A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Body Wash and Lotion Review

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Go ahead and pamper yourself with spa-worthy products!

I’m convinced that 2014 is the “Year of the Beauty Blogger.” After years of toiling at home, taking photographs, researching products and writing heart-felt but honest reviews for their fellow beauty-obsessed readers, it seems the world has noticed the might of the hard-working bloggers. Have you noticed your favorites popping up in magazines, being quoted on labels and even appearing on your television screen?

And while the beauty and advertising industry has noticed the power behind blogs, many of our blogger friends are throwing that power behind their very own products. Such is the case with today’s review for the Energizing Citrus Body Wash and Lotion from bath and body guru A Girl’s Gotta Spa!


Shannon, the founder of A Girl’s Gotta Spa!, is one of the “OG” beauty bloggers. Launched in October of 2005 the site was one of the first of its kind and has been a daily read of mine for years. While she covers all types of beauty items, her true love is bath and body products (a girl after my own heart!) and after years of testing the latest and greatest (and finding many lacking), Shannon decided to take her knowledge and incorporate it into her own line.


Founded with the belief that your personal well-being should be a priority and that “You deserved be to be pampered,” this line meshes high-end spa-worthy ingredients with on-trend sleek packaging for a luxurious home experience.

The line launched with two carefully researched products, the Energizing Citrus Body Wash and Body Lotion, but keep your eyes open for more items soon! These formulas are manufactured here in the USA, and are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Even better, they are also free of sulfates, formaldehyde and parabens.


I am a bit obsessed with body washes, gels and soaps and let me tell you, I have fallen hard for the Energizing Citrus Body Wash ($26). For starters, the scent is HEAVENLY. Opening the bottle is like stepping into an orange orchard. Using 100% pure essential oils of orange, pink grapefruit, lemon and lime the scent is bright and crisp with just a touch of sweetness.

The liquid wash easily lathers up into a rich foam that feels super luxurious, and just a squirt will get your whole body clean. The scent softly lingers on the skin and the wash leaves behind clean, invigorated, soft and smooth skin.


While I found the body wash hydrating, those with extra dry skin can follow up their shower with the Energizing Citrus Body Lotion ($22). This light lotion smells just as fantastic as the body wash and is housed in the same sleek bottle with a handy pump dispenser, making for quick and easy applications.

While the formula is lightweight, this lotion packs a punch. The formula is a blend of olive oil, African shea butter and unprocessed natural cocoa butter, which combine to smooth, soothe and hydrate even the driest of skin. It just melts into my skin without leaving any greasiness behind. I found this lotion really worked well on my (oh so dry) hands and elbows – and since I enjoy the scent so much I’ve been applying it often. Goodbye scaly skin!


I’m thrilled with this powerful duo and can’t wait to see what Shannon and A Girl’s Gotta Spa has for us next. I hear she is back “in the lab” working on a sugar scrub and I am waiting with bated breath to get my hands on that gem. Here’s hoping it contains the same invigorating citrus scent!

we heartsters – How do you pamper yourself at home? And would you buy a product crafted by your favorite beauty blogger?

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  1. I bet the citrus really smells amazing. I need a spa day soon.

  2. @Tyna, send me samples through the computer monitor, please. I can nearly smell it–yum! This looks like a wonderful duo I’m going to investigate; a citrus scent restores the soul and body, to be sure. With this winter being particularly harsh, I’ve been exfoliating first (for instance, Ole Henriksen’s salt scrub) before I shower to rid hands, arms, elbows, heels, etc. of dead, dry skin. Then I use an enticing body wash and lotion. One of my all-time favorite body washes? Neutrogena’s “Rainbath!” It’s Heaven in a bottle. VitaBath original gelee is also enormously comforting.

  3. I love citrus body products, especially body wash. The fresh scent is definitely energizing and wakes me up…I just have to hide them from hubby because he will use them up too.

  4. This sounds amazing! I love citrus body products, they are always so refreshing, especially in the morning. And I love that a beauty blogger is putting out mainstream products; I’ve seen some turn their obsession into a store on Etsy, but never anything as big as this!!

  5. Ooooh, those look so yummy–and I have to say, awesome packaging as well. I haven’t really purchased any beauty blogger products yet…when’s the weheartthis line coming out, haha.

  6. How cute is that packaging?! I want to smell these so bad! The price tag is a little high for me though, especially for only 8 oz.

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