30+ Glitter Nail Design Ideas That Are Captivating

30+ Glitter Nail Design Ideas That Are Captivating

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Are you looking for glitter nail ideas?

Make your nails shine bright like a diamond with these glitter nails design ideas.

With these gorgeous nail pieces, it will make your mani sparkle and bring out the beauty of your hands.

What do you need to recreate these glitter nail ideas?

But before we go to these beautiful glitter nail ideas, it’s important to know what you need to achieve these designs.

You will need special tools and employ specific techniques to get it done right. That is if you want to do it yourself. So perhaps consider going to your manicurist instead to get these sparkle nail designs.

But if you want to push through with your DIY nail job, here are a couple of things you might need.

First, you will need a base coat; preferably one that’s clear. Then you will need polish in the base.

Next, choose your preferred glitter colors. Some glitter powder would be nice too; I highly recommend getting the textured glitter look but that’s optional though.

You will also need a topcoat. That’s the finishing color for your nails.

To clean the nail polish that’s smudged off the skin around your nails, you should also get a small brush.

If you want to do some French tips or certain nail art designs that involve hard lines, you will need a nail striping tape.

Finally, a polish remover. You’ll have smudges and mess you need to remove later on. Clean up the edges with it then.

Woman with glitter nail design

Want to try these glitter nail ideas?

It’s no surprise glitter nail art is a constant favorite among many ladies.

And why not?

Glitter gives an extra edge to your nails. The sparkly finish gives it visual interest and adds a bit of pizzazz to dull and monotonous design.

So if you’re looking to add some zest, send sparkles and brighten up your nails. These glitter nail ideas are a good choice when you want to break from the minimalism.

Here are some of the best glitter nail ideas.

Having a nail design with glitter is sophisticated and can take time and effort to create. But it can be worth it in the end.

If you want to glam up your nails, a little sparkle is all it takes. It brings a dull manicure to a whole new level.

This post features a wide variety of glitter nail ideas and styles. You can choose from gold glitter overlay to metallic embellishments.

And just when you thought that’s it, I also have other nail sparkle design ideas that can take your art to different heights.

So without further ado, here are some of the best sparkly nails design ideas that you might want to try.

1. Check out this enchanting green glitter nails design.

I made sure this is the first one of the list. I just love how mesmerizing and captivating this beautiful piece is.

Any nail addict will surely want to try this enchanting sparkly nails design. I mean, just look at that.

Who can resist such lovely sparkling beauties?

Wouldn’t those rich emerald fine sparkles turn heads?

If you want to amp up your nail game, you should definitely have this glitter nails design into consideration. It’s a seriously ravishing style that’s perfect for a date, party, or special occasion.

2. Look good with this pink glitter nails design.

Pink, purple, and glitter; now that’s a beautiful combination.

In addition to the flattering shade, I just love the shape of the nails in this one.

And with the nail sight glitter, it’s absolutely special.

If you want to have a feminine design for your nails, check out this luscious glitter accent nail idea.

3. Do you want to try black glitter nails?

Start with a gorgeous dark shade. Then put some glitter on those beauties.

The result? This gorgeous look.

Would you look at those sultry glittery nails?

If you’re looking to create a bold and daring statement, this captivating sparkling nail design should do it.

4. Check out these lovely pink glitter nails.

When it comes to doing nails, texture plays a huge factor in aesthetics.

This is why this gorgeous glitter nails design is just absolutely splendid.

Talk about disco ball glitter. As striking as it can be, the contrast produced by the sparkly nails creates a beautiful accent on the overall look.

Plus, notice the alluring pieces featured on the nails on the ring fingers. It really creates an interesting touch.

If you’re looking to play with glitter and other embellishments, take this glitter nails design as your guide.

5. Gorgeous gold glitter nails, aren’t they?

Want to get super shiny and sparkly?

Put some gold on top of your nails and let it shimmer.

Gold sequins can really bring your nail game to a whole new level. Notice how as simple nail art idea is elevated to new heights because of the shimmering embellishment.

You too can have this uniquely captivating glitter nails design. Tell your nail technician about this style.

6. Can’t get enough of the black glitter nails look?

Discover a beautiful combination of black and nude nail colors with a touch of glitter.

