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Foam is good again! The wht team gets their hands on Lather.

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I don’t know about all of you, but for me the word “lather” used to evoke a delightful vision of frothy foam and squeaky clean goodness. But as I became more environmentally aware, my love for lather sadly started to become a fond and distant memory. As many of my fellow Green Monday readers know, I discovered that certain lathering ingredients in products can be irritating to the skin and harmful to your body and the environment. So naturally I assumed that my love affair with lather was doomed if I were to be a responsible citizen of the planet Earth. Gleefully, I was wrong—thanks to a company called LATHER.

This company is restoring lather’s good name , one glorious face, body, and hair product at a time. I tested two products from this line for this review and they both were very impressive.

Green Monday collection

First up, I was very excited to try a new face wash. I have extremely oily and acne-prone skin. Yet it can be very sensitive and often develops dry patches. So I always seem to have a hard time finding a mild enough face wash that actually makes me feel clean.

I can safely say that my prayers were answered with the Ultra Mild Face Wash ($19) with “gentle surfactants and soothing botanical extracts” to gently cleanse your face – and yes, there is a delightful foaming lather. There is also a mild botanical scent that is not at all offensive. This paraben-free cleanser leaves my face feeling clean and fresh while my sensitive side experienced no irritation. I dare say that my acne has cleared up a bit more while using this product. I feel that what makes the face wash so special is that it doesn’t harshly strip my skin of its natural oils. My face feels and looks balanced after using this. I am just so excited that this product is pretty Earth friendly, great for my skin, and lathers—what a rarity!

I also had the pleasure of trying the Coconut Crème Body Whip ($22). I have to tell you that this luxurious tub of whipped body cream couldn’t have come at a better time. Winter has done a real number on my skin. It just makes me feel so dry and blah – especially my feet. Thankfully, the deeply moisturizing essential oils in this paraben-free cream are whipping my skin into shape for spring sandals, skirts, and short sleeves. The cream has an incredibly delightful, yet subtle scent—think more of a light vanilla than a heady tropical coconut. The cream absorbs quickly and is not at all greasy- seriously! Oh, but it does leave you with soft, touchable skin. The company even suggests using it for soothing your skin “as an after-sun hydrating treatment”. I think I am in love!

A few wht reviewers had the pleasure of testing a variety of other LATHER products – make sure to check the comments for their thoughts on these products:

Licorice Root Eye Treatment ($28) – This lightweight and paraben-free eye moisturizer helps fight the good fight against fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.

Ultra Light Face Lotion ($16) – This lightweight facial moisturizer is great for almost every skin type. It is especially kind to oily and troubled skin. Plus, it also contains natural UVA and UVB protection.

Almond Crème Body Buff ($18) – This creamy, paraben-free body scrub provides gentle exfoliation for the body, all while hydrating the skin with a rich blend of emollient oils.

Lavender and Eucalyptus Foot Crème ($18) – This paraben-free foot cream soothes calloused and swollen feet with a unique blend of herbs such as eucalyptus and lavender. They also added seaweed extract and aloe vera to pamper your tired tootsies even more.

• Clean, simple packaging.
• LATHER makes foam good again!
• The entire collection is moderately priced for highly effective products.

• LATHER works continuously to limit its environmental footprint. In fact…
• They just introduced biodegradable, recyclable packaging.
• The entire line is transitioning to paraben-free preservatives and sulfate-free cleansing agents.
• Organic ingredients are used whenever possible.
• LATHER uses no animal by-products, and conduct no animal testing.

• Limited availability in the “real world” – I like to touch and feel products before I purchase.

I highly recommend the LATHER products that I tested. In fact, I give them a full five stars. I am certainly glad that lather is no longer a dirty word. What about it readers and review team, are you as lathered up about LATHER as I am?

Shop the LATHER site!
Or check out LATHER on Amazon.

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  1. I absolutely love the Lather line…they are based out in Pasadena, CA and they just have so much integrity. All of the products I’ve tried are of the highest quality. I love that they are all organic and fresh yet always so reasonably priced! The packaging is so clean and crisp looking – it makes me just want everything! How can it look so great and be biodegradable!? I can’t wait to try the coconut body whip – I just ran out of all my body lotions so this review is perfect timing for me!

  2. I love We Heart This for introducing me to great lines. I especially love that this line is eco minded, yet offers solutions for us acne girls!
    I would love to give this a try…does anyone know where it is sold? Kellie, I can gather from your ‘con’ comment that this may be an online type deal?

    1. Stephanie-Lather can currently be found in some stores in California, Arizona, and Georgia. So it is pretty limited. But I do feel that it is worth it to purchase online. The products that I tried were just so good!

  3. I tested Later Licorice Root Eye Treatment, and if it’s any indication of the quality of the rest of the line, I need the Ultra Light Facial Lotion, too! From the looks of Licorice Root Eye Treatment’s little no-nonsense tub, I expected an adequate eye cream, nothing extraordinary. I was so wrong! My expectations were surpassed as soon as I opened the jar. The texture of the cream is dense and rich, but not at all oily. It absorbs quickly, making the eye area seem tighter and smoother. Even better, it creates a perfect surface for makeup, which can be applied immediately after the cream. That’s how quickly it absorbs.

    Licorice Root Eye Treatment is unscented, contains a long list of natural ingredients and is paraben-free. On me, this treatment really does make fine lines, wrinkles, and even pesky puffiness less obvious. For such a nice (and green) product at a reasonable price, 5 stars for Lather. Great post, @kellie76 !

