Get ‘em while they’re hot – Milani’s New Eyeshadows!

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Milani’s New Eyeshadows!photos: we heart this

Don’t they look scrumptuous? Milani has added three shades of baked eyeshadow to their collection. Each beautifully and perfectly domed shadow has been sun-dried onto Italian terracotta tiles, allowing them to be used wet or dry.

Used dry, baked shadows give a sheer wash of shimmery color, and used wet, the pigmentation and shine are intensified. This versatility has made baked shadows very popular, in addition to the fact that they’re quite pretty to look at!

I was lucky enough to sample the following Marbleized Baked Eyeshadow, which features multiple infusions of colors swirled together ($7.49):

Marbleized Baked Eyeshadow in a bright metallic fuchsia shade

Must Have Fuschia – bright metallic fuchsia

Marbleized Baked Eyeshadow in a shimmery warm peachy copper shade

Copper Excess – shimmery warm peachy copper

Marbleized Baked Eyeshadow in a marbleized copper, green, teal, and purple that mixes to become a shimmery golden green shade

Green Fortune – marbleized copper, green, teal, and purple that mixes to become a shimmery golden green

Must Have Fuchsia is BOLD, and therefore a little hard to wear. I used it as an all over lid color and threw on some black liner and it was too intense, even for going out. Used in a thin stripe on the upper lashline looked a little better, but honestly, I felt that this color worked best as a blush! It would be a very difficult color for those with fair skin to wear.

Marbleized Baked Eyeshadow swatchesLeft to right: Copper Excess, Green Fortune and Must Have Fuschia

Copper Excess is quite warm-toned, and the texture of this one is my favorite of the three–it’s softer and goes on more smoothly, even when used dry. The color may be too warm for some, but it could also double as a blush.

Green Fortune is a lovely yellowy-green shade, but I found it the most difficult to work with of the shades. The texture was harder, and didn’t seem as pigmented, especially when used dry.

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow collection

On the traditional shadow side, there’s the Runway Eyes Eyeshadow collection, which features satin-finish eyeshadows with a glitter overspray ($6.99). This thin layer of glitter is meant to temporarily add sparkle, since it doesn’t go all the way through the product. The three new colors in this collection are:

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow in a gold satin champagne pearl with gold/iridescent glitter overspray shade

Golden Touch – gold satin champagne pearl with gold/iridescent glitter overspray

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow in a satin peachy pink with silver/iridescent glitter overspray shade

Peaches & Cream – satin peachy pink with silver/iridescent glitter overspray

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow in an antique golden taupe with gold glitter overspray shade

Antigua – antique golden taupe with gold glitter overspray

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow in an antique golden taupe with gold glitter overspray shade(don’t fear the glitter, the majority of the overspray comes off with the first swipe)

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow collection swatchesleft to right: Antigua, Peaches & Cream and Golden Touch

Antigua is great as an all over lid color, good for the office (minus the glitter). Golden Touch and Peaches & Cream are gorgeous as highlight shades, or even all over lid color.

There is a LOT of glitter fall-out for all of the shades even when used wet, although it’s reduced as the overspray layer is worn off. The texture on all of these is incredibly silky, and they work equally well wet or dry.

Runway Eyes Eyeshadow swatchesAntigua shown wet and dry

Several nice shades, some even comparable to higher end brands of shadow

Staying power was short, even with primer
Quality varied from color to color

I’d say these shadows are a great inexpensive way to try some fun shades that you might not wear that often, like fuchsia. Plus, the Marbleized Baked Eyeshadow are a good chance to try baked shadows without spending a lot of money. You definitely get a good feel for this type of shadow in terms of texture and application.

we heartsters – are you ready to turn up the heat with Milani’s latest shades?

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  1. I tested the Marbleized Baked Eyeshadow in Copper Excess, the shimmery warm peachy copper, and was so impressed with it! The texture is soft and the shadow had great color payoff even when used dry. I’m a big fan of baked shadows, and Milani’s are a bargain!

    Even though you’re not crazy about Green Fortune, @lipglossandspandex , I’m really tempted to try it. The combination of colors is so pretty!

