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Everyday luxury just got more affordable! Our review of the latest from MOR Cosmetics.

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If you are a wht regular, you’re probably the type to enjoy little everyday luxuries – fancy soaps, yummy candles, luscious lotions and the like. And you also know one of our very favorite purveyors of luxury goodies is the Australian bath, body and lifestyle line MOR Cosmetics.

With a unique mixture of the traditional (like art deco influenced designs and a nod to classic apothecary in their formulas) and the thoroughly modern (contemporary ingredients, natural formulas and home decor worthy packaging); MOR gets it all exactly right. So you can imagine the squeals bouncing through my home the day Stef and I got a look at their very latest collection MOR Essentials.

Squee – a new collection from MOR

So how could MOR make this brand new collection even more exciting? By making the Essentials line more affordable. That’s right, MOR has just unleashed a collection full of eye popping tins and tubes in modern colors with sweet simple graphics that are so reasonably priced you can use them everyday…and have enough leftover to stock the guest bath as well.

The MOR Essentials collection consists of candles, soaps and moisturizers in five incredible scents:

• Honey Nectar (white packaging) – Sweet Brown Sugar melts into golden Honey Nectar on a base of candied Almonds and Vanilla Milk
• Sugar Rose Tiger Lily (bright pink packaging) – A blend of soft, sugary Rose, exotic Tiger Lily and ripe Tropical Fruits
• Neroli Clementine (light orange packaging) – Fresh Neroli and sweet Clementine rest atop a base of bright Yuzu and candied orange
• Black Currant Iris (midnight blue packaging) – Rich Black Currant and soft Iris marry with seductive Rose and warm Woods
• Basil & Grape (green packaging) – Clusters of sweet, ripe summer Grapes are tempered with fresh Basil and a whisper of soft Violet

The wht team had the chance to sniff every delectable scent in three of the six items available in the Essentials line, including their signature Soap Bars (above). Priced at just $10, everyone now has the chance to experience these finely milled, soothing soaps rich in Vitamin E and shea butter. I was the happy tester of the Basil & Grape Soap, housed in an adorable (and reuseable) waterproof green tin.

Beyond the new packaging, this bar of soap is just like every MOR bar I’ve used – a smooth and foamy delight. I found the Basil & Grape scent sweet with a refreshing citrusy zing that really helps to perk up my showers. I also used this bar in the kitchen, just to be a good tester, and the herbally citrus blend did a fantastic job ridding hands of cooking odors.

With scents this amazing, you’ll want your whole house to smell like your soap. Luckily, the Essentials line includes Fragrant Candles, and at just $18 you can fill every room in your house with the smell of MOR. These candles are crafted with a blend of soy waxes and have a 100% cotton wick. Offering hours of even burning times, my Sugar Rose Tiger Lily candle lightly fills my room with a sugary rose scent (and a hint of tropical flowers and fruits) but manages to never overpower.

The clean lines and bold, simple colors make these candles a stand out in a room, yet let them blend in with almost any decor. And those drawn to its festive tin will be rewarded with the sweet, vintage looking gold stamps on the lid with symbols unique to each scent.

A few lucky review team members were the testers of MOR’s rich Body Butters. Each generously sized butter, $16, comes in a coordinating colored jar with a wide mouth lid, so that you can get every last drop of lotion.

These decadent body butters are formulated with Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe and then whipped into a rich, lush butter that melts into skin. While the scent lingers on the body for hours, there is never any greasy residue – just super soft skin!

All in all, this is truly a case where less is more. The oh so affordable MOR Essentials allows us all to spend a little bit less, and still indulge in MOR.

we heartsters and testers – meet me in the comments to discuss more MOR! See what the team thought of the Essentials line or share your favorite MOR scent.

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  1. OMG! I die for the packaging alone! The bar soaps, candles and body butter would transform my boring bathroom into an old Hollywwod Boudoir!
    I must try the Neroli Clementine- sounds divine!

    1. Old Hollywood is exactly what this collection looks like to me!

  2. I want to try these! I always smell a product before buying it. Any brick & mortar stores that carry these? Or only available online? The scents sound so interesting.

  3. Ooo. MOR always has the BEST scents…I’m still hoarding my Cassis Noir roll-on!
    And those body butters look huge! Their products seem to be long-lasting so I bet it would be worth it. I think Honey Nectar and Black Currant Iris are calling my name…

  4. ALL of these scents are calling my name, and at these prices, I can afford to try them all. I think Honey Nectar is a good place to start. The packaging is beautiful, too.