    1. Oh, I’m glad to hear it’s unscented. Licorice actually makes me a bit sick to my stomach. Which is ironic, because you can use licorice to calm an upset stomach!

    2. I’m torn between being happy it’s unscented and disappointed! I’m the girl who will happily trade you for ALL the black jelly beans, LOL. I love licorice! Either way, this eye cream really sounds like a winner.

    3. Heh – me too @mandaleem – I lurve me some licorice, but was wary at patting the scent around my eyes. I really want to try this eye cream now!

  4. I love LATHER products. My newest favorite is the Bamboo Silk Foaming Face Scrub with Lemongrass. And their Almond Shave Cream is pretty fabulous too. Talk about getting ready for spring- your legs will never feel smoother!

    1. Oh, thanks for the intro to the Lemongrass facescrub and Almond shave cream, Linda – those sound right up my alley, too!!

  5. Great review, Kellie! How nice to hear there’s a company that’s going green with lathering products – I love the bubbles too. I am just dying to try that Almond Creme Body Buff – can’t wait to hear the review on it!

  6. I have oily, blemish-prone, sensitive and occasionally dry skin too! (It’s like uber-combination skin…you’re just like, “Face, would you just PICK ONE BAD TRAIT, already?!?”
    These sound so great, especially the Ultra Mild Face Wash. (I do love me some lather.) I’ll have to check it out! Thanks, Kellie, for the review!

  7. Great review Kellie! I had the pleasure of trying Lather’s Ultra Light Face Lotion. I really have grown an appreciation for green products and was very impressed with this line. This moisturizer is described as a “non greasy everyday moisturizer” and it really is just that. It came in a soft, easy to squeeze tube, and went on with a slightly rich texture, but absorbed very quickly and felt great on my skin. I even found my self using it as a quick hand lotion. It does carry a scent, which I thought to be a slight rose scent, probably from the rose oil in it! It’s a great everyday moisturizer and since it left my skin looking soft and dewy, I look forward to checking out some of their other products. Solid four stars for me!

    1. And now you’ve convinced me I need the Ultra Light Lotion Erin @spitfire77 – O am always switching face lotions trying to find The One. The LATHER has a lot of things going for it – it’s green, lightweight, good for oily/combo skin, in a tube and has SPF. That’s a lot of checks in my imaginary “must have” column!

      I need to get to a boutique that carries this line – I’d love to see it all.

  8. Great review Kellie!
    I got to test the Almond Creme Body Buff and this is exactly what my skin has been needing! A harsh cold Minnesnowta winter always leaves my skin so dry. This Creme did a fantastic job of exfoliating my skin back to being soft, moisturized and healthy looking.

    The walnut shell powder gently scrubs away unwanted dead skin and literally buffs it smooth and clean. The emollient oils like avocado and jojoba keeps the skin moisturized. The Creme is really light and not greasy, so it washes off very easily. But my favorite part is the scent! Thanks to the almond it has an unbelievably yummy scent and always makes me think of marzipan.

    I love this product, not only because my skin hasn’t felt this good since having an expensive exfoliating treatment at a spa, but also how green friendly this company and their products are. 5 stars all the way!!

  9. Great Review Kellie! I love that LATHERS believes that “It is what inside that counts.” I believe this product is made in the US– correct?

  10. Awesome review @Kellie76 !
    I’ve been waiting for this review for awhile, because I’m so, so pleased with my results! I was the lucky tester of the Lavender and Eucalyptus Foot Creme. I’m a sucker for foot products because nothing can ruin a killer pair of heels like dry, cracked heels and runner’s toes, ick. This stuff is sure to keep your tootsies in perfect summer shoe condition!
    The creme features lavender and eucalyptus oils, so I expected it to smell herbal-y medicinal and not minty, but I was happily surprised! I know a lot of people try to find foot products in any scent other than mint, but I love mint in my heel treatments. LATHER’s foot creme reminds me of the smell of old school Bath&Body works Vanilla Mint. I love it! It’s the perfect blend of comfort and pep.
    The creme soaks in to the skin quickly and doesn’t leave behind any oily or weird residue that makes you want to run to the bathroom and wash your hands. It also doesn’t leave your skin feeling “tingly” in the way menthol can. And it lasts all day, so my heels look just as good in my mules at the end of the night as when they went in!
    The little jar may be $18, but it’s no exaggeration when I say I’ve been using it regularly for some time now and I’ve barely made a dent in it! It takes very little product to do the job. I would guess that the jar will last me at least 6 months with ease.

    Amazing scent, wonderfully moisturizing, great value, and a company with great (eco and social) values? What else can I give but 5 stars!

  11. You had me with the mention of coconut cream body whip. Coconut and lotion are two of my most favorite things. I must try this. Great review Kellie!

    1. I’m with you Tiffany.. I’m a sucker for anything that has coconut.. It’s gotta be good with the rave reviews above.. I’m also liking the sound of the Lavender and Eucalyptus Foot Crème. (I’m also a nut for Euc!) Oh, and I love black licorice too Amanda.. This Licorice Root Eye Treatment sounds good. Thanks for the wonderful rewiew Kellie!

  12. I’ll have to look at the Lather site. I’m intrigued. I’m rather skeptical to try anything out because I JUST got my skin under control with Dermalogica (which is very, VERY expensive. I just found out what each of my individual things would cost. OUCH. I’m using a kit), but I’ll check the site out. Having my skin break out again would not be fun.

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