Here kitty, kitty – it’s MAC Fabulous Felines

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The review we’ve been waiting to do since July!

MAC Fabulous Felinesphotos: we heart this

Oh, what a long time coming for this review! It seems like a million years ago that Tyna and I attended MAC’s Fall 2010 sneak preview and I first laid eyes on the beauty that is Fabulous Felines. I said it then, and I stand by it now; this is my favorite launch of the year. I know everyone is in a Venomous Villains tizzy (especially with the release just weeks away), but this collection really does deserve your attention! If you haven’t picked up something by now, perhaps I can convince you that you should.

To me, Fabulous Felines oozes Fall luxury. Something that I am so in the mood for (Summer, I love you, but I’m done with you). I’m dreaming of rich fabrics, hats and scarves, high boots, intense smoky eyes with sparkling nude lips and warm, golden eyes with dark ruby lips. Most of all, I want to sit in front of a fireplace and cuddle with a purring kitty! The three looks in this launch would be perfect for all of the above.

There are three felines represented (and for a detailed breakdown of all products and more pics, check out our first look at the collection…)

I was most excited for Burmese Beauty, which draws from the luxurious look of a rare Burmese. When I think of their fur, I think of Mink meets Siamese. I instantly loved the look of this collection because it’s not quite warm, not quite cool, and filled with really unique colors. Of the three products I bought myself, two were from this look.

Burmese Beauty eyeshadow quad Limited edition

First up, my hands down must-have item of the entire collection, the Burmese Beauty eyeshadow quad ($36, Limited Edition). It has:
Prized; a pale shimmery beige (honestly, a bit light on me)
Skintone 2; the goldilocks of golds (not too light, not too dark, just right!)
Burmese Beauty; the namesake of the quad and the reason I am so in love with it. It’s a slightly metallic brown green (this is a chameleon that looks brown, grey or teal depending on how you look at it). I think it’s a much more wearable, lighter version of Club, which I love but never really know what to do with.
Showstopper; dark matte brown. This looks chalky when swatched, but it makes a great liner.

a closer look at Burmese Beauty eyeshadow swatch a closer look at Burmese Beauty eyeshadow

Here’s what I came up with…

Burmese Beauty eyeshadow looks

Burmese Beauty eyeshadow looks

Before I get into the rest of the collection, check out the gorgeousness that is MAC Senior Artist Tiffany Johnston. How fab is she? I had the honor of her applying Fabulous Felines on me at the sneak preview event. Here she shows you how to create a perfect, dramatic cat eye.

To see what Tiffany did on me using the Burmese Beauty quad, click here.

• Burmese Beauty also has one of my other top three favorite products, Jealous lipglass ($14.50 Limited Edition). It’s a sheer light green with gold, green and pale pink pearl shimmer. Alone, this has a sheer milky gold look to it (which is very pretty, but subtle). I love it over nudes. It dulls them a bit (not usually a good thing, but here it works!) and adds sparkling dimension, just like a gold gloss would.

Jealous lipglass and Nude lipstick swatchJealous alone left, blurred to show shimmer, and over a Nude lipstick on right.

Jubilee and jealous shade swatchleft: Jubilee l/s alone (a permanent shade), right: with Jealous on top

Jealous over Jubilee looks Jealous over Jubilee

• If you missed it a few months ago, Burmese Beauty also has a repromote of Liquid Lurex Dazzle lipstick ($14.50 Limited Edition). To see pics of that in action, click here.

See what I mean about unique colors?

Next up in the pretty kitty line up is Leopard Luxe, which pays homage to a ginger Ocicat (another rare beauty whose colors look very wild cat, leopard-like). Warm girls, this is the look for you. I am {thisclose} to going back for the eyeshadow quad…

Leopard Luxe palette

For now, I ended up with two Superslick Liquid Eye Liners ($17.50, permanent, hooray!)

• I purchased Marked for Glamour a shimmery steel grey (and my other top three favorite product of the launch). I fell in love with this when Tiffany first applied it on me in July. She talked about how perfect it was to line super close to the lashline, so close that you almost can’t even see it, creating a sparkle “behind the eyes”. (If you look at the pics of when she applied it, you can see exactly what she means). Of course if you want to go full out cat-eye with it, that works too! I love that it’s not as harsh as black, but still dramatic.

Pure Show glod shade

• I also received Pure Show to review. It’s a true metallic gold. I’m going to have fun playing with this one! Check out the fabulous golden look Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog did with it.

Superslick Liquid Eye Liners swatch

I love, love, love these new eyeliners. They take a few minutes to dry, but once they do they DO NOT MOVE. Seriously, that swatch on my arm lasted through 2 showers. The soft yet firm, spongy applicator has a very pointy tip, allowing for the finest of lines. I do find if you’re not careful you will get it on your lashes as your applying it (making them clumpy). I’m going to play around with applying it while looking down into a mirror held below my chin, rather than looking directly into it (which is also the best way to apply false lashes, if you didn’t know!)

TIP: So, how do you remove these (or any waterproof product)? I recommend a Q-tip and an oil-based eye makeup remover. Works like a clean charm!

• Also worth a look from Leopard Luxe is Old Gold pigment ($19.50, permanent), which MAC calls tarnished gold (a chameleon shade of green gold). I only skipped this because it’s permanent, but it went straight on my must-have list. It’s really unique.

Last but certainly not least of the launch is Palace Pedigreed, based on the icy beauty of a Russian Blue. If you are cool toned, you have found your Fall/Winter collection! The eyeshadow quad is particularly beautiful.