    For value and great performance, 5 stars for Copper Excess.

    1. It does look really pretty in the compact… I was sad that the gorgeous marbelized effect looked all muddled after using it wet :(

  2. I got to try Must Have Fuschia and Antiqua. Must Have Fuschia is definitely a bold color, especially for the entire lid. But using it as an accent color is manageable. I like doing “sunset” lids with yellows, oranges and a little red and MHF worked well for this.

    Antiqua let me down a little with the overspray. I’m not a fan of oversprays in general because I feel it’s a bait and switch for those of us who love glitter. However the shadow is a nice golden without being “gold” (if that makes sense) and excellent for neutral eyes or to add a little dimension to an eye where you are emphasizing the liner, like a cat eye.

    The short wear time is a downfall, so along with the overspray I give it 3.5 stars myself. Not quite a 4 but close. I’m much more impressed by other shadows in the Milani line.

  3. I got to try out Peaches and Cream from the Runway Eyes collection. At first I was disappointed that the glitter was just an overspray (I want to see the actual product I’m getting, not a false front!) but after wrestling with the fallout I was happy to have such a pretty color without the hassle. Sure, the glitter was fun on glitzy days, but Peaches and Cream is a GREAT every day color, so I’m glad to be able to wear it to the office where glitter isn’t so acceptable.
    On the down side we have the fallout- talk about crazy! Even my handy roll of scotch tape had a hard time getting it all. I’m not a huge fan of the included applicator. It’s a strange and difficult to use shape, and it’s a little too brittle/rough to actually use when applying product. I’d prefer that companies just leave out the included applicators and use the space for less packaging (less plastic, better for the environment, etc) or more product!

    Overall I get a fair amount of wear time and when paired with a good primer it doesn’t crease for at least 10 hours. While the glitter is fun, I’m glad it’s since worn off, though I’d prefer a product to be exactly as it appears. Overall I give Milani Runway Eyes a solid 4 stars. Peaches and Cream is a great neutral to have in your stash!

    Thanks for the heads up about Green Fortune- I’ve picked it up and thought about buying it over and over again, but I’ve put it back down every time. I still really want it, despite the difficulty of use, but maybe I’ll wait until I can get it on sale.

  4. I think they took all the glitter that should’ve been under the overspray in the Runway Eyes collection and put it in Green Fortune! Holy glitter…everywhere! Yes, I agree there’s a ton of fallout. Green Fortune is absolutely stunning in the package, but not quite as pretty on – at least me. It showed up a little more on the yellowy side on me, even when I tried to concentrate my brush or fingers on the greener parts. Dry there wasn’t much color saturation with me, either. Just for fun I wet the sponge applicator that came with it and really dug in to see how much color I could get. That worked pretty intensely. Too much for my 38 year-old self, but as a teen or twenty-something I’d probably have loved it – but again wishing there was a little more green than yellow-copper. I was hoping to get a really good color, and the right amount of subtle glitter using it as a wet liner, but even after multiple passes the color really didn’t come out much in that way. I also had a hard time just opening the lid – it took me a few tries to “unstuck” it as my three year-old would say. I think for the price, it’s still good. And if you use it wet with a sponge applicator you’re going to get good glitter, yellowy/light green color payoff – for someone interested in that I’d give it four stars. But for me personally, three.

  5. I tried the Peaches and Cream shade. I didn’t really like the glitter but, I saw it was going away the more I put on the brush so I gave it another go. The peaches and cream shade is great for a little extra daytime shimmer. It didn’t stay on too long but was great for a quick touch of glam.

  6. I LOVED Peaches & Cream, Antigua, and Golden Touch… they’re gorgeous and very useful colors, minus the glitter overspray. I personally find that baked eyeshadows are hit or miss, regardless of the brand or price point. And in terms of texture and pigmentation, Copper Touch is one of the nicest baked eyeshadows of any brand. I LOVE the price… but the fallout, the shades, the practically useless applicator, and the short length of wear were real drawbacks. Even with primer, I had less than 9 hours of wear before it started fading and slightly creasing. I might consider repurchasing some of the shades, but overall, these are just alright. I’m giving them 3 stars.

