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Found: An eco-friendly skincare gem available at Etsy

DressGreen collectionphoto: Amanda for we heart this

I have very fussy skin. Sometimes even the slightest bit of change in the weather can take a toll on my face. Then I’ll get stressed at work and my face will get worse. It’s like the Circle of Life: Zit Style. It’s the reason I’m always on the search for the perfect skincare for this combo skinned gal with random blemishes and sensitivity issues on the side. Since my current skincare routine wasn’t working through recent hardships, I went on the hunt for something new.

The first and most important thing I was looking for was a natural skincare line. I turned to we heart this fave, Etsy, which houses some amazing ones. While prowling the wares, I came across some beautiful products made with love and good-for-you ingredients from Etsy shop DressGreen.

The lovely and very friendly founder Lauren launched this line after experiencing sensitive skin woes herself. She sought to develop a hand crafted skincare line that had “natural, super-effective and safe products that (also) provide complete user enjoyment”. To that end, DressGreen products are made from scratch right down to the labels, with natural ingredients, specially crafted scented oils to benefit your senses, reusable containers and no animal testing. For a green gal, this line is heaven sent! And just wait until you see the prices…

Calming & Clarifying Facial Cream First up, let’s discuss the Calming & Clarifying Facial Cream (just $8). I use this lush face cream for normal to oily skin in the morning, before I apply my sunscreen. What a treat for the face!

This shea and hemp seed butter cream has a blend of seven botanical extracts: organic goji berry, calendula, wasabi root, organic green tea, oat, pomegranate, and organic licorice root. I think it smells like a fresh pitcher of iced tea – delicious! The Calming & Clarifying Cream is lightweight and soothing and it provides an excellent base for the next step (spf, foundation, powder, whatever) in your skincare routine.

For nighttime moisture, the Purifying and Blemish Controlling Serum (also $8) is highly recommended. This jojoba based serum comes in a 1 oz. spray bottle and with only one pump it dispenses a perfect amount of product for your entire face. Three fab ingredients in this formula, tea tree, clary sage and lemon help to clear, refresh and brighten skin. A word of caution: this serum can make your face a bit shiny/greasy, so nighttime is essentially the best time to use it. I’ve been reaching for this serum very faithfully as the winter season has progressed!

Charcoal and Clay Facial Mask with Papaya ExtractTo help clean out the clogged pores that I had collecting on my face (gross visual, I know), Lauren recommended her Charcoal and Clay Facial Mask with Papaya Extract ($9). Charcoal is a key ingredient that clears out impurities and detoxifies. This comes in a 2 oz. glass bottle that is so adorable and makes you feel like a mad scientist!

The mask is in a powder form that you mix with a liquid of your choice – fun! I normally go with honey but you could also use distilled water, yogurt, milk or cream. After ten minutes, I wash it off and my face feels nice and grime-free. Best of all, by using your own liquid, not only do you get a mask made just for your skin needs, you also get quite a beauty bargain! Using this powder base for a weekly mask, one bottle should last at least 5 months!

Make sure to check out the entire DressGreen Etsy shop which offers more green products for lips, hair and body. I am dying to try more! This has been a we heart this Love Alert.

we heartsters, are you willing to go green with DressGreen?


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    Amanda is a beauty & fashion lover who hopes to own a Shiba Inu one day. She spends most of her time frolicking and chowing down in NYC. She's also getting seriously involved with her iPhone. skin tone: NC30 skin type: oily to normal favorite beauty product: nail polish and lipstick


  1. @mandabear –Great Review! This is the first time I have heard of Green Dress. I am going to check them out. They have such reasonable prices.

  2. There are so many more DressGreen products that I want to try. Seriously you guys, this is quality, and a large majority of these products are under $10 a pop! Amazing. I also want to recommend their lip balms, which Lauren graciously threw into my order. I received one in Mint Valley and it’s the perfect balmy but not greasy consistency. If you place a DressGreen order, definitely throw in one of these guys :)

  3. Ha, @mandabear, “Circle of Life: Zit Style” is hilarious!

    DressGreen is new to me, so my skin thanks you for the great new shopping destination!

