazel Palette: Beige, Shimmery Pink, Shimmery Purple, Taupe-Purple with Gold Shimmer

Hazel eye palette swatches

Green palette: Golden Beige, Shimmery Olive Green, Deep Green, Bright Shimmery Purple

Green eye palette swatches

Blue palette: Peachy beige, Taupe, Deep Plum, Coppery Bronze

Blue eye palette swatches

Check the comments to see the review team thoughts on all the palettes, but what do you think readers? Would you buy a product designed specifically for your eye color or do you like to keep your options open?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. You really surprised me @melinda by letting me know these are so inexpensive! I really thought this palette is of great quality. Even the casing reminds me of my recent Bobbi Brown Palette!
    The shadows have nice (but not total) saturation. I had the palette for brown eyes. I must say that turquoise is really difficult for me to wear. I usually end up only splashing a dollop of the bright blue/green close to the inside corner of my eye. Any more than that just isn’t a good look for me. I think the green palette would, however, look amazing on me.
    I was planning on giving this palette 4 stars when it came up for review based on the quality of shadows and the lovely packaging, minusing one star for suggesting that turquoise would look good with my brown eyes. Now I find that it’s so inexpensive and I almost feel like I should give that star back! Well, it’s not perfect so I’ll go with four stars…but really consider it a four-and-a-half!

    1. I agree @sherrishera – the palette is great for the price. I do wish I didn’t get so much fallout and it stayed put better without primer, but for that price, I can clean myself up and afford a primer. I also am with you on the turquoise – I also only used a small amount in the inner corner and only a few times – I mostly wear this without the turquoise. But, I did once have an pro apply my eyes and he did use a bright turquoise very similar in color to this…and it looked great when he did it, but not so much with my skills!

  2. Oh, and @ melinda, good point about light brown eyes. My eyes aren’t light brown, but I’m not that dark either (hair or eyes). I’ll bet this turquoise would look great on brown-eyed ladies with darker eyes (Catherine Zeta Jones-types) or darker skin.

  3. These palettes sure look pretty! And what a great price point!the Hazel and the Green look right up my alley. I’m heading to Kohl’s!!

    1. I know @kellie76! I’m heading to Kohl’s too – I also really want the rest of the palettes – especially the green!

  4. I have blue eyes, and was the lucky recipient of the Flirt! Flirty Eye enhancing palette for blue eyes. If you have Blue Eyes, matching up with this palette of soft warm tones really proved to work best with my eye color. I normally reach for these colors by themselves, but when used together they work wonders! I wish there was a way to show you how easy it was to use this pallet, all I did was simply follow the instructions on the back of the box it came in. I found that the Peachy beige, Taupe, Deep Plum, Coppery Bronze blended well and without a doubt enhanced my baby blues. What was neat to see was how the magic happens as the brown contrasts with the blue eye color- It makes your eyes really stand out. I even tried putting the third shade to my upper and lower lash lines as a liner.. Wow, and the last shade on the inner corner of my eye.. never did that before.. I was shocked at how much it really made for a dramatic looking eye. The shadows stayed on all day. .I did use a eye primer prior to application. That really worked well. I would like to see a brush/applicator in this pallet so you have everything you need in it. I would also recommend taking the instructions on how to use this and placing it on the bottom of the compact. Other than that, I was happy with this product. I give it four solid stars

    1. Thanks @irene for the extra application tips – I’m glad you ventured “outside the box” and found other ways that worked for applying these. I have heard that browns are best for blue eyes, so that’s great it worked for you. I completely agree with your suggestions on printing the instructions on the palette instead of the box – that would make a lot more sense – also there was nothing written on the palette except the name of the company – not even that the palette was for brown eyes. And I also wish they had included a brush. Maybe they didn’t to make more room for the product, but it’d be great for travel and for new makeup users that may not have their own brushes yet.

    2. You know, a lot of time press samples aren’t final packaging. I have a feeling what you buy in the stores would have something printed on the back of the case (at least the name). I don’t know that for sure, but it’s a strong hunch…

    3. You know, looking at it again – I’m POSITIVE the in store package would have a sticker on the back. There’s even a little indented space for it.

