Got a Minute? Get Tan with Diana B.!

Got a Minute? Get Tan with Diana B.!

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60 Second Instant Miracle Tan review

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Summer is upon us and the warm weather is finally here for most of us. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am ghastly pale after this long harsh winter and I need a little help before I start rocking the bare legs! Stef fell in love with Diana B. 60 Second Instant Miracle Tan when she reviewed it last year. Lucky for me (and the review team) we got a chance to see what all the fuss was about.

I was first surprised to see that you use this self tanner in the shower…but that’s all part of the magic. It uses DHA with water activated sugar proteins to tan your skin. So that means you actually need wet skin in order for this to work. Mind officially blown!

Here’s another reason why you might love this self tanner: the scent. It smells like chocolate truffles. You heard me right! Not the usual offensive smell that you are faced with when you apply self tanner (despite whatever they say they smell like). Your nose will be very pleased!

Application wise, it was pretty easy. I used about two pumps per arm and leg. You really don’t need a lot. It comes out as a super dark foam at first but rest assured, you won’t be as dark as the actual product! Using the gloves that come with the tanner, I stepped away from the shower stream and massaged the product into my skin, counting to 60 while doing so. Even if you are the neatest person in the world there will be some product flying onto the shower walls. However, from my experience, there was no staining and everything washed away successfully.

After it’s all washed off, I was left with a very light tan cast on my skin. Not a crazy spring break tan, but definitely the hint of glow that I was wanting! The best part is that you can do it everyday if you want to gradually build or maintain.

• Smells fantastic during application and doesn’t leave behind any typical self tanner scents even after application.
• You can’t beat a 60 second self tanner!
• It’s pretty foolproof with a lack of streaks and blotches.

• Can be kind of expensive at $50 a bottle (but wait, on sale now at Dermstore for $40!)
• You’ll need to make sure to clean the product from your shower walls and tub (as to not stain them).
• This might not be ideal for those who want a dark self tan on the first application.

Join us in the comments for the rest of the Review Team’s thoughts. How about it readers, will you be sparing a minute of your day for a Diana B. glow?

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25 thoughts on “Got a Minute? Get Tan with Diana B.!”

  1. After I self tan I am usually fearing any drop of water like the witch in the Wizard of Oz! I am so intrigued…a self tanner to use in the shower! Great review!

  2. I was one of the fortunate testers who got to try Diana B. 60 Second Instant Miracle Tan, and you really nailed this amazing product with your review, @mandabear ! It’s easy to use, smells great, and gives a natural, sun-kissed color in about a minute.
    I’ve been using faux tanners for years and for the most part have it down to a science, but this sounded so different, I was a little nervous about using it. I studied the instructions before taking the plunge and they almost sounded too good to be true, but with the first pump, the chocolatey smell convinced me that @stef ‘s glowing (ha) review from last year was spot on. No fake tanner smell, no fake orange color… it’s like magic! When I rinsed off the black goo, I was left with a light, totally believable color. Like you said, no streaks or blotches, just pretty, “naturally tan” skin. Yes, my shower is a disaster area after using it, but quick clean up seems to be the secret. I’m actually sad that I love this product so much because it’s expensive, but I will still probably bite the bullet and make it my regular tanner. Getting through an entire summer without smelling like fake tanner or looking orange will be worth the investment! 5 HUGE stars for Diana B. and her miracle tan!

    1. Thanks miss! I agree, it is a bit expensive but the results are kind of foolproof that I think it’s worth it if it rises above the rest :)

  3. I’m usually very pale, but every once in awhile I get an itch to try a self tanner. All my adventures in the past have been horrible. This is a tanner that I think would actually work for me. If I get another itch to move away from pale, I’ll try this. Thanks for the awesome review.

  4. Great Review! I am another pale girl here because there has been very little sun in the Pacific NW. I have tried many self tanners with very mixed results.