  4. I love that you mix the mask yourself, that sounds like so much fun to try different things. I love their prices too! I was laid off two weeks ago so cheap beauty is awesome.

  5. @pinkshaya the mask is really fun! I alternate between water and honey depending on my mood (or how dry my skin is haha). so sorry to hear about your job situation, but I trust you’ll find something new (and hopefully more awesome!) soon :)

    @hao9703 @turboterp – happy shopping! I stumbled upon this skincare brand just like anyone would on etsy…absolutely + completely random!

  6. Definitely checking this out. That mask is totally intriguing me. There’s also a lip balm I am eyeing…I’ve been looking for a natural lip balm that gives a hint of pink, and they have one! Exciting. Great review, @mandabear !

  7. I’m seriously impressed and heading over to the shop now. Natural AND under ten bucks? That charcoal mask is calling my name…

  8. Wow! @mandabear, you’re telling me the Calming & Clarifying Facial Cream is only 8 dollars? I can’t believe it! I can totally see myself getting this if you think its okay for sensitive skin. I’m thinking it might be a Godsend! I’m a real nut for great facial creams!

  9. @irene – definitely check out the ingredients (especially the shea butter part and the oils) and see if it would be a good match for your skin. $8 for 2 oz. is a steal in my opinion. What’s great about that size is that you’re not committing TOO much, but you are given enough product to really see what’s up.

  10. Oh Etsy – how I love you. How else would @mandabear have discovered DressGreen and then shared it with wht? Love the look of this line and the green and indie ideas behind the brand.

    The mask is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! Love the idea of mixing the powder with liquids of my choosing. We always appreciate “beauty science” here!

    @pinkshaya – ah, that sucks! Wishing you lots of luck in the search for something new and better!

    Off to check out the lip balms…

  11. Great post @mandabear! It’s super cool that all this is avialable at our fingertips!
    @pinkshaya, Keep your chin up- something great just for you has to be around the corner!

  12. Wow, cute packaging, natural products and very affordable?? Sounds like something I can’t pass up!

  13. I sure could use the charcoal and clay mask. I know these are toxin extracting natural elements that are used in many masks, but how FUN that you can mix your own! I love that it lasts so long, too. A lot of masks (if there is enough product to last that long) dry out way before 5 months. Yep, this sounds like any oily-skinned girl’s dream.

  14. Great write up @mandabear this product looks and sounds great! I can’t believe it’s so reasonably priced. Going to head on over and see what I need. :)

  15. I will never tire of green products … I love hearing about this kind of pure and natural line! @mandabear you describe the fresh scent of the Calming Facial Cream so enticingly! Who wouldn’t want a facial cream that smells like a pitcher of iced tea?!

  16. I couldn’t help myself, I placed an order for perfume oil (Kashmir) and a Green Science facial mask! Thanks for finding this shop, @mandabear! I can’t wait to try my stuff out…

  17. Never thought of looking for skincare products on Etsy. Looks like my wallet may be in trouble. Can’t wait to explore this shop. Love that these products are green and budget friendly. Great find @mandabear!

  18. Oh yes, the Charcoal and Clay mask WILL be mine! I love anything that lets me play beauty scientist. Good find @mandabear! Thanks for sharing.

  19. @mandabear, you had me at a facial moisturizer for normal to oily skin that smells “like a pitcher of fresh iced tea.” *thud* Don’t worry, that was just me falling out of my chair. I. MUST. OWN. THIS. NOW. What a great find! Thanks so much for sharing! (I’m seriously not going to be able to get that moisturizer out of my head now…).

  20. Woah, talk about a bargain! And it may sound a little weird, but I love the company logo, it’s so cute. I think a little Etsy spree may be in order!

  21. Betty Hays says:

    We always appreciate “beauty science” here! A lot of masks (if there is enough product to last that long) dry out way before 5 months. I think a little Etsy spree may be in order!

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