  5. Who wouldn’t want MOR… from MOR! I’m so impressed with the product that is within the AMAZING packaging. So pretty and so old school.. oozing with class and beauty. Love the price tag too.. I would love to ALL of the candles.. but would just flip for Honey Nectar!

  6. I have decided I need everything in this collection. I love MOR!!

  7. Oh Mor, LOVE this line. I love your traditional line too, with all of it’s lush, ornate frills. But there’s something really fab about this clean, understated collection that is really appealing to me. And hey, a lower price is always welcome!

    I got to try the Sugar Rose Tiger Lily soap and the Basil & Grape candle. The hot pink and grass green combo that the tins make have me just as excited to empty the tins and use them on my vanity, as I am to use the products!

    The soap is divine, sugary and girly but not too much so. I usually don’t go for feminine scents (I’m a musk girl), but there’s something about this one that makes me want to drench myself in it. (MOR, how about a perfume?!) And @tyna is right – the soap seems to be the same quality as their higher priced version.

    The Basil & Grape candle is so spring-y, I find myself walking by it just for an excuse to smell it. And that hint of violet, oh – it’s so, so delicious. And I love the bright pop of color in my living room. I swear it’s the first thing I see when I walk in the room.

    So, lower prices, modern packaging, no loss in product quality? Could this be anything but 5 stars?

  8. I just fell out of my chair and died of happy. Then I put some MOR Belladonna hand cream on. I will def be looking for these candles in the near future. Love the looks of this whole collecting!

  9. MOR is just such a fantastic line! I can’t believe that they were able to make it better by offering it at a more affordable price!! Shut the front door!!

    You can not go wrong when giving a gift or just treating yourself. The quality of their products and the luxurious packaging puts MOR a step above all of the other brands! Love them!! :)

  10. I am one of the VERY lucky testers of the Basil & Grape Body Butter – it is outstanding and one of the best body butters I’ve used! The consistency is like light and fluffy whipped Crisco. It melts into your skin instantly (there is no having to work at it to get it in) and leaves absolutely no greasy residue – you can dress immediately after applying. It is very moisturizing – I have tried better moisturizers on my extreme dry patches – but this does the job just fine on regular or fairly dry skin. The scent is spectacular. Part of me wants to mark the scent down because I feel like I’d never on my own buy a grape scented lotion as an adult! But, it is so darn pretty I can’t -they’ve done a beautiful job combining the grape with the basil and violet into a refreshing and pretty adult-like scent. It’s not totally feminine either – my husband even likes to use this after his shower, and when he does I can smell it from the other room! But it only softly lingers for awhile – not overpowering at all. The softness of the skin and moisture stays locked in for quite a few hours. This is a 5 star product all the way! I can’t wait to try more from MOR now that it’s more affordable!

  11. Wow – I didn’t see how MOR could ever improve on their fantastic products – the packaging, formulas, scents and design are all top notch. Yet MOR found a way by lowering prices? Bravo!

    And to be honest, I always thouht the MOR products were reasonably priced for luxury goods!

    Any I tested the Basil & Grape soap bar and as always love it. I dig the shiny new tin which keeps the soap warm and dry – and does not rust! The soap is sudsy and creamy and nicely clean skin while keeping it soft…and the scent! Perfection! Sort of sweet, but not too much and with a nice zip of citrus.

    I also tested the Sugar Rose Tiger Lily candle – I just couldn’t resist the bright pink tin! It’s such a nice color – feminine without being girly. I love the gold stamp of the vintage chair as well (that’s the Sugar Rose Tiger Lily candle in the lid photo!) It has had a place of honor in my bedrom for the last few weeks; quite an honor! Most scented candles are too much for me in the bedroom – but this one gives off just enough of it’s sweet sugary flowered scent to lightly scent my room without overpowering.

    After seeing 15 pieces of this line at the wht distribution, and testing 2 items, I happily give the entire line five full stars.

  12. Isn’t the packaging just gorgeous? So lovely and vintage-y feeling… and the product inside is just as amazing!

    I received the Neroli Clementine candle to test out. It was love at first sight. The metal tin was so pretty and well made (the lid is pretty cool, with a double layer–I guess to keep the lid from getting hot to the touch?) The scent is fantastic. Sweet and citrusy while still being sophisticated. (side note: my boyfriend was excited about this candle because he says it smells like gummy bears). It is a bit of a luxury for a scented candle (compared to my usual IKEA variety), but it’s absolutely worth every penny!

