Here's How to Fight Skin Aging Inside and Out...

Here’s How to Fight Skin Aging Inside and Out…

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I have to admit; I do love a pretty package. For example, every time I’m lucky enough to get a beautiful turquoise box from Tiffany’s, it almost doesn’t even matter what’s inside!

The same is not true for skincare, though. It can look gorgeous sitting on your counter, but if what’s inside isn’t good, what’s the point?

Luckily, the skincare line Key Element covers both inside and out, in multiple ways. (Remember this point.)

The sleek black and white glass vials of their Ultimate Anti-Aging Serums do indeed look beautiful. They’re smart as well; opaque so they aren’t exposed to sunlight, applied via a dropper so you aren’t contaminating the product and the white bottle is for the day serum, the black for night.

But as modern as they look, it’s not even half as modern as they are.

Key Element is a bio-tech company that has been around since 2003. Their products are based on Molecular Rejuvenation Technology (MRT). Sounds notable, right? It is.

I’m going to be honest, the science behind the line baffles me a little. I thought I was smart because I know which vitamin to use for which skin type. But this is a whole other level of knowledge!

In simplest of terms, Molecular Rejuvenation Technology recreates molecules that your body uses to repair and heal itself. That’s how Key Element developed their trademark ingredient Axigen (Sodium Succinate).

Axigen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are the power trio found in the Ultimate Anti-Aging Serums. They target the two main causes of rapid skin aging: loss of energy in cells and hormonal aging. Why is this important? Cell energy helps defend your skin from some of the biggest age factors; free radicals, UV light, pollution, amongst others. As for hormones, declining estrogen production brings on a myriad of non-lovely skin issues like dryness, redness and pigmentation.

The line works for all skin types and works into existing skincare regimes like a charm. Though it’s especially good for anyone with sensitive skin or who’s older than 35 (check and check!)

But, do they work? Here’s my experience…

When I was younger I battled acne and oily skin. But as I age, my skin just gets more and more confused. Not oily, not quite dry, just kind of dehydrated looking. Plus, it’s very temperamental. My skin is moody. I tip toe around it like I did when my mom was taking a nap! Products for oily skin dry it out, but ones for dry skin feel way too heavy and break me out. And sometimes, it rebels with a red, itchy anger.

My skin is moody. I tip toe around it like I did when my mom was taking a nap!

I’ve been using the Ultimate Anti-Aging Serums (both day and night) for three weeks now, and I have to say, I love them. They’re gentle on the skin and light in feel. They can even be used around your eyes (hooray for not having to buy a separate product for my eyes!) They pack a punch too; especially the night version with its extra ingredients for exfoliation.

My skin has seemed to have found that happy place where its properly hydrated. Plumper, softer and it hasn’t had a mood swing once!

To further the cell-loving benefits of Axigen, they even offer it in a supplement to further fight the signs of aging inside and out.

A big shout out to Key Element for keeping this gal’s package looking pretty good too!

You can get their 30-Day Skin Rejuvenation Complex set (with both serums and the supplements) on sale now for $160 with a 30 day money back guarantee. AND, you can get an additional 20% off that if you use code: STEA.

This post is sponsored by Key Element.

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  1. My skin has totally gotten more and more temperamental as well, especially during the transitions between seasons ? This line sounds lovely, and it’s a winner if it works and can be used around the eyes as well!

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