    I am curious if you have to clean your bath with anything special to get the self tanner off the walls. (I have tile in my bathroom and it seems to be very porous.)

    1. I just use soap and water to clean the shower and the tanner comes right off. But I’m careful to clean it as soon as I’m done, before it has time to sink in.

    2. I agree with the others…just wipe it down while everything’s still moist inside. It comes off very easily and i have an all white tub.

  5. This looks gross but sounds awesome! I am always apprehensive to try self tanner. I am afraid that I will turn out very orange because I am so darn pale to begin with. But this stuff sounds great. Maybe I will give it a try. But I too, am curious to know how well it washes out of the shower.

  6. When I received Diana B.’s Instant Miracle Tan in a bottle; at first, I was not very interested. Like many, I’ve been turned off by other products and their nasty lingering smell. News flash! There’s NO lingering smell other than chocolate truffle and coconut, really. It works fast- hence its name “Instant Miracle Tan” and after a couple of uses, I looked like I’d been vacationing in Bora-Bora (my dreamscape).
    It’s a must to use the gloves when you apply this to your wet skin in the shower. I did this after I had my “normal shower” I also shaved my legs and pits then rinsed off well. I cannot stress the importance of thoroughly working this into your skin enough. It took about 13 pumps of product to really cover my bod. Literally, starting at the top onto shoulders working my way down to my feet! Once I finished, I started counting to sixty- all the time working the product into my skin. I rinsed off and dried by only patting dry. It’s been over 25 years since I actually sunbathed to get a tan. Listen to me here you young whipper snappers, too much sun is bad for your skin! So, this stuff is great.. I had that healthy glow without the ULTRA harmful UV damage. I’m usually pretty pale looking and living in Southern California, I kind of need this product to look the part! Okay, so I’m originally from New Jersey but you know what I’m saying! Thanks for making such a great product- I also like that this has Aloe Vera in it.. Nice going Diana B! Five Stars!

    Here is a side note from Diana herself I found on her site (I have yet to try this method out, but will!)
    Notes from Diana: I use the tanner like this for ROCKSTAR TAN results: Stand in the bathtub with dry skin, with the gloves on, make sure a little water is in the tub, just enough to cover the bottom of your toes! Next rub in the foam everywhere from top to toe, take off the gloves rub the back of your hands across your thighs to get the top of your hands tan, NOW SIT down in the tub and turn on the water, using your glove free hands watch as the tanner creates the most FLAWLESS LOOKING TAN. Splash around making sure all tan foam is rinsed off, stand up, get out, dry off and ROCK IT!

  7. This is the best self tanner I have ever used, period! It smells great, it won’t turn you orange, and once you rinse it from your skin (yes, in one minute!) you don’t have to worry about dry time or it staining your clothes.

    It’s funny, when I first reviewed this it was $60, and that was my only complaint. I said “I wish it was $40” And now, it is! Well, as long as it’s on sale – it is.

    Whether you are a long time self tanner, or are looking to become one – this is the product I recommend above all others. 5 stars!

  8. I love looking tan. I tan easily because I’m half Vietnamese, but during the winter months, I can get a little pasty. I also like to have results fast. So I was super excited when We Heart This sent me a bottle of Diana B. 60 Second Instant Miracle Tan to try out!

    Let’s just say things got messy. I followed the instructions. The foam smelled DELICIOUS, but looked scary dark. I also managed to get it on EVERYTHING in the bathroom, including the fabric shower curtain (which I quickly threw into the washing machine immediately after this experiment, with no ill effects). After I washed off the tanner, I was really disappointed that I didn’t seem to have much of a tan. Even though I rinsed off well, I managed to get some on my sheets. (More laundry…) The next day, I tried it again, for longer than 60 seconds, but I had thrown away the gloves, and my hands turned orange. Ooops. I also didn’t end up noticeably more tan. And I had to scrub myself off really well so I wouldn’t turn anything else brown. The good news is that I wasn’t streaky at all though!

