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No sweat: looking stylish while working out

fashionable gym clothes

This fashion post was inspired by a recent wht 3 Things post related to working out. I know, big groan! After finding a favorite workout or instructor that you can truly dedicate yourself to (#1 most important!), I think the next most motivating thing is feeling confident and cute in your workout clothes. It may sound materialistic, but you have the option to rock your favorite colors and enhance your silhouettes; there’s no reason to stick with the old baggy shirt and sweatpants.

Truth be told, I will never be one of those girls at the gym who can sashay on an elliptical in just a sports bra and short shorts alone…and that’s totally okay with me. One of the best things about shopping the many options out there is knowing I’ll find something that will compliment me and my budget. Yes, these are clothes that will be drenched in sweat, but it’s all about looking great and feeling great – before, during and after working out.

Here are some of my cute and fashionable workout picks as of late:

1. This Wrap Around Workout Top from Forever 21 ($12.80) is feminine and perfect for throwing on after yoga, pilates or even after a dance class. Thumb holes in the sleeves keep the wind out and it looks chic over any outfit.

2. If a blast of color is your thing, Target is the place to go for comfy, affordable workout tees and tanks in a rainbow of colors. The C9 by Champion Power Workout Tees ($9.99) are moisture-wicking and the C9 by Champion Ribbed Tanks ($12.99) are comfy and available in cute patterns to pair with black workout leggings.

3. Are you the type to work out in all black? Aerie’s Seamless Sport Bra ($19.95) is a fun way to incorporate color into your workout wardrobe without committing big time.

4. Seriously, how fun are these Nike Flex 2012 Running Sneakers ($80)? They are lightweight and perfect for summer runs and the color combos instantly perk me up.

5. My workout bag is currently a plain ol’ tote, but I would love to upgrade to this fabulous Roxy Pull Rank Bag ($88). The exterior wet/dry compartment is much needed for spin class or muddy runs. It also has lots of interior pockets for ultimate organization.

6. I can’t help but fall in love with bkr glass water bottles ($28 – $32). They are a bit pricy but they are FDA approved, BPA-free, BPA replacement free and phthalate free. These bottles are housed in the prettiest silicone sleeves, making it so hard to choose which one to take home with you. They will surely make you want to end your relationship with plastic bottles for good.

we heartsters – what are your favorite workout clothes and accessories?


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  1. Great post, @mandabear! I spend a lot of time in workout gear (not all spent workout out, ha!) and these are some great picks. Those pink Nikes might be finding their way into my closet in the very near future. Another spot for quality yet affordable w/o clothes: Old Navy.

    1. Thank you!

      I know, how cute are those Nikes? Everyone here in NYC wears bright sneakers and all black/neutral workout clothes. It’s pretty cool!

      Yes! – I’ve seen some great tanks and sports bras at Old Navy in really fun colors!

    2. I’m with you Marissa – since I’ve been working from home, I practically live in yoga pants – not that I ever actually do any yoga. Heh.

  2. I also wanted to share my little secret here in the comments section. For those of you who are on the petite side and don’t want to spend a load of money on a company like Lululemon for instance, their sister line Ivivva is a GREAT option. They are targeted towards teens who dance and do gymnastics. The sizes are not cut small and are actually better material (basically – NOT sheer!) than Lululemon and the prices are over 50% cheaper. I wear their workout leggings to spin and they moisture wick immediately, it’s insane.

    1. What a great secret to share @mandabear – thank you! I didn’t realize Lulumon had a junior line, but will be checking it out. In the past I’ve saved some money by buying boy’s tee-shirts and shoes for working out. I love finding nice quality pieces for less money by shopping the juniors department.

      I’m going to share their link for our fellow shorties/petites:

    2. Thanks @Tyna! Also don’t forget their “final curtain call” section aka Sale section! it’s usually full of little girl stuff but sometimes you can get away with the leggings and tanks :)

    3. @mandabear – Thanks for the wonderful tip. I am going to check it out. I hop back and forth from petite and regular sizes. (I am almost 5’6″ but, have short legs.)