It’s a fancy design that’s fairly easy to do, and it looks chic.

To do this, you begin by applying a shiny jet black polish on all nails except the ring fingers (which have nude nail color on them).

Then you put on glitter on the polished middle fingers. Notice how the glitter looks barely there. It’s an accent of sparkles over the black, which looks sultry.

A perfect look for your nails on a romantic date.

7. Check out the beautiful ombre glitter nails.

Prettify those nails. And when they are, get it glittered.

You start out with pink nail color. Then work to get the ombre effect. Lastly, you apply glitter polish.

Isn’t this nail design look lovely?

The soft ombre color blends in perfectly, subtly bringing a gorgeous visual contrast to the overall aesthetic of your nails.

8. Looking for more pink glitter nails design?

Don’t these pink glitter nails look luscious?

The soft pink creme delicately peeks through as the neighboring fingers feature beautiful glitter.

It’s bewitching how all the elements work together seamlessly to create a tantalizing aesthetic.

And if you can deduce from this image, this particular glitter nails design is easy to do.

Simply apply the pink color base while leaving the hint of sparkles at the base. Of course, be generous with the glittery embellishments on the other two fingers on each hand. That creates the visual interest of the whole nail art.

9. Need new ideas on how to create nude nails with glitter?

Check out this cute nude nail idea.

Don’t these nails look like they’re ready for a party?

The best thing about this design is that it’s simple and easy to do. Yet it still packs a punch.

The challenge, however, in creating this nail art is relative to keeping the shape of the nails like this. Maintaining the stiletto shape with a tapered tip can be a bit bothersome since your nails will grow.

If you want to try long nail designs, this should be among the top of your list.

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10. Do you want sparkly nail designs that are worthy of a goddess?

Then you will love these.

You don’t just get a hint of glitter. It’s the whole she-bang with this one.

What I love about this glitter nails design is that it’s perfectly designed to give full coverage on two fingers, leaving the three others accentuated with beautiful embellishments.

The idea is quite simple. You apply the base coat then put on the glitter.

Sounds easy to do, right?

Well, the challenge lies in positioning the gold and metallic adornment and create this beautiful masterpiece.

11. Here’s a stunning color combination.

Check out this cool way to approach a blending of colors.

See how the contrasting colors create an awesome visual interest on the whole aesthetic.

And to achieve a gorgeous glitter nails design, look at the beautiful blending of the sliver glitter manicure and green emerald sparkles while the shiny black polish nails lie beside them.

It looks really pretty, don’t you think?

Would you wear this piece on a special event or perhaps a romantic date?

I know I would.

12. Again with contrasting colors for a stunning glitter nails design.

This manicure is what you need when you’re looking for glitter nail ideas to wear on a special occasion like a wedding or formal event.

Hands down, in my opinion, black is a gorgeous color to use for your nails (so is red). So what better way to prettify your nails that get a black base color for your nails then apply a hint of sparkly embellishments.

Like most glitter nail ideas on this list, it’s great to have a contrast of colors. The textured pink nails simply look majestic.

The overall aesthetic just nailed it. This beautiful design is perfect.

13. Here are gorgeous glitter ombre nails.

Looking for an iridescent nail art idea?

You’ll love this one.

Check out the gorgeous combination of colors, creating an ombre effect.

It’s bold and daring, and it’s simply breathtaking.

The color combination is awesome. And because these nails are long, you get plenty of surfaces to work with.

Sure, the nail polish and the blending of colors do the work. But the glittery embellishments are the icing on the cake.

So if you’re looking for textured glitter manicured designs, go ahead and give this one a try.

14. Looking for short nail designs with glitter?

Here’s a shimmery design that can take your breath away.

Blue is a lovely color. Quite unconventional to use on nails but this hue looks great still (I say unconventional because my preference lies with red, black, and pink).

Check out this stunning piece.

It’s aqua with a subtle hint of sparkles on top of these fingers. This nail art design is perfect for heading to the beach. Kind of gives a vibe of summer and near the water if you ask me.

If you want luxurious glitter nail ideas, you deserve this one.

