Going Green? Get your Natural Beauty at Target!

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Get naturally glam with Burt’s Bees, EcoTools, Organix and more

EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag – photos: we heart this

This Green Monday we’re seeing red! As in the instantly recognizable and iconic, red and white bullseye logo of the one and only Target. we heartsters of wht may recall I have a serous love affair going on with Target.

A trip to Target is always a happy and stress-free “treat” for me any day of the week. I love to walk to my local Target with my personal cart and give myself a few hours to roam the aisles; time to eye the latest designer collections in clothes and bags, browse the latest best sellers and club picks in books, swing through the home decor and kitchen aisles and (finally) pick up a few necessities in the grocery and toiletry aisles.

Know what else you can find at Target? Green Monday approved, earth-friendly beauty from a wealth of brands and in a wide range of prices – so every eco-chic shopper can find something to fit their need, style and budget.

Burt's Bees Products

In fact, the natural beauty selection both online and at your local Target is growing every day! This spring and summer, Target expanded it’s eco-friendly brand selection by welcoming Organix (a salon-inspired cruelty-free hair care line without parabens and SLS), SheaMoisture (skin, hair and body care made with natural and organic ingredients) and VitaminSchtick (a line of vitamin infused, moisturizing lip balms) to their shelves.

Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter and the Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Açaí Berry. products

Not to mention, Target already carries a number of our very favorite, budget friendly brands including Alba, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, Nature’s Gate, Weleda, Yes to Carrots and my all-time fave budget beauty brand, Burt’s Bees.

On my latest trip to Target, I grabbed a small pick-me-up in the form of Burt’s legendary lip balms – a two pack with tubes of the Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter and the Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Açaí Berry. While this specially packaged duo is no longer available online, the Target beauty aisles are always stocked with the bright yellow tubes of Burt’s Bees Lip Balms starting at about $3 a pop.

Both of these 100% natural, vitamin packed lip balms were new to me, but they have that great creamy smoothness and long lasting formula I’ve come to expect from Burt. The Mango Butter has a soft sweet scent that reminds me of Juicy Fruit gum, while the Açaí Berry (my favorite) has a bright and sweet, summer berry scent that had me licking my lips (and craving pie).

Natural Acne Solutions

While I am well-versed (and well-stocked) in Burt’s balms, I recently received a completely new to me product for review, the Purifying Gel Cleanser from their Natural Acne Solutions line.

Let me tell you, I have a new Burt’s obsession because this effective, oh-so-foamy cleanser rocked my world! To be honest, I was a bit hesitant over the name. I have combination skin, with lots of oily issues, yet I also have somewhat sensitive skin. The word “acne” made me think of the overly harsh teenage solutions of my youth. But this is Burt’s Bees so I went with my gut (yes, yes, yes) and gave it a try.

The Purifying Gel Cleanser ($9.99) is a liquid face wash, housed in a simple plastic bottle with flip top cap that can be used on the face, neck, chest and arms (or anywhere you have troubled skin). Beyond it’s multiple uses, I love so much about this cleanser. From the invigorating, herbal scent and incredible foaming capabilities, to the clean, refreshed (but not tight) skin it leaves behind; this wash is a winner.

It’s “clinically proven to help wash away acne causing bacteria, excess oil and impurities” while soothing and calming stressed out skin. Plus a little goes a long, long way. I was over zealous with my first use and was thrilled to discover a bathroom sink full of foam. I toned it down the next time, but for those of us that love a lush wash packed with bubbles – this one is for you. And it’s heavenly in the shower.

On the natural side, this acne fighting wash uses salicylic acid that is derived naturally from willow bark extract which really gets into the pores and can help prevent pimples. It also contains evening primrose and beet root extracts to calm and soothe troubled skin. Plus all BB products are dermatologist tested and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalate and petrochemicals. I can’t wait to get to Target and try another item from the Natural Acne Solutions line, maybe the Refining Facial Scrub.

EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag

Finally, one of our lucky testers was the recipient of the latest set of brushes from earth friendly EcoTools. The EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag makes “getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back” easy.

Alicia – well known for her love of animals, veggie diet and strong voice in support of animal rights, not to mention easy style – gets it all right with this collection. The roomy bag ($13) is made with natural hemp and cotton, features a sweet floral design and has a recycled PET lining.

Secured inside you’ll find five full size brushes (blush, mini foundation, mini powder, eye shading and spoolie) with bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and super-soft, cruelty-free taklon bristles. This bag can only be found on the shelves of Target (not online), but both shopping destinations have oodles of EcoTools brushes to browse.

Plus this innovative company not only constantly sources earth-friendly materials they also give back. “1% of EcoTools annual sales is donated to 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet.”

EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag

So how about you green and gorgeous ladies – Are you strolling the aisles of Target to get your natural beauty fix? What are your favorite eco-friendly brands found under their red and white banner?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Organix brand hair products smell yummy… wondering- anyone know where I can find Organix’s body products? I’ve heard they have lotions, etc- but cannot find them. Most drugstores carry the hair products only.

    1. I think it’s just the Organix Hair Care line at Target for now. I’ve never tried the line and now I can’t wait to smell it!

  2. I am dying to try the Burt’s Bees Acne Line. I have similar skin to @tyna, as it is sensitive, acne prone, and quite oily. Maybe it could work for me too! Sounds awesome!!

    And I can’t say enough amazing things about EcoTools!!! I use them every single day in one form or another. The new Alicia Silverstone bag collection is beautiful, simple,and useful. The brushes are simply divine! They are the softest brushes that I have ever used-period! And they do their job very well. They have a fairly big variety of tools that cover most any need. I am a huge fan of all of the eyeshadow brushes, my blush brush, and the incredible travel kabuki brush.