    4. @hao9703 no problem! even if you’re short the inseams are actually very generous. I’m 5’1″ and the leggings bunch at the bottom a bit but I’m ok with that. I noticed their items run (comfortably) bigger than you’d expect too, I guess because kids shouldn’t be wearing skin tight clothes haha. I’m usually an XS/S depending on the clothes and I fit a size 12 on their site. It’s weird and crazy!

  3. Love the Nike’s, great post. I also want to check out those water bottles!

    1. Yes, aren’t the water bottles so cute? I know they are pricey but I hope to find a sale one day.

  4. I think I love every item you picked @mandabear! My faves are the duffle bag, water bottle and the bright blue sports bra. That’s a great color and would add some pizazz to my boring black.

    My secret place for finding well-priced cute workout gear is Ross. They always have a huge selection and I think 75% of my workout clothes came from their racks.

    1. We don’t have a Ross around here but I’m guessing TJ Maxx and Marshalls are similar options!

  5. @Tyna, I agree, Ross rocks for workout gear! I LOVE that ballerina wrap, and it isso cheap! Too, too cute! The bright sneakers are lovely, and may need to work their way into my closet! I have a glass. H2o bottle, with silicone covering. I think I got it at Ross, for much cheaper, maybe $12-15?

    1. That’s an awesome deal! I’m going to have to search around the discount stores around me.

  6. I want that Forever 21 wrap top! I think it’s important to wear clothes that fit well and make you feel good, whether its at work, or at home, or at the gym. I LOVE my current two pairs of running shoes because they are practically neon they’re so bright. I’d like a glass water bottle but not at that price… I’ll have to follow rachelshay’s advice and go to Ross! (great place for all kinds of workout apparel and equipment) or TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

    Also, JC Penney has a FABULOUS workout line called xersion. A ton of their stuff is Nike knockoffs (shorts and capris especially). I own both Nike and xersion and they’re basically identical. I peruse the clearance racks regularly to save even more money! :P

    1. I work right near a JC Penny! I’ll have to check out that line.

  7. Great tips, @mandabear ! I would buy that wrap top for the thumbholes alone, and the Roxy bag is just the sort I’ve been looking for to replace my beat-to-pieces duffle. I’ve never heard of Ivivva, so thank you!
    Years ago, when I first joined a gym, I was all about cute matching outfits, but that got old (not to mention expensive). Now it’s mostly shorts or leggings and a tank or t-shirt. I’m careful to stay away from baggy workout clothes, though, because I have better form when I’m conscious of my body.
    @tyna , you’re right, Ross rocks for workout gear!

    1. Same here with the baggy clothes. I’m so anti-cotton for the gym and hate the feeling of a big heavy wet rag on me haha. Moisture wicking all the way!

      My latest thing is wearing all black to spin because it’s easy to just walk in and out all gross hehe. I want a pair of bright sneakers though:)

  8. I agree that clothes you feel good in are important in a workout! But that said, I never want to spend too much. I’ve had great luck with the Champion stuff from Target too!
    I love the cute water bottle, but I’m always afraid I’m going to break the glass ones. (you know, when I’m so exhausted I can barely stand upright anymore.) Does the silicone covering help with that?

    1. @heather – totally agree with you on not spending too much. I would usually splurge on shoes and maybe a good workout bag. As for the bkr bottle, it can break because naturally, it is glass so you do have to use it with caution (on the flip side – also making it a lovely desk companion for while I’m at work). What’s cool is that if you accidentally break it within 90 days, you get a replacement from the company. Not bad!

  9. @mandabear, well done! Why not look good as you work out? I am seriously coveting the Forever 21 wrap-around top (looks like a Diane von Furstenberg knock-off). And those sneakers? How cute can you get? I’m going to upgrade my workout look! Thanks much!

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