Frédéric Fekkai Essential Shea Collection review

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The latest from Fekkai made my hair feel like butter!

Frédéric Fekkai Essential Shea Collection photos: we heart this

I used to think I was a haircare snob, but I realized it’s my hair that’s the snob. Me? I used to try to get away with drugstore shampoos and conditioners, but my hair acts like a overprivileged diva time after time, letting out a “whatever” and misbehaving accordingly. I’ve learned over time to stick with high end products, and both me and my hair are happier for it.

I’ve been lucky to be able to try some amazing high end brands in my reviewing career. But when it’s time for me to buy, there’s one line I reach for consistently – Frédéric Fekkai. Why? Because the products work. EVERY time.

Therefore, I think I may have let out an actual squeal when the Frédéric Fekkai Essential Shea Collection arrived for review. Because if there’s one thing that I love as much as Fekkai, it’s Shea Butter. But up until now, I had only ever used it on my skin. My dry skin reacts so favorably to it, seeming to drink the creamy, decadence in. Would my overworked hair react the same way?

The line combines a “Moisturizing Renewal Complex” with Shea Butter, producing four products that promise to transform dry, coarse hair into silky, supple and easy to style locks. Oh, bring it on!

Essential Shea Shampoo and the Essential Shea Conditioner

I chose to try the Essential Shea Shampoo and the Essential Shea Conditioner ($24 each, 8 oz) because I wanted to test the basics. But believe me, there is nothing basic about this duo! It doesn’t get more luxe then this. The sulfate-free shampoo creates moisturizing, creamy bubbles that envelop your hair, cleaning it but also feeling like it’s healing it. I almost felt like I could skip the conditioner, my hair already felt softer (and believe me – my hair never feels like I can skip conditioner!)

Thank god I didn’t, because this conditioner is the one in my dreams. There is nothing worse for me (and all dry/over processed hair owners) then a conditioner that doesn’t deliver. A thin, watery formula that leaves you thinking “that’s it?” or cursing as you snag your comb in your knotty hair. No fear of that here. This literally felt like softened butter. It’s creamy and thick, smells heavenly, and just a small amount left my hair looking noticably healthier.

Two other lucky Review Team members will be by in the comments to tell us more about:

Essential Shea Ultra Shea Mask ($30, 7 oz) – A once weekly, intense conditioning treatment that takes ultra-dry, coarse or unruly hair and magically makes it manageable, soft and strong.

Essential Shea Tame and Style Pot de Crème ($35, 5.2 oz) – An ultra-rich styling crème that delivers moisture while taming frizz, flyaways and general hair naughtiness. Doesn’t it look like a dessert?

Frédéric Fekkai Essential Shea Collection

I started to write a Pros and Cons list and realized it was absolutely unnecessary. If you have dry hair, you need this line. There are no cons. Fekkai does it yet again.

we heartsters and Review Team, do you agree – can Fekkai do no wrong?

Where to buy: What? Sephora doesn’t carry Fekkai anymore?! That’s just wrong. But yay for Dermstore, and they have free shipping!


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  1. This sounds divine! FF’s Shea Butter line has been a little too heavy for my fine hair, but I do love to do a conditioning mask every once in a while..This sounds so luxe and rich!

  2. I’ll try anything from Frédéric Fekkai, and this line sounds so nice! Like you, @stef , I love shea butter for my skin but never even thought of it for my hair. Can’t wait to read what the testers thought of the creme and mask!

  3. I totally understand that Your Hair is demanding the high end products! I do use/mix in drugstore items and my hair is flatter, and knotty for it.

    My absolute favorite line is Frédéric Fekkai! I would bathe in their products if I could – they ALL smell so darn good. And my hair adores the Full Blown Volume line (the best, bright, sunny scent ever).

    @glamazon56 (Stephanie) if you have fine, limp hair – give this FF line a try!

  4. I am the very lucky tester of the Ultra Rich Mask – and it is just that – ultra rich and ultra wonderful! I use it once a week on my thick, coarse, and color-treated hair and it seems to be perfectly made for it. I put about a quarter size amount on after I shampoo, wrap my hair on top of my head and then in a shower cap. I go about the business of my shower for another 5-10 minutes and then comb it through with a wide-tooth comb and rinse out. They call for combing it before you let it sit, but I like to let it do it’s thing first to avoid tangles. It works so well, I don’t even have to use my detangler when I get out of the shower (and I ALWAYS have to use that!). I still have to blow dry and then flat iron or curl, but it most definitely is easier to style after using this. I have smoother, more defined layers with less flyaways. My hair LOVES the shea butter and this has become essential to my routine. It’d probably weigh it down with more than weekly use, but once a week seems all that’s needed. The smell is light yet richly buttery, too. It’s costly, but since you’re only using a small amount once a week, it’ll last a long time. Definite 5 stars!

  5. I love, love, love Fekkai products! My only every day styling product is the Coiff Bouffant Lifting & Texturizing Spray Gel – it adds so much volume and “traction” to my fine hair.

    And while I can’t use them all the time, I splurge on matching FF shampoo and conditioners when I can afford it. Imo, this is a total 5 star line – every product is always amazing.

  6. I forgot to use the most important word in my review: soft! Soft soft butter soft! The mask makes my hair like silk after using it – and that alone would make this a 5 star product!

  7. I adore Fekkai products, and I will be checking some of these out. The mask sounds devine… my only dilemma is trying to afford my addiction to them!

  8. The Fekkai Fairy will bring the mask to work next week for you to try, Erin!

  9. I had a sample pack of both the shampoo and conditioner of the Essential Shea Collection and I can say that while it was not enough for me to see any real difference in my hair, it was enough for me to be SUPER impressed. I don’t think I’ve used a shampoo that feels as moisturizing as this one!

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