Herbal Essences Body Wash review

Herbal Essences Body Wash review

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New body wash scents to liven up your shower

Herbal Essences is one of those brands that has literally been there my whole life. I used it through my junior high and high school years. And I’m happy to still see it sitting on the store shelf staring back at me. I’m betting most of you know that signature scent their original shampoo has. It brings back those early memories every time I smell it.

Not only is Herbal Essences is an affordable option for hair care, their body wash is a fabulous smelling bargain too! And with new scents in their shower gel line, you have lots to choose from.

Their original scents are:
Hello Hydration – a tropical paradise with a fusion of rich Hawaiian coconut, creamy vanilla and orchid.
Body Burst – energizes your senses with a blend of tropical fruits, passion flower sunrise and pearl.
Happy Go Lather – an intoxicating mix of rose and passion fruit nectar.


And the newcomers:
Totally Twisted – a juicy scent of exotic rainforest floral and berries.
Honey, I Smell Good a soothing and delicious infusion of honey and apricot extracts.


These have three really great things going for them…

One, weighing in at 11.1 oz, these will last awhile. I tend to over lather and use way more shower gel than I need to. So it’s nice to have a big bottle and not feel bad about using a giant squirt of it!

Second, the price is great. You are getting a lot of shower gel for $3.99. And if we’re being honest here, there’s not a lot of shower gels for this price that have such a thick, rich consistency and strong lather as these.


Third and perhaps biggest, it’s important to have scent options! I get bored using the same smell after awhile, so it’s nice to switch things up occasionally. All three of the Herbal Essences washes I tried are completely different. If you’re in a fruity mood, grab the Totally Twisted, which is a giant burst of berry. Want something more floral? The Happy Go Latherhas a strong rose scent that smells fabulous.

Or, if honey is your favorite, then the Honey I Smell Good is the one for you. When I asked my hubby, he said yes… yes I did smell good! This was my favorite of the three scents. It’s a little stronger than the lighter honey smell I thought it might be, but it has a different scent compared to most typical body washes I’ve tried and I like it.


I will say, these are pretty strong when you wash with them. So I was a little concerned it might be too overpowering post shower, but the scent definitely mellows on the skin.

If you’re looking to buy one giant bottle, and have it forever, I was able to find some of these in a whopping 22.1 oz size on drugstore.com for only about 5 dollars.

Herbal Essences continues to evolve, and these new body washes are a fun way to liven up your summer showers without breaking the bank!


we heartsters – what scents are your favorite summer shower go to’s?

4 thoughts on “Herbal Essences Body Wash review”

  1. I really want to try the Honey, I Smell Good–that one sounds really delicious! For general summer scents, I default to mint in everything–Dr. Bronners peppermint is a little too harsh on its own, so I’ll often put a few drops in whatever body wash I’m using to pep it up a bit. I’m thinking a honey/mint combo might be refreshing.

  2. If I had to choose one to try, it would be Honey, I Smell Good– but at that price, I could try all three. Even seeing those pretty, bright colors in my shower would make me happy! I generally go for citrus or minty shower scents in the summer.

  3. Totally twisted sounds good to me. I love fruity scents. It would match my shampoo. TIGI Bed head in volumniIng pink tube. Love that scent. I have to check them all out though when shopping. I have been using Dove Nutrium and it’s good it’s a pomengranite scent.

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