Gleam Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills review

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Why the gleam in our eye? We’ve discovered Hollywood’s favorite makeup artist and her eponymous makeup collection!

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I sure do love receiving a wht goodies box! What makes it even more exciting, is that there are always a few brands in the box that are currently under the radar and new to me. This lip-gloss review is for a brand that was entirely unknown to me, Gleam Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills. Who is Melanie Mills, and what is this Gleam Lip Radiance?

Melanie Mills is an Emmy award winning makeup artist based in Hollywood who has worked on film and television projects such as the Academy Awards and Charlie’s Angels. Most recently, she was the head makeup artist for ABC’s hit show, “Dancing with the Stars”.

Her makeup following began when she conjured up Gleam, by Melanie Mills, a body shimmer lotion used to make the bodies of the dancers shine and glisten for the camera. Once she began mass marketing Gleam, Melanie Mills became well known in the industry and beyond.

After reading about Mills’ accolades, I was anxious to try Gleam Lip Radiance ($24). These fun new glosses are available in seven shades – each made to fit every skin tone.

With My Heels On, Unforgettable, Pop My Cork, Up Against The Wall

With My Heels On – bright pinkish red creme
Unforgettable – creamy dark purple
Pop My Cork – milky light coral with shimmer
Up Against The Wall – brick red creme
Uncontrollable – magenta creme
Unstoppable – red orange creme
Naked – medium nude creme

Up Against The Wall, Uncontrollable, Unstoppable, Naked

I received two of these beauties for testing, With My Heels On and Up Against the Wall. The glosses are made with botanical ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and sunflower oil. Unlike most petroleum-based lip glosses on the market, Gleam Lip Radiance conditions lips without any artificial scents or flavors.

Packaging can make or break a product for me, and Gleam Lip Radiance does not disappoint. The tubes are sturdy and square with a vintage feel and a pretty, rose-gold top. The tube is see through and twists apart to reveal a doe foot applicator, which I prefer to a messy brush. The tube closes tightly and after a day in my make up bag, there was no leaking at all.

With My Heels On, Unforgettable, Pop My Cork, Up Against The Wall, Uncontrollable, Unstoppable, Naked

I received two for testing, With My Heels On and Up Against the Wall. I was excited to try With My Heels On, a vibrant red in the tube. When I applied the gloss, it went on as a bright, beautiful, fuchsia pink.

Up Against the Wall looks like a deep brownish burgundy in the tube, and when applied is a pretty, yet rather opaque brick red.

These colors can be applied sheer or, with multiple layers, can be built to a medium coverage gloss. The product smells divine, with a vanilla scent that is not overpowering at all. My only issue with the Gleam Lip Radiance glosses is that it must be difficult to choose a gloss based on the tube color since they can be a bit deceiving, but that is a minor detail!

The formula feels nice on the lips, and has staying power. It was not goopy or sticky and my lips felt nourished, not dry at all. I love this gloss and now that I’m in the know about these little gems, I look forward to trying a neutral, more everyday color.

Lip gloss junkies, get your hands on Gleam Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills – these colors definitely put your lips in the spotlight!

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  1. I recommend these glosses to any starlet that wants to look like a full blown screen siren! 5 Stars!

  2. Like you, @glamazon56 , I had never heard of Melanie Mills and her Gleam line before, but based on the gloss I tested, her name should be on every beauty lover’s lips! I tested Pop My Cork, the kind of Hollywood baby coral gloss that makes me crazy with happiness. It’s been in my makeup bag since the day it arrived, and makes me feel like a star every time I put it on. I love it so much, I plan to invest in another tube the second this one is gone. Everything about this gloss pleases me: the texture, color, scent, and the solid, chunky packaging. With its combination of quality form and function, luxury Gleam is worth every penny. 5 stars!

    1. Yippee, I also got to test Naked, the medium nude creme, which gives me a chance to reiterate what I love about Gleam Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills: the luxe formula, the gorgeous packaging, and the vanilla scent. Naked is a natural-looking nude cream with a tiny bit of– yes– gleam! I’d give another five stars if I could. I really love this line!

  3. Yes, those are sooooooooo cool looking! I will keep my eyes open for this line as well. I like that they have good texure and scent..
    With My Heals On looks great on your arm and in the tube I like Pop My Cork- but not so much on your arm! They really do get my attention and look lovely! Great review @glamazon56!

  4. The moment I saw a picture of the lip gloss tube, I was in love. They’re so shiny and so glamorous looking! And the swatches look amazing. I love buildable coverage glosses. And they’re vanilla scented?! Seriously, I MUST TRY these.

  5. I have never heard of this brand either. But the glosses look and sound fabulous. The colors look so vivid and shiny! I can’t wait to give one a try. WHT always turns us on to the best new brands and products!!

  6. The last thing I “need” is another lip product, but man oh man! Uncontrollable looks like no other purple that I own, and I’m lemming hard! I love how true the colors are. Thanks for turning me on to a new brand @glamazon56 !

  7. Super high quality gloss and went on smoothly. I tried out Unforgettable, which was a deep, plum-like color. Not exactly the best shade on my skin tone (fair and freckle-y!) but it made my teeth appear noticeable whiter because of the purple-base. Would absolutely buy in the pink/red shades!

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