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Ah, the Hamptons…beautiful beaches, swanky parties and gorgeous people who accept nothing but the best. I’m sure anyone vacationing there would not be slathering herself with drugstore tanning lotion before basking in the sun, and thanks to Hampton Sun, we don’t have to either. Just like a Hamptons heiress, I plan to float through the remainder of my summer on a cloud of the most heavenly scented skin protection on earth.

Hampton Sun Skincare was founded by Salvatore Piazzolla and Grant Wilfley, two newcomers to the beauty industry who saw a need for high-end suncare and developed their luxe line based on the principle of Smart Serious Sunbathing.

Hampton Sun includes products for every category of sunbather, from the maximize-protection (SPF 30 Lotion) to the throw-caution-to-the-wind-and-sizzle (SPF 4 Oil) and everything in between. Inspired by the luxury of the Hamptons lifestyle and working with a world-class chemist, Piazzolla and Wilfley developed a product line containing a range of natural and organic ingredients such as Lemon Calendula, Gingko Biloba, Ginger, essential vitamins A through E, and fruit and vegetable extracts.

Hampton Sun’s packaging, with its clean lines and rich colors, was the first clue that I was not dealing with a run of the mill suncare line. But still, the skeptic in me doubted that mere sun protection could be worth these products’ premium prices. Then I pulled the heavy gold cap off of Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer ($30 for 8 oz) and was transported somewhere far nicer than my Baltimore backyard.

Designed as a tan extender, After Sun has become my favorite body moisturizer in general. It contains almond oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, green tea oil, tea tree oil and emblica fruit extract, but the star feature is the scent. I’ve actually been wearing this lotion instead of my usual perfume– that’s how good it smells! Sea spray, dune grass, blue plum and privet blossom… yum! (Melissa, you may want to check out their Privet Bloom EDP. You’re welcome! ~Stef)

If you’re going to work on your tan this summer, Hampton Sun’s sunscreens contain moisturizers and anti-oxidants to help you develop a flawless bronze. Their SPF 4 Tanning Oil is billed as a product designed to develop a safe, even tan, and help reduce premature signs of aging. In my opinion, SPF 4 is not enough protection for anyone, so I have to disagree with the “safe” part and view this strictly as a tanning oil. But still, in my sun-worshiping heyday, I would have gone berserk over this oil. It is luxurious, non-greasy and feels great on the skin, and, like the lotion, its scent is intoxicating.

Our testers sampled Hampton Sun’s products in a range of protection levels (each $35), including a gel that comes in SPF 8 and SPF 15, and an SPF 30 Lotion, all containing the fragrance I’ve fallen in love with!

• Inspired by scent of the Hamptons’ famous blooming privet hedges, this has to be the best-smelling suncare line on the market.
• Provides UVA/UVB protection, anti-oxidants, and natural/organic ingredients to help reduce premature signs of aging.
• Even the oil is non-greasy and sinks in quickly.

• Expensive.
• If you must use unscented products, this is not the line for you.

How about it testers and testers, does this suncare leave you feeling swanky? Share in the comments!

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  1. Would you believe I’ve never been to the infamous Hamptons and I’m from the East Coast? Such is life! But I have thoroughly enjoyed testing out Salvatore Piazzolla and Grant Wilfley’s Hampton Sun moisturizer and think these guys should consider selling this by the gallon! I would swim in this stuff. It’s not greasy either, it is a very lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and smells marvelous! My skin feels soooo smooth after I use it. Absolutely love this product!! Wish is wasn’t so pricey though. Four stars from me! I’m super interested in the Privet Bloom perfume – sounds awesome too!

  2. @ stef – until your comment got me to take a second look, I didn’t realize Privet Bloom EDP was the scent I’m so in love with. It will be mine! Thank you!

    @irene – while I agree this line is pricey, I honestly feel that it’s worth the extra $$ and I’m giving it 5 stars… or should I say “$tars”?

  3. SPF 4?! SPF 8?! What exactly is the point? LOL! I was at the beach last week and saw a lady rubbing on SPF 6, and then putting it on her kids. Sure, it’s better than when moms were slathering up kids in baby oil but I was still pretty shocked. Oh well, to each their own! This line sounds amazing, but SPF 30 at the minimum for me!

  4. I tested the SPF 15 gel. The bottle is small, but I like the spay on gel–you don’t feel like you’re inhaling it. But you still have to spend as much time rubbing it in as you would a lotion. I didn’t quite manage to cover my entire body. After getting some UVA & UVB exposure, I noticed that the areas where I used the Hampton Sun gel were MORE red than the areas where I hadn’t used it!!! While it smells nice, there’s no way I can justify the price tag, given that this product did the opposite of what it’s supposed to do! Two stars.

  5. These are the fanciest looking sun lotions I’ve ever seen! SPF 4 and 8 are lower than I’d use for actual protection, but these still sound fantastic.

  6. If the price is worth it, I’ll def give it a try!!!

  7. Great post Melissa! As I was reading, I could smell the tanning oil and feel the sand on my feet! Sounds luxe!

  8. Yeah, yeah – I feel your tsk-ing! I tested the SPF 8 gel and I’m very happy with that level of protection. Now granted, I wouldn’t use that on an area that doesn’t see the sun often on a day that I spend at the beach (my back for example). BUT, this on my arms when I’m walking dogs is perfect-o!

    I like Hampton Sun a lot. The gel formula rubs in easily, left me feeling moisturized and didn’t leave me with that milky white haze that lotions usually give and that I despise so. And as @melissa said – the smells is totally yummy.

    It is expensive. But this is the kind of thing I would absolutely buy for a trip, to the Hamptons for example! I’d feel pretty fancy, and I like that feeling.

    4 stars, only 1 off for the price.

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