Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom review

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An everyday balm for just about everything

For many of us, when we head into a new season, we’re headed for a skin change. For me, as it starts to get colder, dry becomes the new norm. Luckily Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom ($12) is helping me hold onto summer (and summer skin) for a little while longer.


Glossier sells a carefully curated number of skincare products with the philosophy that beauty should be easy, fun and personal. This balm is just that and it’s one of those products I can already tell is going to be invaluable to me.


The Coconut Balm is a variation of their basic balm with a subtle, glorious hint of coconut that will have you reaching for it again and again. It’s meant to be a universal skin salve that can be used pretty much everywhere, and believe me I use it a lot!


It’s a fairly small tube, at only 0.44oz. But the concentrated creamy formula, with added beeswax and castor seed oil, is so effective that you don’t need much. I do wish they had bigger tubes of it though. Because between using it on elbows, heels, cuticles and lips, my poor little tube has taken a pretty big hit right away.

I really love the formula, it’s a creamy balm that sinks right in with very little greasiness. It almost goes on dry, it’s a fab consistency. Best of all, it just WORKS. Cuticles are instantly hydrated, cracked heels are gone and lips are softer.

I LOVE this stuff, and at just $12 a tube I will definitely be getting more. It is one of those precious little beauty buys that is going to become ingrained in my routine, I can already tell. It easily rivals some of my favorite lip balms, and I thought it worked a lot better than a lot of my foot creams.


I’m excited to try some of their other products including the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, a mask that they say is like a “juice cleanse” for your face and a complexion reset. Sign me up.

I may even have to snag a few of these balms for Christmas, because it is a perfect stocking stuffer. As Glossier says, you’ll want one for “your bag, other bag and medicine cabinet,” and I do.

we heartsters, where would you use your Glossier Coconut Balm?


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  1. That balm sounds perfect and small enough to put in my pocket or the smallest of purses. I love coconut so it will be a definite winner!

  2. I love this tiny little tube and really do use it for everything! I want a bigger version for sure but it is nice to have a tiny one to fit everywhere.

  3. This sounds right up my alley; I LOVE a good balm, especially one that’s non-greasy. I hear you on the small size, that’s maddening sometimes because you just want to find them and say, “Do you not understand how dry I get? MOISTURIZE ME.”
    This is on my list!!

  4. You had me at coconut! It’s so great to have one perfect thing to throw in your purse instead of needing a bunch of different bottles bumping around in there. You definitely piqued my interest in the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack too!

  5. I love balms, and I love coconut, too!
    Would love to carry such balm in my purse. I need a good lip balm that fits in my purse, and this one sounds a good fit. I just hope that the fragrance does not irritate my skin.

  6. Sharon Curtis says:

    I absolutely adore this stuff! I have very dry hands and lips. It works wonders! I even use a tad under my eyes because I tend to get dry ….wonderful stuff…..and the coconut is right up my alley.

  7. You had me at coconut too! I mean, so much of my daily skin and body care is derived from coconut, even my deodorant! Will be on the hunt for this too.. I love lip balms! It’s no secret either!

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