I received 2 items for review from this look..

Aristo-Cat lipstick with a a mid tone mauve with golden frost finish shade

Aristo-Cat lipstick ($14.50 Limited Edition), a mid tone mauve with golden frost finish. This is one of those magical cool toned shades that work on warm skin as well. (Personally, I think it’s the addition of gold that makes it possible). Lovers of L’Oreal’s Mica will want to check out this high end alternative. It’s a beauty!

Bloodline Pigment with a blackened brown plum shade

Bloodline Pigment ($19.50, Limited Edition) is a blackened brown plum. They say it’s the season for dark plums. And I have to say, Bloodline is a beautiful option. Dry, it looks like a dirty brown with a plum tint. When it’s wet, the color intensives and the plum deepens and shimmers. It reminds me of a less glittery Young Punk (from Style Black).

Bloodline Pigment with a blackened brown plum shade swatchtop: wet, bottom: dry

a subtle smoky eye with Bloodlinea subtle smoky eye with Bloodline

A woman with MAC Fabulous Felines makeup eyes: Bloodline, cheeks: Stark Naked (from Red, She Said), lips: Aristo-Cat

So, how about it kitties? What did you get from Fabulous Felines? Or, what are you on your way to get right now?

(Want more? Check out Temptalia’s always fabulous overview.)

Disclosure: This review includes 3 products bought by the author and 3 that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Um….I’ll be on my way to getting EVERYTHING from this collection!! The colors are gorgeous and they look so pretty on you @stef! I’m sold. I need these, NOW.

  2. These are fabulous. SO wearable, but very fancy and rich looking at the same time.
    And Jealous REALLY surprised me, it looks odd in the tube, but when swatched it looks GREAT. @stef, do you think it would go well over a lip stain? I have a few glosses that do nothing but act like a lip stain remover, while others enhance it. I’ve never tried a MAC Lipglass over a stain, how do you think it will react?

  3. ooooooooo, the Superslick Liquid Eye Liners are insane! Love them.. I had no idea about them, thanks for this much awaited post @stef! BUT!!! I am really loving the Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow quad. Now, that is just too pretty for words. I love what you did with them. Your eyes turned out so pretty- I can even see the gorgeous desert blue sky in your pupils! I’m going to check all this out in person. I was just in the store at SCP the other day and don’t know how I missed the eyeliners! The store was packed (as usual) so someone was probably blocking my view! Great review!!

  4. @lyssachelle – I’m not positive how lipglass will work with stains. I’ll give it a try and let you know!

    @irene – the Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow quad is so great, right? It’s the first quad in awhile that I’ve been tempted to buy a back up. I wanted to do the same with the Photo Realism quad, and Tempting from Cult of Cherry. But I’ve never made it through a quad, so it’s just paranoia!

    If you like liquid liners, you have to check out Superslick. The color range is amazing too. I’m hoping we see new ones on a regular basis…

  5. Well that was certainly worth waiting for! I’ve never seen a MAC collection full of so much possibility. Unfortunately for my bank account, I need everything! I’m going to start with the Burmese Beauty and Leopard Luxe eyeshadow quads. MAC counter, here I come!

  6. The Aristo-Cat Lipstick is gorgeous!! I must get my hands on this gem. @stef you are so right that it looks a lot like Mica in the pics. And your pics of Burmese Beauty have me sold. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I wonder if they will ever sell it as a single. One can dream, right!! Wonderful review!

  7. Wow…that Burmese Beauty eye shadow is calling my name…it looks like it has just the right amount of green to be added to my “Need” list…I am also coveting that Aristo-cat lipstick—I’m going to be heading to my nearest MAC store to check these out in person…

  8. I keep trying to convince my husband that I need *everything* Palace Pedigreed in honor of our kitty with a little Russian Blue in her, but so far he’s not going for it. Humph. One way or the other, I’m going to get my hands on Bloodline, it’s a beautiful pigment!

  9. Aww @mandaleen – tell him we think you need it all too!

    I have to agree with Stef – this is just the most awesome line – so rich and perfect for fall. Out of all the collections at the MAC preview day we both immediately zoomed in on this one. I soo want a Burmese Beauty palette. The felt tip eyeliners are divine too and I need Smokey Heir described as “Dark blue violet with soft pearl” for the fall.

  10. RUNNING, not walking, to my nearest MAC Store to buy this collection! What a gorgeous palette for fall. The shadow quads are amazing, how will I ever choose?

  11. I need Burmese Beauty first – just gorgeous and so unique! Then I need the Bloodline pigment – brown with plum sounds perfect and the swatches are gorgeous wet and dry. I would never pick up Pure Show on my own, but I am loving the look that Karen did and makes me think twice about it. And I am madly in love with the lipstick/lipglass combo she did (Drive Me Wild and Wildly Refined) – it looks like they are part of the collection, but i’m not sure…

  12. Eeeek! I swear I can usually resist the MAC frenzy *until* I see your posts. I don’t know what it is about your photos, swatches and how subtly, and elegantly you apply the products but it all just appeals to me SO much after I see your reviews. *Shakes fist in your general direction* I’ll get you for this, @stef! ;)

  13. I wasn’t that excited about this collection, but now that I’ve seen your swatch of Bloodline pigment when used wet, I might just have to go out and buy it! I’m not even a big fan of pigments, but that would make an awesome eyeliner or smokey eye.

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