  5. Okay, not to sound conceited, but I get complimented on my eyes by total strangers on a regular basis. However, after receiving and using the Flirt! Flirty Eye palette for blue eyes the compliments really ramped up! One day I was stopped and complimented by 4 different people. 4! That’s pretty awesome.
    The blue eyes palette has really beautiful, easily used colors. No strange additions here! The colors are great to be used either alone or together, and there are so many interesting looks and combinations that can be used.
    I did notice a little bit of fallout but nothing too terrible. The colors blend very well and the pigmentation lasts all day if I use a good eye primer. Without a primer I find that the look starts to fade by the end of the day but nothing terrible.

    For the compliments alone (really, who doesn’t like compliments, LOL) I give this palette 4 stars. Better lasting power would put me right over the edge. Good effort Flirt!

    1. That is an excellent testimony for this company, @mandaleem – that the shades worked so well for your eye color and got you the “flirty eyes” like they advertise! I’m so glad to hear it, since I didn’t think they were perfect for my light brown eye color. Good to know they got it right for the blues. And i completely agree with the 4 star rating, because of the fallout…that is my rating too – 4 stars!

  6. @melinda – I am totally with you–when are we gonna have that machine that we feed in our picture and out pops the perfect outfit, accessories and cosmetic color choices for the day!

    I loved this palette–the colors are wearable and the shadows are of a good quality and soft consistency. Though I never dared wear them without my trusty eyeshadow primer (But all wHt readers are wise enough to know that right!?!?). I have green eyes so I loved mixing the pale gold, the medium “olive drab” and the gold-flecked dark green. And a touch of purple mixed in makes for some dramatic looks. But just based on the colors—I am a little jelly of the hazel-eyed girls. Those colors are soo pretty!

    5 stars! (And I never give 5!)

  7. @kate2004rock – wow! You giving 5 stars is a great testimony for the palette! You’re like that great teacher with really high standards that when you get a compliment from, it REALLY means you’re good! Good point about the soft consistency of the shadows. That’s very true. And the hazel palette does look really pretty, but your green remains my first choice. But for the price, we can try them all!

  8. Flirt’s concept is right up my alley because I always try to select colors that enhance my eye color. I also prefer compacts because I like having all of the colors one neat central location versus lots of single colors floating in my makeup bag.

    I was FLOORED when I found out that you could buy this compact at Kohl’s at such a reasonable price. This is a department store quality compact but, I wish the colors were slightly more pigmented. When testing the compact for hazel eyes, I found a primer is an absolute MUST when wearing this product. (Otherwise, the colors seemed to completely disappear over time.) I did like the fact that this compact had a very strong closure. It never once opened in my purse or makeup bag.

    I look forward to trying the green eye palette soon.

    Four stars for me.

  9. wow these are great and such an affordable price too! I love it when makeup makes it easy for you to find the right colors. How can you go wrong with the name “flirt”? ;)

  10. Well, call me a rebel because I did not take the blue palette to match my blue eyes. While very pretty, I have about 100 colors like them already. It was the GREEN palette that really floated my boat (and it seems like a bunch of you agree!) Oh, those colors! I am a sucker for a pretty khaki/army/olive green – and these are some of the prettiest I’ve seen.

    @melinda summed this up well, it’s adult shimmer. And I love the versatility of it, you can go full on smoky with all 4 shades or just stick with #1 and 2 for a more day look.

    I thought the quality of these are really high. I didn’t notice a lot of fall out and I thought the pigment was great. Also high quality, the case and the huge mirror.

    Personally, I like that there are no brushes. I’d rather a bigger pan of shadow then a little brush (or worse yet, a sponge applicator.)

    I do kind of wish I would have tried the blue palette (especially after @mandaleem comments). But ultimately – while I appreciate the paint-by-numbers kind of aspect to these – I think you should wear whatever colors you like.

    And my god, they were a deal at the price of $16, at $13.60 I am fighting the urge to drive to Kohl’s right now and get them all.

    5 stars from me, super impressed with my intro to this line. Bravo!

    1. @stef I agree with you. I almost never use the brushes or applicators that are provided. I am glad that they have a nice mirror and good sized shadows.

