Go on a Amazonian Adventure with tarte

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a Green Monday review of the new tarte collection

tarte Amazonian Adventure Collection

Ok, QVC shoppers, have we got a deal for you! Never shopped QVC? You may have just found your first purchase…

The tarte Amazonian Adventure Collection ($48) is a 6 product, 2 dual-ended brush set based on founder Maureen Kelly’s travels to the Amazon Rain Forest. The collection utilizes Amazonian clay, which she describes as her “favorite beauty breakthrough” (that means a lot coming from tarte!)

Honestly, I was a bit worried at the thought of clay in cosmetics. I love it in skincare; it absorbs oil and leaves skin looking firm and clean. But you usually only leave it on for a few minutes, then was it off (as in a mask). Leaving it on the skin? It sounded terribly dry. But, it turns out that Amazonian clay is not dry at all. It’s rich in plant and fruit extracts (from traveling the 4,000 mile journey along the Amazon River) and is known for it’s ability to balance all skin types and reduce the appearance of dryness and flakiness.

tarte Amazonian clay

And I have to say, it feels true. This products feel really fabulous on your skin, silky and not dry at all. The collection contains:

• Amazonian clay-infused cheek stain in Perfect Rose
• emphasEYES Amazonian clay waterproof shadow/liner in Blackened Plum
• Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara
• emphasEYES Amazonian clay-infused eye shadow trio in Matte Light Pink, Shimmering Sand, and Burnt Bronze
• emphasEYES Amazonian clay-infused waterproof brow mousse
• vitamin-infused lip gloss in Paradise, a rosy pink (exclusive to QVC until the end of this year)

Amazonian clay-infused cheek stain in Perfect Rose

Amazonian Adventure Collection Swatchesleft: Perfect Rose cheek stain, right: Paradise lip gloss

Amazonian clay waterproof shadow/liner in Blackened Plum swatch

A stand out for me is the emphasEYES shadow/liner in Blackened Plum. Soft and creamy, it’s easy to work with and easy to smudge for a smoky look. Yet once it’s dry, it’s not going anywhere. And for a warm toned someone who has a hard time with cool purples, this is a very wearable, neutral shade (hooray!)

Amazonian clay-infused waterproof brow mousse

I also really love the Brow Mousse, for the same reasons I like the liner; soft, creamy, unbudgeable. I only wish the taupe shade was a tiny bit lighter (it’s a bit dark for my daytime blonde brows). Fingers crossed this makes it into their standard line up. Check out the importance of a well-maincured brow…

funky naked browfunky naked brow

pretty sculpted browpretty sculpted brow

Is it the kit for you? Here’s how I’d weigh the points…

• A great value; $144 worth of products for just $48.
• The natural colors could work on just about any skin tone.
• A green beauty choice; packed full of good for you ingredients.
• Would make a great gift for a budding makeup enthusiast.

• Personally, I don’t like double ended brushes because I store my brushes upright. I would have rather they kept them out and made the price a bit lower.
• Though very pretty, if you own a lot of makeup there’s probably not a shade in here that you don’t already have.

A blonde woman smiling wearing makeupau naturel!

How about it, think you’d like to go on the tarte Amazonian Adventure?

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  1. Oooo, this looks great. I’m especially diggin’ the shadow/liner and the brow mousse. That plum looks like the perfect color, right on the edge of black/purple/AWESOME. And with my own funky brows, I know I’d love the brow mousse.

    Also, the fact that they offer the collection in two different sets based on the BROW COLORS is a testament to how wearable ALL those shades are!

  2. That plum is just to die for! I love it! I also really love the packaging, with the wood finish. Cute!

  3. @vintagepearl – Hi Dallas! Yep, it’s made of bamboo. Isn’t it pretty? And I’m with you on that plum, it’s gorgeous. It reminds a bit of the MAC Bloodline pigment from Fabulous Felines, but it’s much easier to work with.
    Thanks for your comment!

  4. OMG those browns (eyeshadows) are so perfect for a neutral! What a cute palette!

  5. Your “after” brow pic is stunning, @stef! I’m just sorry the Brow Mousse isn’t darker…
    The shadow trio is intriguing to me, though, and this kit is an amazing deal. Heading over to QVC.com to look around now!

  6. I love their cheek stains, they’re one of my favorite things. I think that color would be a bit too light for me (why can’t it be a bit darker?!) but that Black Plum liner is gorgeousness in a little pot :)

  7. Everything looks really pretty on you @stef. I was up watching this on QVC with Maureen and it was totally sucking me in along with the rest of the products they were selling that evening. really cool concept and the colors look great! You’re right about it not being super necessary if you own a lot of makeup already. But it is a great value and makes a nice gift!

  8. I am so excited about this collection! Everything in it looks amazing, and after seeing it on you Stef, I’m thinking I want to replicate! : ) Gotta love Tarte…they always pull out something new to get inspired by!

  9. Oh @stef, the kit looks gorgeous on you! The blush and lip color, though, are the problems. They’re a wee warm for my cool-toned skin.

  10. @stef, you’re making me kick myself! I ordered this set on QVC a few weeks ago when it was discounted for pre-sale, but had buyer’s remorse and cancelled my order. Everything looks so pretty on you; I may have to order it, again.

  11. @stef, that is a killer set! That eyeliner is so pretty, and it looks gorgeous on your eyes. I saw the Tarte clay liners at Sephora, and every color was just gorgeous. And the eyeshadow palette is nice and neutral. The only downside is that the cheekstain and brow mousse look like they’d be too light for me though :( I’ll have to try them out in store.

  12. This set looks gorgeous. Love Tarte…especially their cheek stains and this one looks perfect. I have ordered cosmetics from QVC. It’s a great place to get sets like this at a discounted price. Off to do some shopping!

  13. The eye shadows are simply stunning! I would love to get my hands on this set. I just love Tarte!! Their Cheek Stains are essential pieces in my ever day beauty routine.

  14. I have to confess . . . I do love watching QVC makeup specials and demos. Usually there is a great value and you get to watch their makeup tips and tricks.

    The colors are great in this collection.

  15. This set is such a good deal I really want to get it. I think the brow product is interesting, but I assume it’s going to be too light for me. My only question is the cheek stain, is it as coraly as it looks in this picture? In the Tarte email that went out it looked a lot more pink.

  16. I have to admit I kind of am coveting this set. I think what really sold me was the shot of the plum liner. It looks awesome on your blue eyes, but I think it will be equally stunning on my hazel peepers…

  17. Tarte cheek stains are my absolute favorite. That Perfect Rose cheek stain looks really pretty!

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