    I give this product five stars, and I can’t wait to try out other products from MOR :)

  13. I got to test out the Honey Nectar body butter. All I can say is “WOW”! This stuff is super moisturizing and has really helped me get through the harsh New England winter. The texture is thick in the jar, but I rub it between my palms to heat it up and loosen it up before applying. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin feeling silky and soft. The scent of the Honey Nectar isn’t quite my style (I like tart scents and this one is more mellow). You can smell the hint of honey, a touch of the brown sugar, and the rest smells like a milky scent to me. I think this would probably be better for colder weather because the smell is a little too “warm” for warmer months. Overall, this is a wonderfully moisturizing body butter and I can’t wait to try other scents! 5 stars!

  14. I was the lucky (and I do mean lucky!) tester of the Neroli Clementine body butter, and I hereby declare: My search for the perfect body butter is over! Hurray!!
    This body butter is seriously perfect. It absorbs quickly (you can rub it on your legs and immediately put on pants, I kid you not), leaves no greasy residue, and my skin stays hydrated all day long. And okay, this might sound a little crazy, but I swear it hydrates and plumps up the wrinkles on my hands for hours, making my skin look super young and undamaged. Who ever thought a body butter could do so much?!
    Neroli Clementine is an amazing scent. It’s a great morning “wake up!” scent and as an afternoon perk. My husband loves it because it’s not too flowery or powdery, but not too brightly citrus. It’s the perfect balance between feminine and fruity.
    At only $16, the MOR body butters are an amazing value. I think I need all the other scents!

    Five stars, no questions about it! And am I the only one that think of the line and automatically thinks “With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more”? LOL

  15. I tried the Neroli Clementine soap bar. First off, I was wowed by the packaging. The box this soap came in was beautiful and I couldn’t dream of throwing it away. When I first opened the soap and took a whiff I was in love. It smelled amazing. I couldn’t wait to try this out in the shower. The soap is very moisturizing and feels way better than your normal bar soap. I rarely use bar soap these days, but would buy this again in a heartbeat. 5 solid stars from me!

  16. I was delighted to receive my very first MOR product, a luxurious soap bar in “Honey Nectar”. First of all, I adore the packaging, the elegant cream tin, made it almost too pretty to open. The bar itself is a great size and was so rich and creamy, it will last awhile! The scent is subtle and soft and I like that it wasn’t overpowing, it smelled very natural. They describe it as “sweet brown sugar that melts into golden honey nectar on a base of candied almonds and warm vanilla milk.” That sounds so devine it makes me want to eat it! All in all five huge stars for this soap… I will definitely be getting more and I’m eager to try some more MOR products.

  17. I got to try the black currant and iris soap. It is described on their website as “Rich Black Currant & soft Iris marry with seductive Rose & warm Woods.” This is a scent I would not have ordinarily selected on my own. But, it turns out I loved it and it reminds me of Grandmother. It is very concentrated, luxurious and moisturizing product. (It contains vitamin E and shea butter.) On the practical side, this large soap is designed perfectly. It is round one side and flat on the other. Many large luxury bars are so thick they can be hard to grip especially when wet because they are round on both sides.

    I can’t wait to try the other scents!

    5 stars for me.

  18. Wow! The packaging is AMAZINGLY gorg. I love all of the colors together in a set. Nicely done! I also think this was a smart move on MOR’s part :) Have a lower priced line but keep the quality and prettiness you’ve got yourself an even bigger customer base. Awesome!

  19. I happen to love love LOVE Mor. I have the body butter in Black Currant Iris……..amazing. A little bit goes a really long way. The jar’s probably gonna last me forever, and the scent is different, but in a good way. love Mor. And of the course the packaging is always gorgeous.

  20. Sorry for being so ‘tardy to the party!’ I am totally new to Mor and was thrilled to receive the company’s Honey Nectar candle! I do love a candle, but have been known to stash them away for the right time to burn them. This assignment was a struggle for me because I knew I had to burn the candle to test it, yet it was just too pretty to use! I love the weight and style of the tin and the fragrance (we all know I am scent-fearful!) was delicate and sweet. The candle smells of natural honey to me, but when burned, evokes a beachy scent (could be the peach influence?).
    I love this candle for it’s classy packaging and understated, but wonderful scent. A solid 5 stars from this scent-phobe!

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