    The mess:tan ratio was satisfactory for me. I give it 2 stars, because I’m not sure I’ll even use up what I have (I hate doing laundry). While self tanning lotions don’t smell as wonderful, they’re much more convenient to use.

  9. I also got to test the 60 Second Instant Miracle Tan and I was so happy with the results! After spending months bundled up, my skin was glaringly pale. So this was exactly what I needed especially since I don’t like real tanning.

    I was wary though. I’ve seen sooooo many bad fake tans and I was worried I’d end up streaky or orange, but thankfully I was wrong. As others have pointed out, this super easy to apply, so quick and leaves a natural looking tan. Nothing too bold. Just the perfect amount of color and glow. And the yummy chocolate smell!! Love!

    While I wish it was a tad cheaper, I think all the positives about this product make it worth it. 5 stars!

  10. It smells like chocolate AND it makes you appear tan?! How wonderful is that! If I’m ever tempted (and motivated) enough to leave my uber pale skin behind (hehe, keeping up with a fake tan takes a lot of work when you’re this pale!) I’m going to have to check this one out!

  11. I truly loved this stuff. Start to finish and afterward – no funky smells. That’s my dealbreaker with self tanners from the get go. I’m very impressed with this product! And now that it’s $40 it doesn’t seem that bad of a price point compared to other higher end self tanners out there. 5 stars!

  12. Count me in as another Diana B. believer! I’m a pale girl – a pasty white pale girl who looks ridiculous with any sort of self tanner. They instantly go orange or “dirty” on me. Not to mention I always make a mess and that smell seems to linger for days.

    But @stef raved about this self-tanner so much, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did because everything, from the chocolately scent, the in-the-shower-application, the easy clean up (I still make a mess in the shower but it comes off pretty fast)and natural shade (no orange or dirt!) has me impressed.

    I’ve only used this on my arms and chest (first few applications) and next my face (only one app for a soft glow). So far, so good! My legs (the palest of the pale AND super sensitive) will be next – whenever the temp demands skirts/shorts or (gasp) bathing suits.

    Even with the cost, this is the only self-tanner I think I will use until the end of the bottle. Decent scent, great color and simple to use? 5 stars from me.

  13. My first thought upon seeing this product was, “I’m gonna hate this.” Never has a better case been made for not judging a book by it’s cover or rushing judgement than my reaction to this product.
    I saw the plastic gloves and the shower directions and thought, “too messy; too much work.” Well, no self tanner has ever been so easy yet work so well. The darkness of the foam can be scary but it shouldn’t be. Moments of rubbing your wet self up and down with sweet-smelling product is quickly followed by an effectively streak-eliminating rinse. Towel drying is possible as virtually no product is left on the skin that can be transferred to the towel. What’s left? Beautiful, naturally golden (not unnaturally deep) tan.
    Wunderbar. 5 solid gold stars.

  14. Oh yeah, I think the recommended # of pumps is something like twelve, and while once you see the black-brown color of the foam it can seem to be too much, it’s not. You need a lot more pumps than it looks like you will need (@mandabear, maybe you should try a bit more for a slightly tanner tan).

    1. I think the number of pumps helps you stay steak free as well. Because you have more product to whish around and you don’t risk missing any spots.

      It’s 10 pumps per body area. So: arms, chest and back (1 area). Belly, butt, lower back and thighs (2). Knees back of legs, calves and feet (3). 30 pumps total. And since it’s a foaming product, it’s really not that much product in a pump.

  15. I just want to say that after the first really hot weekend where I live, I appreciate this product even more. Instead of slathering myself in gooey tanner that had to stay on for hours and hours while I sweltered, I used Diana B. again in the shower and emerged glowing and refreshed. I’m ordering another bottle today!

    1. Sadly, I think it may be discontinued! I tried to find it for years too. I’m not sure if they are even still making products. Info on their website seems out of date. It’s too bad, I LOVED this product.

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