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A Charming pet-friendly Hotel on the Central California Coast

Rustic wood sign

I always find my first impression of a hotel to be very telling. This theory was proven with my recent visit to Hofsas House in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. I hadn’t even set my suitcase down in my room when I thought: I can’t wait to come back again.

Hofsas House Bavarian hotel on the California coast

But I’m sure it’s a thought that many guests have, if not immediately, at least by check out. Because this place is as charming as they come. It’s apparent from the moment you drive up to it; this quaint pink hotel built on the hillside in what is arguably one of the most beautiful towns on the California coast.

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After our 6.5 hour drive (relatively quick by California standards!) we were greeted by the 38 room property which basked in a warm glow. One look to the west revealed why…

California ocean sunset

How thoughtful of the sunset to match our hotel! Plus, we could not only see the sea, we could smell and hear it. Same for the pine trees that scattered the area. City stress felt blissfully far way.

Hofsas House Ocean view King room

Things only got better once we were in our room, a deluxe king with a large bathroom, dining table, fireplace (which our two dogs may have enjoyed even more than we did) and an ocean view balcony. It had a cozy, homey vibe that we loved. Though, I don’t have a fireplace OR an ocean view balcony at home. So, Hofsas House has the one-up there!

Wine and cheese welcome plate

I am also not greeted by a wine and cheese plate when I get home. It was a delicious one at that, with a bottle of local Pinot Noir (the central coast is famous for these and Chardonnay due to the colder growing conditions) and selections from The Cheese Shop, a Carmel-by-the-Sea landmark and my new favorite shop in the entire world. (Fun fact: my first word was cheese.)

This option is available to all, not just fancy bloggers. You can add a wine and cheese pairing onto any reservation at Hofsas House, along with a slew of other equally lovely additions.

dog begging for bone

The best part of our room was that it welcomed Hank and Millie! We brought them along on the trip so they could enjoy what is known as one of the most pet-friendly towns in California. The hotel even included two dog bones, a blanket for snuggling in front of the fire, frisbee, collapsible water bowl and dog shampoo for sandy beach paws.

Hofsas house pink door with text decoration

It’s little touches like that that show why Hofsas House has been enchanting visitors for 70 years. I fell under its spell immediately. How could I not; a Bavarian-inspired, pink gem by the sea? From the dutch doors on every room to the beautiful flowers around every corner, the entire place feels inviting and dreamy.

Hofsas houe beautiful garden with flowers and trees

A Bavarian-inspired, pink gem by the sea…

Living room with sofas and portrait in the background

The charm continued in the lobby, and not just due to the roaring fire and continental breakfast. The staff at Hofsas House match the tone of the property. I chatted with the owner, Carrie Thesis (whose family has owned the hotel since day one) and she shared hotel and town history, along with recommendations. And I must say, I don’t recall ever feeling as welcomed as I did here.

apricot croissant with apples beside it

A word on the breakfast, don’t skip it! It’s delivered daily from a local French bakery with a true Parisian chef. If you’re lucky enough to snag an apricot croissant, you will not be sorry.

A mural by Maxine AlbroA mural by Maxine Albro has greeted guests since 1957

ocean view hotel on the California coast

Armed with maps to plan our day, we brought our breakfast back to eat on our balcony. Because when you have a view like this to dine by, you do.

View on the balcony with a number 36 room key

Here are a couple of highlights from our day in Carmel-by-the-Sea that I recommend you check out. It’s a magical little town; a 1 square mile village filled with all things good; food, wine, dogs, beach. We adored it.

oysters on the half shell Flaherty's Seafood Grill carmel caOysters from Flaherty’s Seafood Grill

Harrison Memorial Library carmel by the sea caHarrison Memorial Library

Adorable dog on a leash sitting on the floor looking upOne of many adorable dogs we encountered

A man holding two pups taking a picture on the beachOur pups first trip to the beach

Carmel-by-the-sea scheid vineyard Most wineries in Carmel-by-the-sea are dog friendly; we particularly enjoyed Scheid

Charming cottages EVERYWHERECharming cottages EVERYWHERE

The Cheese ShopMy new favorite place: The Cheese Shop

A man and a woman wearing shades taking a picture on the beach

My first impression was absolutely correct: I can’t wait to visit Hofsas House and Carmel-by-the-Sea again.

we heartsters – did I miss anything in Carmel? Let me know so I can start planning my next trip!



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  1. You’ve made me want to plan a trip right this second. What a charming, cozy spot for a getaway! I’ve never stayed in Carmel and now Hofsas House on my must-visit list.

  2. You had me at welcome cheese. I mean….why are more places not doing this? I’ve had welcome wine before, but welcome CHEESE????? Yes, please. More of that. That sunset looks like a painting and the hotel looks so charming and welcoming–what a lovely trip!

    1. “Welcome Cheese” is going on my rockstar rider IMMEDIATELY.

  3. I’m sorry to be tardy on making a comment here.. I seriously tried on my phone and it was acing all dicky on me.. So at a computer I’m finally in and able to post a thought! Yay! This place looks AMAZING and the pictures are breath takers! It has every element in my mind of the perfect way to spend a few days.. Eating the best CHEESE like that and drinking some yummy wines over looking the great Pacific Ocean with your doggies! Whoa Nelly! I’m hoping to one day get there too! Great GREAT post and Wow wee, Hofsas House in Carmel-by-the-Sea is calling me!

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