  7. My Green Fortune baked eyeshadow is a fantastic neutral! Don’t waste your time trying to pick a color vein, just swirl– the result is a shimmery military green color that reminds me of 80’s safari wear. Nice pigmentation when wet, and very subtle when dry (I’m putting this in my beach bag to doll-up my bare face for an after-beach drink on the strand this summer). Very similar to MAC’s mineralize shadows but with a less creamy texture. 5 stars–good performer, great value!

  8. I had a moment of panic yesterday when this post went up because I realized that I had both Copper Excess and Antigua, and I thought, “Oh no! Which one did I buy and which was a I testing?!?” :-)
    I can tell you that while I’m not IN love with both, I do think they are both amazing and completely worth buying. Copper Excess is great because it can be a subtle or bold look, depending on whether you use it wet or dry. The dry look is a really nice wash of copper with a HINT of pink; the sparkle is subtle but it’s there. But when wet, the metallic nature of the shadow just POPS and almost reminds me of MAC’s Rushmetal pigment. (Almost, it’s a lighter version.)
    And though I wasn’t testing it, Antigua was a disappointment that became a winner. I bought it, thinking it’d be a shadow dupe for my beloved MAC Golden Olive, but when I swiped it and the overspray went away, I was REALLY disappointed. @mandaleem is right, I don’t really get the glitter overspray because those of us who would buy it for the pot color will be irritated and those who would like the actual color wouldn’t even know it was there.
    However, the color Antigua ends up being is still pretty good. It almost reminds me of a pantina that Copper Excess would get if it actually WAS copper; an earthy grey-green with golden overtones.

    On an overall note; convex products drive me nuts. I have yet to own one that does not shatter before I’d put a dent in it. Even my high-end shadows like Laura Mercier and MAC….BAM! Shatters in the pot. Now, this is probably my fault; jiggling it around in my makeup drawer, traveling with them, etc. But the basic design, while really pretty, isn’t terrible sturdy. This hasn’t happened to my current Milani shadows, so maybe they’ll break my streak! But we’ll see. Just a word to the wise, if you have a convex product (as most baked shadows are,) keep those teeny paint pot containers near your vanity in case you’re destructive like me. It’ll save your shadow, some heartache and lots of cussing. :-)

    Okay, end rant! @lipglossandspandex hit upon my biggest issue with both shadows – the staying power. Even with primer. But overall, I really think these shadows are worth it. They are a great price (and pretty much always on sale at my local drugstore) and you can try a variety of colors without feeling like you’re wasting money. Convex/glitter overspray complaints aside, these are definitely a good product and should be considered for a permanent place in your makeup stash. Four stars!

    1. @lyssachelle–I don’t like convex products either! I’ve already broken a few baked products (blushes and eyeshadows) :( I’ve tried using them loose (too messy, unless I put them in a new container meant for loose powder) or re-pressing them, but that made the texture a little too hard.

  9. I tested Golden Touch, and while it looked really pretty in the package, it was way too light to show up on me, and between the fallout and overspray, I really couldn’t even use it as a highlighter under the brow. Peaches and cream and Antigua actually look like really pretty everyday colors I could try, but I am a little bummed the shimmer doesn’t carry through the whole product. I have liked most of my Milani products a lot, but this shadow was just three stars for me.

  10. Is everyone using primer with these? I didn’t have too much fallout (certainly not when using wet). Dry with finger application (which I did remembering the similar-looking MAC Mineralize shadow) worked best in a barely-there sort of way. Coverage certainly not comparable to MAC’s quality and pigmentation, but for the price I don’t think you could hope for better!

  11. I tested Antigua and I was super excited about the glitter until I realized it was an overspray. I would have liked the glitter to go all the way through. That said, I did really like this color. It’s such a great gold-ish color and looks great on for both day and night. There was a lot of fall out and I too found it wore off very quickly. But I am really digging Milani products the more I use them and would definitely try any of these shadows!

    I’ll give this 4 stars.

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