Get that ‘just back from the tropics’ look with Benefit’s Cabana Glama

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Benefit's Cabana Glama photos: we heart this

I’m weary, I’m stuck in endless meetings (not listening to a single thing anyone says), and worst of all, I’m pale. Behind these glazed eyes, I’m dreaming of palm trees and frosty cocktails. This girl needs a vacation, and it’s as if Benefiticon heard my silent plea.

Benefit fans know all about the extensive “fake it” arsenal they have created. Any one of their faux-tan products can perk up a peaked complexion, but what Cabana Glamaicon ($36) has to offer is almost too much joy for just one collection!

Benefit's Cabana Glama palette

Festooned with palm trees and white beaches, Cabana Glama promises a ray of sunshine for the chronically pasty-faced. Just from gazing upon its beautiful cover, I had a feeling this palette could make me look like I’ve had a vacation even while I’m stuck in cubicle hell. Oh, how right I was.

Cabana Glama contains mini versions of Benefit’s most powerful secret tanning weapons, all housed in a solidly constructed box with a big mirror on the inside of the lid:

Hoola Bronzing Powder with brush

Hoola Bronzing Powder (with brush) – The perfect matte bronzer, hoola works on most skintones, and builds and blends like a dream. The brush, while tiny, is adequate for on-the-go touchups.

Posietint Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain – You might not expect a “kiss of see-thru” honeysuckle pink to be a universally flattering color, but it is. Posietint’s liquid gel formula blends easily and lasts for hours.

Some Kind-A Gorgeous Foundation Faker for medium complexions – A lightweight, sheer “complexion perfector” with translucent coverage. The medium shade gave me just the right amount of sunkissed color.

Eyeshadow Palette – Three shades of golden shimmer to perfectly complement your new “tan” and a double-ended sponge applicator

Benefit's Cabana Glama swatchesEye Shadow Trio

Benefit's Cabana Glama swatchesSome Kind-A Gorgeous Foundation Faker, Hoola Bronzing Powder

The Darkest Eye Shadow in the trio, Posietint in Poppy-Pink swatchesThe Darkest Eye Shadow in the trio, Posietint in Poppy-Pink

Before Cabana Glamaicon, I never realized how a little faux tan would minimize all my other beauty woes as a glorious side effect. For example, after Benefit made me all “sunkissed,” I didn’t even notice the dark circles or frown lines (eek!) that were so prominent in my pale face. Maybe I just wasn’t frowning anymore, because, really, why would I? I looked like I’d just returned from a tropical paradise!

Cabana Glama palette

I was obsessing about the sad future day when I’ve used all my Cabana products and won’t be able to bear parting with the box. Then I realized I won’t have to! Like a vacation souvenir, Benefit designed the inner box to pop out, leaving an empty box which I plan to fill with beachy mementos: a shell, a postcard, a cocktail lounge swizzle stick shaped like a pink flamingo…

Gorgeous, sturdy packaging that can be recycled into a second life as a storage box
Mini sized products that can be removed from the palette or kept together. Perfect for travel!
Even though the products are mini-sized, they’re still plenty big to get you through weeks of mood-lifting tanning assistance
The brushes, though tiny, do their job
Colors are universally flattering
Very reasonably priced considering all the treasures packed inside

Now I can’t stop thinking about taking my Cabana Glama palette on a real vacation

we heartsters – Are you headed on a trip this summer? What vacation mementos will you store inside Benefit’s Cabana Glama collection?

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  1. I am in love with this box and all the goodies it houses!!!How cute is the mini record!?
    This looks like a set that can be worn by all- so versatile!
    The Posietint looks like the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe!
    Great post, @Turboterp!!

  2. This is really cute and perfect for travel! I think my favorite part of the kit is the eyeshadow trio – very appropriate for that sunkissed look. Great review @turboterp!

  3. Wow, perfect for summer, these are the colors I always reach for! Cute little combo pack too, love it!

  4. Sigh – I adore almost everything Benefit does – and that eye shadow trio is so my colors. But the best thing of all is the fab box – love, love, love that you can pull the inner packaging out and use the box as a little memento saver – so smart.

  5. As a member of the pigment impaired, who relies on sunless tanner and other tricks for a bit of color. I am also dreaming of a tropical getaway but, am spending more times in meetings than anywhere else.

    Personally, I am hooked on these mini sets. They are great to have in your purse or travel. It is also a great way to get aquainted with some of Benefits signature products.

  6. Benefit packages their products in a way that makes them impossible for me to resist. Luckily, the products inside this gorgeous package are just as fabulous as they look. I really do love this palette!

  7. Look, why it’s another Dandy from Benefit! There’s a surprise! Tell me this isn’t adorable! I find myself saying how I want it! LOL! This is so cute!

  8. Okay, so this is adorable. Sadly, my pale self looks ridiculous when I attempt to fake any type of tan or color. Like, I look like Pigpen from “The Peanuts”. It’s just plain wrong :(

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