Fresh Sugar Lemon Hydrating Lip Balm Review

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Fresh Sugar lemon Lip Balm on English tea saucer

There’s a bakery in my neighborhood that makes the most delicious, tiny vanilla cupcakes with lemon zest frosting. Before I devour one of these little bites of joy, I always sniff it like a maniac.

True story: more than once, I’ve gotten frosting on my nose inhaling the smell. If only someone could bottle it, I’ve often thought, I’d wear it from head to toe.

So when I cracked open my jar of Fresh Sugar Lemon Hydrating Lip Balm ($18), I swooned with excitement. Lemon vanilla cupcake, hello! It’s the same scrumptious scent, which Fresh says is inspired by lemon meringue.

If you’ve never experienced Fresh lip balms, stop reading now and run to Sephora.

If you’ve never experienced Fresh lip balms, stop reading now and run to Sephora. Available in a wide variety of aromas, with and without sunscreen, in stick or jar formulas, these luxe balms are addictive. Their soothing power literally comes from sugar, which, surprisingly, is a natural humectant that locks moisture into skin. A blend of emollient oils and Vitamin E works in tandem with the sugar to create a rich formula that makes my lips look and feel healthy and plump.

Fresh Sugar lemon Lip Balm packaging

How effective are these balms? In clinical tests, 100% of testers reported immediate improvement in the softness of their lips! One application provides 24 hour hydration, but I reapply often just because it feels so good. Although it’s colorless, the balm gives my lips a healthy sheen.

I’ve already been carrying a Fresh Caramel Balm in my bag for at least a year. Now, with the addition of Lemon to Fresh’s array of deliciously scented balms, there will be one more Sugar product in my makeup bag at all times.

Fresh Sugar lemon Lip Balm in woman's hand with holographic manicure

It’s easy to tote my newest favorite Fresh balm because of its novel size. Even though the pot is large-almost two inches across-it’s also shallow. So it will even fit into a pocket if I’m traveling light. And don’t worry that “shallow” means there isn’t a lot of product. The formula is so dense and concentrated, I’ve been applying Fresh Sugar Lemon throughout the day for a full week now and the jar still has a full-looking level of product.

Previously a limited edition product, this scent is now part of the permanent hydrating lip balm collection, and this makes me one happy lemon-loving girl!

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  1. I love the refreshing scent of lemon on makeup and skincare. The zesty scent is heavenly and it gives just the right dose of energy to keep you going.

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