    I give this line 5 huge stars!! And I have been using their brushes for years!

    1. Give it a try @kellie76 – I really loved it. It may be a tiny bit strong for winter use – but with the sun starting to shine, I think this Burt’s Cleanser is going to be my daily wash for a while!

  3. Five stars for Eco Tools! I use their brushes every day, and LOVE them. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years now, and they are holding up so well! I saw this set when I was in target recently, but since I already have almost all the brushes it’s silly for me to buy them all again. But I was very tempted by the bag.

    I recently bought the Yes To Cucumbers starter kit, and I am loving it! Great for my dry skin, super affordable, and effective. I had a sunburn recently and it was very calming and moisturizing. I just wish the moisturizer had some SPF in it.

  4. TARGET! I love Target. Super Target is my go-to place for grocery shopping just so I can oh-so-causually browse their makeup and beauty products when I’m supposed to be buying bread and milk…

    I’ve heard great things about the Burt’s Bee’s cleanser, so I’m glad to hear from a trusted source that it works! I might have to pick up a bottle soon. And I’m completely irritated that I haven’t see EcoTools in Target before! (Maybe I wasn’t looking…) But $13 for 5 brushes and a case?!? That’s ridiculous and wonderful and a total steal…

    1. TARGET!

      Hmm, and what is this Super Target you speak of?

  5. I <3 Target and I'm so happy that they have these options. I usually always peruse the natural beauty aisle for new brands I may have not heard of before. I have not used EcoTools Brushes yet but they seem wonderful since I've been hearing a lot of buzz on the web. Burt's Bees has so many products I want to try. I love their lip products and I have used their zit zapper stuff that's pretty awesome!

  6. I’m impressed with the EcoTools. $13 for 5 brushes is downright awesome -I would really like to see the quality. I will so be checking them out. @tyna, I’m really interested in not for myself but for my husband’s skin, The Purifying Gel Cleanser liquid face wash. He’s got teenage acne in his late 40’s!

  7. If I didn’t already have an EcoTools kit I’d grab that Alicia one, the case looks cute. I use EcoTools for most of my brushes, they have the softest full brushes.

    I also get my Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner at Target. They have some great products.

  8. Like you, @tyna , I love Target and can easily kill an hour or two wandering through the aisles, but I had no idea there were so many cool eco-friendly beauty options available there! I know where I’m heading for my next shopping spree– thanks!

  9. I too, have been known to languish in the beauty aisle at Target! I had the BB Acne Solutions Gel Cleanser in my hand, but thought it would not be powerful enough to deal with my breakout prone skin..I am so happy you gave me the thumbs up, @ Tyna! I need to try these BB lip balms everyone raves about too!

  10. I love Target for all my natural baby care products – they have a huge selection of products from Burt’s Bees to Say Yes to Carrots to my go-to favorite line that I learned of from this site, California Baby! I use the Everyday Body Wash and Shampoo for Kellyanne, three of their lotions, the hair detangler, the bug spray, and the sunscreen – all bought at Target! A new brand I just tried because it was on a clearance sale (and I hope that doesn’t mean it’ll be gone soon) is One Bath and Body brand Endangered Species Collection Snow Leopard Lavender Hair and Body Wash (99.4% natural). It is the best wash – makes her super clean and soft and sweet smelling all at the same time – and a portion of the sales go toward the Sea World/Bush Gardens Conservation Fund. Yay Target!

  11. I got the Burt’s Bees Nourishing Lip Balm and it’s perfect! It’s so smooth and keeps my lips super soft and moisturized. I’ve only used the classic Burt’s lip balm before but this fruity version was really nice! of course i’ve never been disappointed by any of Burt’s products, so it’s no surprise this is a keeper.

    And I too LOVE Target. I love the Say Yes to Cucumber travel wipes. Perfect refresher with a summery cucumber scent.

    I do, however, suffer from the Target syndrome of not being able to leave the store without buying a ton of stuff I didn’t intend to get! I go just to buy shampoo and suddenly $40 later I’m walking out with bags of goodies!

  12. I always turn to Burts Bees when my lips are chapped. Nothing is better!

  13. There is not a Target that is close to my house. However, there are lots of “natural budget” brands that I like. I am curious about the new Neurogena Naturals line. Has anyone tried it?

  14. Brushes are so expensive so I’d totally be willing to buy this bargain set with such glowing reviews.
    As far as Burt’s, I never am able to pass by their display without getting SOMEthing. I especially like their gentle baby products (for me).

  15. I love the EcoTools brushes! I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and they are holding up well. They’ve retained their softness, which is a personal favorite of mine. And what a great price! I definitely give these a thumbs up.

  16. I loooove Target. I love to get cute clothes on clearance! And their makeup section is great. I have a bunch of EcoTools brushes, and got my mom hooked on them. She and I are both convinced that they’re just as good as expensive department store brushes. And Burt’s Bees lipbalm is probably my favorite.

  17. I’ve been using EcoTools for years…and the brush kit is even better, I love it! The bag so useful, too. I liked the little insert that talked about the natural materials used to make the bag/brushes.

  18. I recently read about the brand Weleda and have wanted to try their products. I was so happy when I was perusing Target’s beauty aisle’s and found several “natural” brand products at great low costs. My favorite find is: “Weleda Skin Food” I use this body cream twice a day, all over, especially on my legs & arms. My skin has always been very dry but after dealing with the harsh winter my skin was in need of something more than what I normally use. I have found that within the 8 days I have been using Weleda Skin Food, my skin is looking better than ever. The dry/dead skin cells flake off and I also have been “dry brushing” my skin twice a week. In my opinion, the combination of the dry brushing & Weleda Skin Food, my skin is looking more supple and not like a dried up raisin :) Love this stuff!!

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