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An interview with Fekkai Beverly Hills stylist Kelly Pace…

Love really isn’t a big enough word to describe how we feel about Frédéric Fekkai. Really, does hair care get any better? We say no. Having been a devotee of the line for ages, I was thrilled to be able to talk with Kelly Pace, a stylist for over seven years at their Beverly Hills Salon and an all-around amazing woman.

Kelly’s passion for her craft is readily apparent. With extensive training at top cosmetology schools like Oscar Blandi, Aveda, Bumble & Bumble and TiGi, Kelly’s talent with hair is universal. With each and every client that sits in Kelly’s chair, her goal is not to radically change their style, but enhance it, making each person look and feel their best. Eva Longoria, Brooke Shields, Heidi Klum and Carmen Electra are just a few of the celebrities to have their tresses tamed by her.

So, who better to give us an inside look into the Fekkai hair care collection, the ultimate in luxury hair care. And lucky us, we got some professional tips that everyone can benefit from to boot!

WHT: Let’s get the negative out of the way first. What are the top Hair Don’ts you see people doing, either in a style or the products that they choose? List them for us so that the rest of us avoid them.
Kelly: Don’t cut your own bangs. Keep your hair products limited, a lot of people over use them. Make sure to hold sprays 8-10 inches from hair. Don’t go out and get the latest trend, make sure to discuss them with your stylist. You should always consider your hair texture, your features, and your personality. Also a MAJOR don’t-Zebra Stripes as highlights! Your highlights should be minimal. And no more than 2 shades lighter than your base.

WHT: Ok, I’m dying to know about the latest Fekkai lines…
Kelly: Frederic Fekkai Coiff is a collection of seven multi-functional stylers. It makes the most of a great cut and the woman who wears it. Whether worn alone or layered limitlessly, the sheer, ultra-lightweight formulas texturize, mold, and hold without fear of product buildup. Comprised of three categories (pre-style, style and finish) it’s designed to provide fabulously fashionable hair. We also introduced Au Naturel, a new line of plant based products that are free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and synthetic fragrances. The formulas are weightless and totally refreshing.

WHT: I see Fekkai has also released 20 shades of Frederic Fekkai Salon Hair Color for home use. Is it worth the 30 bucks? How is it different from your standard drugstore hair dye?
Kelly: Yes, it’s an incredible value. Fekkai wanted to create a color product that is as close to the results as you would get with us. Frédéric and a top Fekkai color team have worked on this line extensively. It gives our clients that are traveling or people that don’t live close to a salon a way to have the experience at home. In addition to the salon quality permanent color, we provide a pre-color treatment, a post-color 3-minute mask, plus a bowl, brush and real gloves. It’s truly worth the money.

WHT: It’s not every day we sit down with a master. So help us-what are your top product recommendations for thin, dry or damaged, colored and curly hair. We thank you in advance!
Kelly: For thin hair, use the Full Volume Line or our More Line. Dry, damaged hair needs the Shea Butter or Glossing Line. Colored hair will love the Technican Line. And for Curly hair, try Luscious Curls for medium to fine hair and Shea Butter or Glossing for thick coarse hair.

WHT: If you were only allowed to use one Fekkai product, what would it be?
Kelly: Our Hair Spray, Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray. It has hold but is not too stiff and it has Avocado oil for shine. It’s Fabulous!

WHT: What are the must-have hairstyles for this winter and upcoming spring?
Kelly: Chunky waves are really in style now. Middle parts are back too. Shorter hair is also coming back strong. A lot of celebrities are going short. Posh, Rihanna and Katie Holmes are just a few who have taken off their length. Short hair has always been very sexy and chic. It is a daring but striking look that not everyone can pull off, but if you can-you should!

And just for fun, we ask Kelly to pick one of our categories so we can ask her a random question. (Kelly picks beauty & fashion, but of course!)

WHT: What are your three make-up must haves?
Kelly: Blush, Bronzer and concealer.
WHT: Ah, a girl after our own heart!

If you are in the Los Angeles area and want Kelly to work her magic with your hair, call (310) 777-8700 and schedule an appointment at the Fekkai Beverly Hills Salon. And check out their website to see Kelly’s recommendations for your specific hair type.

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  1. If your ever in LA and you can get Kelly to cut your hair, DO IT!!! =) She does an amazing job and has a knack for getting that perfect style for each individual. And the staff at the Beverly Hills Fekkai Salon is awesome! Very friendly and personable, and everyone leaves looking FABULOUS!

    The combo of Technician and the Glosssing conditioner and spray are amazing! My hair loves me when I use Fekkai!

  2. I’m saving up for a Kelly cut right now! Oh Fekkai (sigh), how I heart you. The Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner is my favorite. My husband was using it on his beard and I had to hide it from him! And I’m never without a tube of Glossing Cream. I recently got the Coiff Thermal Protectant too, which is the best detangler I’ve ever used. And the hair color?! As a home colorist-I’m really excited for that.

  3. My all time fave FF products are the Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. I might try another brand but 1/2 way through (if I make it that far) I go out and buy the Full Volume. They leave my hair fuller and with a lot of volume for a girl with thin, limp hair. But the best part is the scent! It just smells so good – fresh and clean – and it lasts all day. When I first discovered them, I felt like I was in a shampoo commercial – I would purposely toss my hair to get a whiff of that smell. Highly, highly recommended by T.

  4. I’ve jut got the Au Naturel Shampoo and conditioner and I LOVE them! They’re really light and smell amazing, and my hair was so soft afterwards, it felt like baby hair. Fekkai is the best!

  5. tiffanypaige says:

    i just got a short and sassy new hair cut…and i am in need of a stying gel/putty/lotion type thing. i LOVE FF…any one have a suggestion?

  6. jkanaszka says:

    I had a boss which is to this day the best boss i ever had BUT ….she went to fekkai and used to tell me she’d send him to me before my wedding..NEVER happened!!!! sigh…still not over it!!!i drem about it and btw gone r my dreams of aucoin ever doing my makeup!!! am i bitter no..back to the cetaphil & burts!

  7. Oh, how mean to be teased with the possibility of a hair cut by the man himself and yet it never happens! (Not that your boss was mean, just life in general!)

  8. Tiffany-I got a recommendation for you from Kelly. She says..

    “Fekkai has a Grooming Clay/Wax in our Coiff line. But it can be a little heavy. So please tell her to just use a little and to make sure you rub it thoroughly in her hands until its almost vanishes… And then use it on her hair. This way she can make sure that its not too clumpy, etc. Also if she wants something lighter Fekkai carries a lightweight cream in the Coiff line called Nonchalant. It will help smooth the hair but doesn’t have as much hold. Both products need to be applied on dry hair.”

    There you go, straight from the pro!

  9. hi i found this site searching for the Grooming Clay for men- if anyone reads my post & knows where i can find some, please let me know! its discontinued & i am desperate to find it. thanks!

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