15. Do you want simple glitter manicure designs for short nails?

You can’t go wrong with this one.

While long nails are usually considered elegant and sultry, don’t let these short nails fool you.

When nail length isn’t a factor for you when deciding which glitter nail ideas to get, check out this short yet sweet design.

This beautiful piece packs all the glitz and glamour of its longer counterparts.

Creating this glitter nails design is fairly simple. You start by applying the base color then work to accentuate the nails with sparkly embellishments.

Another key factor as to why this design is simply lovely is the shape of the nails. Notice the rounded edge and how it creates a neat look.

Gorgeous, aren’t they?

16. There aren’t enough white sparkles nails in this list, so here’s one.

Check out this ravishing nail idea that’s fit for a queen.

If you’re looking to attend an enchanting evening ball, don’t forget to have this captivating glitter nails design and pull off a queenly appearance.

Notice the textured glittery nails and how they create a contrast of consistency, adding to the visual interest of the whole aesthetic.

See as the glitter creates a multi-shaped iridescent finish.

Simply luscious.

17. Here’s a beautiful red and gold sparkle nail idea.

I just can’t get enough of red, so I’m putting another one on this list.

This nail polish idea is fairly easy to pull off. But it looks majestic nonetheless.

With the iridescent gem embellishments and gold glitter as topcoat, matte red provides a gorgeous base color.

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18. Looking for maroon glittery nail ideas?

The amazing thing about glitter is that you can put it on your nails in a way that it looks like it’s barely there. This leaves room for other designs that you want to add.

Just like in this glitter nails design.

Check out the all-seeing eye design at the nail’s center of the two middle fingers.

You can also see the eye design on the nail’s tip on the pinky and index fingers. With this particular placement, it creates glitter French tips.

Overall, this beautiful nail design looks cool and as pretty as a picture.

19. Pink really looks pretty and classy.

You’ll fall in love with this cute and easy glitter nails design.

It’s totally appropriate for work or play. You can have it as part of your everyday wear. And if you’re looking to party after work, this gorgeous nail design is just perfect.

Check out the glitter accent on the two ring fingers. They are completely covered, expertly textured with an assortment of sparkly adornments.

20. Here’s a sultry nail sparkle design.

Oh, it looks so glossy and alluring.

See how the glitter accent creates a luscious appearance, adding visual interest to the overall look of the sparkly nails design.

21. Check out these maroon glitter nails.

I just love how the pretty maroon color creates the base color for all the nails while providing a jumping point for the glitter accent.

Simple yet elegant.

22. A beautiful combination of glitter and stripes on fleshy nude nails.

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Here’s a gorgeous mix of bright white, golden nude accent, and glitter embellishments.

It’s a fun riff on the classic neutral look.

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23. Glam up with short glitter coffin nails.

Check out these pretty white sparkles nails.

It gives you the glam and sparkle you desire. And it works on short nails too.

24. If you love glitter and pink, then this one is for you.

It’s a fun take on neon pink with an 80s vibe.

You can play with the shimmery embellishments; you opt to add more or less to put on your nails.

25. Who says you can’t have chrome color on your nails?

Check out the iridescent finish on this uniquely mesmerizing nail art idea.

It’s bold and daring. And it looks great on both short and long nails too.

Care to give it a try?

26. You’ll love the unique combo of blue and silver glitter on this one.

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It looks classy the way the manicure shines and shimmers.

And the ombre nails, they just look fantastic.

27. Amp it up with this combo of gems and glitter on long nails.

Make a bold statement; that you mean business.

This iridescent nail art features gems and glitter.

How’s that for serious bling?

28. Show them who’s boss in this stiletto-shaped emerald nail sparkle design.

When you want to glam up, do it in green glitter style with this irresistible piece.

This gorgeous design is perfect for special occasions.

29. Here’s another idea to create ombre glitter nails.

With silvery beige as your base color, create an interesting visual with micro-glitter.

You can create a unique look and awesome texture with this perfect combo.

30. Last but not least, this fab sparkly nails design.

Show them you mean business with this seductive matte mink gray.

And if that’s not statement-making enough, check out the glitter and gem embellishments.

Now that’s totally fab.

Which glitter nail design is your favorite?

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