Good Gravy part 2 – gluten free and vegan recipes

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gluten free and vegan recipes

Regardless of dietary restrictions, with a couple of careful substitutions to old favorites and some brand new dishes added to the table, everyone can dig into a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. Over the years, we’ve shared some of our fave holiday meal veggie recipes including a Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie which would make a great main course for vegetarian friends (or if you’re feeling daring, check out our review of the infamous Tofurky Roast). And some of our must have veggie sides, like Cauliflower and Brussels Sprout Gratin and Sweet Potato and Carrot Puree. But we were missing one important item, the gravy. Today, Amanda is sharing the secret to two yummy gravies – one for the vegetarians/vegans and another for those eating gluten-free! ~Tyna

Ahhh Thanksgiving. A time of gut busting amounts of food, football, family bonding, and gravy! Gravy is possibly the best culinary invention ever. It makes everything better! But what is a gluten free gal to do? Worse yet, what is a vegetarian to do? Fear not! The answer is easier than you think.

Gravy for the gluten free is surprisingly simple. For many, the preparation is as easy as substituting corn starch for the flour in your traditional recipe. This gives you ”glossier” gravy, kind of like the gravy you would get in a Chinese restaurant. If your recipe calls for roux, make a surrey with water and cornstarch instead. Then continue on with your recipe. If you’re in need of a more traditional dressing and some guidance, read on!

Gluten Free Gravy

1/2c butter
1/2c gluten free flour*
4c Chicken stock or Turkey drippings
*Rice flour works well, or all-purpose gluten free flour. If you like sweet gravy, try soy flour.

• Start by making your roux. First melt the butter in a pan over medium-low heat. Once completely melted, slowly add the flour until it reaches a crumbly consistence. Continue to cook in the pan for about 3 minutes, stirring constantly.

• Take pan off the heat to rest for about a minute.

• Place pan back on the heat (low works best from here on out) and SLOWLY add the chicken stock. The roux will start to absorb the stock and become liquefied. Take your time, and don’t stop whisking! This will take about 10 minutes or so, but good gravy can’t be rushed.

• When your gravy is smooth and has the consistency you desire, take it off the heat, season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

A few pointers: when making gluten free gravy it’s important to check your stock labels. Some stocks have wheat as filler. Also, if using the turkey drippings make sure that the turkey is gluten free! Turkeys that are “self-basting,” seasoned with seasoning packets, or are cooked stuffed are probably not gluten free. Check all the ingredients or just skip the drippings.

Vegetarian gravy is probably even easier than gluten free gravy, but getting the taste just right can take some practice. With this recipe, I guarantee your gravy will be a hit with meat eaters and vegetarians alike! (Bonus- it’s actually vegan AND can easily be made gluten free.)

Vegetarian Gravy

1/2c oil
1/2c chopped onion
3 tbsp minced garlic
1/2c flour (gluten free or wheat works just fine)
4 tsp nutritional yeast (Optional, but gives more depth of taste.)
3 tbsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
2c Vegetable broth
1 tsp sage (dried)

• Using medium heat, sauté onion and garlic in a pan until slightly translucent and soft.

• Next, slowly add Bragg’s, nutritional yeast, and flour to make a paste. (It’s almost like making roux, but the consistency will be softer.)

• Then, slowly whisk in broth and sage and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer. Don’t stop whisking! When desired consistency is achieved (about 8 to 10 minutes) remove from heat and serve.

A Note on Ingredients: Some of these ingredients can be hard to find. If you can’t find nutritional yeast it’s okay to skip it – just add a little more flour. Bragg’s Liquid Aminos can be substituted with soy sauce. If you’re making a gluten free vegan gravy, look for wheat-free Tamari sauce or another specifically gluten free soy sauce.

With these easy recipes Thanksgiving can be as “normal” as possible, no matter what your dietary restrictions. Best yet, these gravies are so easy it’s tempting to make year round! Enjoy the good things in life, including good gravy!


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  1. My dad controls his diabetes with diet and has heart problems and has to watch his salt and fat intake. These recipes are GREAT options for him; soy flour won’t bring up his blood sugar too much and as long as we watch the salt in the broth, we’re good!
    Thanks for posting these!

  2. So @tyna, are you trying the vegan recipe this year? I can think of all sorts of things gravy will enhance on our table!

  3. I love gravy so much, but as a vegetarian (that doesn’t like mushrooms) I never tried to make one and always went without. This post is convincing me I need to try and make a veg gravy this year.

    Thanks @mandaleem and one question. How does this reheat? Can I heat the leftovers and/or try and make it ahead of time?

    Edited to add: yes @stef – I totes want some gravy now! My chick’n patties deserve it!

  4. Glad you’re all enjoying the recipes!

    @Tyna – The vegan gravy reheats with no problem, just whisk it again to make sure there are no lumps. If you make a gluten free version it’s a little harder to reheat, but not at all impossible. The texture is just a little different and it can get a little extra lumpy. Again, whisk away any lumps and you should fine!

  5. Thank you @mandalaeem … I won’t be cooking anything for thanksgiving (just baking) but mucho thanks because I’m a vegetarian who loves to enjoy thanksgiving too!

  6. Well I did it! I finally made a veggie gravy – and I loved it!! Thanks so much @mandaleem for the recipe and little push to finally try it. This year, instead of making the cranberries at the end of preparations, I made them early and whipped up the gravy as the final dish of my Thanksgiving prep.

    I didn’t have the yeast or Braggs, but added in some soy and a teeny bit of full fat milk for creaminess. YUM! It was so good – there’s a semi famous vegan restuarant here in LA that I love, Real Food Daily, that has a gravy the call their ‘Golden Gravy” and it is almost the same. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have learned the secrets to a veggie gravy that’s NOT based in mushrooms – and it’s so easy. Thanks.

    Finally, I also used a big pinch of @Stef ‘s sample of “Mom’s Gravy” spice mix from our friends at the Spice Station – perfecto!

    I can hardly wait for the Christmas feasting to begin so I can make this gravy again.

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