Glam Beauty Board – Fall 2011 trend review

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The trend gods shine upon us: Benefit, Maybelline, Rimmel, Essie, Revlon and Urban Decay

photos: we heart this

We were recently asked to join the Glam Beauty Board and our first assignment was a fun one – examine the hottest trends for Fall 2011. Normally, I’d NEVER advise to wear more than one trend at once. (Unless it’s halloween and you’re going as a fashion victim.) But every once in a while, the trend stars align…

and you can rock six trends at once!

Here’s a closer view at the looks you’ll be wearing all season (if you aren’t already).

1. The Perfect Red Lip
Although I’d argue that a red lip never goes out of style, this fall is THE season for a classic lipstick to match all the vintage nods in fashion right now. And there is nothing more classic than Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red. ($6.39) This may just be the most comfortable matte lipstick I’ve ever worn. Beautifully pigmented with a gorgeous creamy texture, this is the matte lipstick that all mattes long to be! It’s got a kind of cushiony feel to it, and the dryness that usually accompanies mattes is nowhere to be felt. Plus, the retro red shade is perfection, a real head turner.

But, do yourself a favor – exfoliate your lips first. No matter how good the matte (and this is really good) you’re going to get a better look and longer wear the smoother your lips are.

2. Metallic Eyes
I will always opt for metallic over glitter when it comes to shadows. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in S&M ($17) is a beautiful silver grey that has all the glitz of UD’s iconic glittery shades but in a more wearable buttery soft metallic finish. It’s also one of their vegan shades; so animal lovers will appreciate that.

3. Winged Liner
I love a good cat eye. And Maybelline Lasting Drama by EyeStudio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black ($9.99) has given my high-end liners a run for their money. The only difference I notice between my high end favorite is that Maybelline’s dries a bit quicker, so you have a little less time to blend it as you apply. Packaged with a fab brush, it’s a true inky black that lasted all day long without a flake or smudge in sight. They say it’s a 24 hour formula, but don’t do that…

Revlon Really Red lipstick, Urban Decay S&M eye shadow, Maybelline Blackest Black eye liner

4. Full Brows
Hooray – full brows are back! Boo – I’ve been over-plucking for so long that I need some major help. Enter Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings ($30). This compact kit narrows it down to the essentials for fabulous brows; pigmented wax to shape, powder to set, two brushes and some mighty pointy tweezers. Applying the tinted wax first is the key, gently molding them into the shape you want. When you add the powder, it blends perfectly into the wax for a beautiful natural look. So good, it’s the first brow product I’ve ever felt the need to throw in my purse for a day out. Though I didn’t need to – my brows stayed perfectly put all day long.

check out those cute lil’ tools!

before: sad brows

after: oh hay…brows!

5. Tons o’ Lashes
If you’re one of those people who believe bigger is better, you may have just found your mascara. Rimmel Volume Accelerator Mascara ($8.99) promises fuller looking lashes instantly and actual fuller lashes in 30 days thanks to a growth complex. I’m not crazy about the size of the brush, it’s HUGE and I much prefer a smaller brush (with plastic bristles too, if I’m being picky). I also tend to go for length over volume, as I find most volume mascaras clump. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It’s got a thin formula which kept clumping to a minimum. I’d still choose a lengthening formula, but if volume is your thing, give this mascara a shot.

6. Navy Nails
Perfect for those who want a dark, gothy look but find black too harsh. Essie Nail Polish in Midnight Cami ($9) is a deep midnight blue that has super fine shimmer that catches the light in magical ways. I have a feeling that this shade will be on my nails all winter long. Plus, Essie has a great formula, not too thick, not to thin. And how great that you can get it at drugstores now too?

Voila – six trends at once!

we heartsters, have you tried any of these trends or products? What say you?

Disclosure: I received free samples to review as part of the Glam Beauty Board Program. The opinions in this post are my own. This post may also contain an affiliate link, a link that gives us a small commission if you purchase the item. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I’m with you, Stef–I loves me a metallic eye shadow. They seem to brighten my eyes, and in turn, my whole face. I love all the trends you mentioned and I think they work well together. I am CONSTANTLY in search of a black liner that stays put, so I may have to try that Maybelline one. What’s nice is I can get most of this stuff at Target, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Since buying a house earlier this year, I’ve had to sacrifice my beauty budget and have fallen in love with drugstore makeup again. I don’t think my hubby has been so happy :)
    P.S. I am in beyond love with those vintage looking earrings you’re rocking. *sigh*

  2. I feel like running right to the store and picking up every single thing you’re wearing. You can count me as another fan of metallic eye shadow, which is way more forgiving than a glittery shadow. And I love that the Maybelline liner comes with its own brush! You’re right, @stef , these trends add up to one beautiful look!

  3. I love metallic eye shadow. I think I will have to run to the store and get some now. I also LOVE the lipstick. The color just pops and is a great price too.

  4. It’s rare but I agree that I would wear all six of the above mentioned items at once! Great pics.. I’m a bit slow when it comes to wearing red lips but this may be my time! I really like the metallic eye shadow on you too @stef! I’m going to try that look myself! I’m also not used to wearing anything loud on my nails- but maybe on my tooties!

  5. @stef Fabulous report!! I love the eye shadow color and always love drugstore options. I am a devoted user of Benefit Brow Zings. It is one of those products that you do not think you need –until you see the before and after.

    I hope to hear more from the Glam Beauty Board . . . perhaps for a holiday report?

  6. I’ve always been a fan of the red lip. I haven’t tried the Revlon matte red though, I’ll have to put it on my list. My favorite reds are MAC Russian Red, Classic Dame and Cargo’s Plant Love Maria.

    Metallic eyeshadows are also my favorite, glad they came back in style.

  7. I am so excited that strong brows are back. And wow – the before and after pics say it all – strong, defined brows make everyone look better. As always, I am loving the Benefit product – Brow Zings looks exactly like what they do best – simple, flattering, “no make up” make up. Adding this adorbs kit with the teeny tools to my shopping list!

    As a liquid eyeliner addict I also find the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner veerrry interesting. Love that it comes with its own smudgy-looking brush.

  8. That lipstick color is crazy bright — I’ll have to work up the courage to try it but I think it will be worth it. So happy that bright colors are back!

  9. Love the navy nails! I also really like the eyebrow powder and have never seen one with the wax like that. I’ve always found the powders work better than the pencils for my brows, because it’s not so harsh and defined. The angled brush for application works great too. On a side note, love the vintage looking earrings you’re wearing @Stef!

  10. I love every one of these and would also wear all six at once! I’m loving that the trend is going back to this look – to me it’s classic, done up, and put together all at once. Shows a healthy respect for makeup – wear it proudly!

  11. Very pretty glam look Stef! I couldn’t tell that the nail polish was quite vibrant in the first photo! I love nail polishes that look different under different lights.

  12. Love it! I just bought Illamasqua Phallic for the blue nails :)

  13. @stef you look fabulous!! I love the vintage earrings!

    These are great trends to look forward to. They are things that are doable. I am especially loving the Urbay Decay shadow. Gorgeous!!!

  14. You look so good in all of those trends, Stef! I’m a huge fan of winged liner and metallic eyeshadow. I recently picked up some black cream eyeliner by Essence. It was super cheap (four bucks?) but the texture is so smooth and it’s so incredibly pigmented. And they sell an eyeliner brush for $1.50! Haven’t tried that yet but it looks promising. Physicians Formula cream eyeliner, Stila Smudgepots and MAC Fluidlines are also some of my favorite all time products, since I’m obsessed with a bit of winged liner.

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