    2. Yeah, I don’t generally use the brushes either – i just thought it’d be nice for traveling or those new to makeup. A palette just doesn’t seem complete to me without the company’s brush, but I guess that’s a pretty silly reason! And yes, those greens look like they’d compliment every eye color. Thanks for introducing us to this line, Stef and Tyna!

  11. @kate2004rock, I just introduced my aunt to eyeshadow primer! It still floors me when someone doesn’t know about its magical powers (haha, I should try to remember that it wasn’t that long ago that I hadn’t even heard of it, but now I can’t imagine living without it)!

    Good review. I personally don’t buy eyeshadow colors “made” for my eye color. Personally, I think that skin tone is a bigger factor when it comes to choosing colors for your face (but not the only factor). I like to have fun with color, and just try different things out and see how they look!

    1. You are probably absolutely correct, Marilyn, about skin tone being more important! I used to like playing around with colors but now I have soooo many I am just plain overwhelmed! I really do wish I could have a stylist dress me, and do my hair and makeup every day…or maybe just a LOT more time and a good organization system for all my colors.

  12. My eyes are on the green side of hazel and I need that green kit pronto! Even though I will never use the purple shadow, the other three colors more than make up for it. So pretty!

  13. I have dark brown eyes, but I think I’d have to buck the recommendation and go with the hazel or blue eyes palette!

    And thank you @melinda for this post, I completely forgot that they sell cosmetics at Kohl’s! I always pass it by, thinking it’ll be overpriced or bad quality (or both) but after this review I’m definitely going to have to give them a closer look next time I’m in the store.

    1. I hear ya, Alyssa – I have walked past the makeup there with those assumptions many a time, too! Nice to know we were wrong!

  14. @melinda, you are a wealth of information! I had no idea Flirt! was owned by Estee Lauder nor that the line was available at Kohls Stores!
    I have brownish-green eyes and was happy to try the palette for Hazel Eyes. I have always known that purples make hazel eyes pop and was happy to see a slight variation of the rules. The colors worked well on my eyes, (eventhough I used the deep purple shade #3 as a liner for fear of a too dark a crease) and the color payoff was respectable. I didn’t notice too much fall out either which may be due to my great primer. Since I am no spring chicken anymore, I wished that the base shade #1 was matte since the other 3 colors are shimmery, but it was not too obvious a shimmer. I really liked the weight and quality of the palette and sleek design for a less expensive brand. ($13.60, wow!)
    I give the Flirt! Palette for Hazel Eyes a solid 4 stars!

    1. You bring up good points Stephanie – I also was afraid of the too dark crease! And it was a little dark for me, but when I just bit the bullet and did it, I realized how pretty it was – albeit quite dramatic! I also wished at first the base shade wasn’t a shimmer, but then saw that it’s not over the top…and I guess they are calling it Flirt! for a reason!

  15. The colors are beautiful in the pan, but the payoff isn’t so great really (in my eyes anyway), especially for the price ($13.50!).

    I’m not really one who likes palettes dedicated to an eye color. I firmly believe every color looks good on every eye color. The differences comes in with purity and value. I will literally go around a store trying EVERY SINGLE SHADOW looking for the right one. Sometimes I find it, sometimes I don’t (sometimes I find it…and it’s in the wrong finish! Argh!). Sometimes I find the right one for someone else! The world of color is full of different purities and values. Neutrals will fit anyone, but the rest is a guessing game! I like the guessing game part of it!

    1. That’s great Katie! I wish I had that “playful with the colors” attitude – if I took the time to do it, I’d probably look alot better every day! But i do have a hard time believing fuscia could ever look good on my eyes!

    2. I think you’re confusing my meaning, Mel! I’m talking in art talk (which means I should clarify myself a lot for all of my art inexperienced people).

      Fuchsia isn’t a hue; it’s a purity, if I remember correctly (Christy Kane, correct me if I’m wrong here. I know you’re an artist too!). Hues are the colors of the rainbow (which is also known as the visible light spectrum). Hues are divided into purities and values. Values are how light or dark the color is (this is what colorblind people can see). Purity is how dull/flat or how bright the color is (colorblind people can’t see this generally).

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