Here's why you need a Clarisonic...

Here’s why you need a Clarisonic…

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I love my Clarisonic. Love actually may not even be big enough word. Honestly, now that I know life with it, I can’t imagine life without it. Think I’m being dramatic? You obviously don’t have a Clarisonic! I would imagine these are feelings shared by anyone who owns one. If you have one, you love it. It’s as simple as that. I remember some of the thoughts I had BC (before Clarisonic). Should I spend $200 for something to wash my face? Doesn’t my wash cloth work well enough? Do I really want to add another gadget into my life? (answers: yes, no and yes.)

Here’s the bottom line, this is an investment in good skin. Yes, it’s pricey. But once you see the results, you’ll be so glad you made the splurge. The Clarisonic is “2x more effective and removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing.” This is really easy to see and feel with just one use. The first time I used mine I couldn’t believe how clean my face felt. It felt like I had never washed my face before! Still skeptical, even with seeing the results, the next day I washed my face the BC way, with cleanser and a wash cloth, then used the Clarisonic afterward to see if it didn’t indeed get my face cleaner. Oh, did it. It looked like I had reapplied makeup in between washes.

Not convinced yet? Although it’s a splurge, it’s also actually a very wise investment. Because when your face is cleaner, your products are absorbed better. So that $100 Vitamin C serum you use at night? With Clarisonic you are getting 61% more absorption. That serum may actually work for you now!

What else can you expect from your Clarisonic? Pretty much all you would hope for in a dream face product. Reduction in the appearance of pores, improvement in oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes, improved skin tone, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Those 300 sonic movements per second work hard for you!

If your wondering if you should buy one, I say 100%, without a doubt (that is, if you don’t win one from us.) This is my number one beauty product in my arsenal. I seem to have a new favorite cleanser, serum and moisturizer every few months. But there is nothing like the Clarisonic. I’ll say it again, I couldn’t be without it.

Anybody share my love? Let us know!

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13 thoughts on “Here’s why you need a Clarisonic…”

  1. I recently wrote how most new beauty inventions are gimmicky and unnecessary and at first, I was skeptical of the Clarisonic. But I caved pretty quickly after all the hoopla, got one for myself and now I am a true believer! The Clarisonic really does clean and clear my skin and it’s a godsend for girls with oily complexions. I notice a big improvement in oil, shine and pore size when I use my Clarisonic faithfully. And it does wonders for those little red bumps you get on your chest and arms. It’s waterproof so you can store and use it in the shower, which I love. Every morning I run conditioner on my hair, then use the Clarisonic on my face and decollate and then rinse it all off. It can do a lot of good for your skin! I agree with Stef and give the Clarisonic my highest recommendations to anyone teetering on the verge of buying this. If you have issues with almost any skin problem – dry patches, oiliness, big pores, splochyness – the Clarisonic could be your answer.

  2. LOVE IT!!! It is an oily girl’s best friend. I got the pink one which I totally adore, but now I’m a little jealous that they have a new improved version out. I like to use mine in the shower. It really does give you the cleanest skin possible and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I’m not sure how I could live without this little gadget anymore. If you don’t have this brush, then use this Sephora code for Beauty Insiders and get you one at 15% off BD2T9CB5. But hurry it expires on April 21st.

  3. Tiff, so true. This would be a perfect use for your Beauty insider code!

    I also think this would be a great thing to start a savings fund for. If you could save 50 bucks a month (which is pretty easy, collect bottles, roll change-anything!) you could have this is 4. Much better investment that what you probably blow your money on. At least what I blow my money on…

  4. I coveted this sucker for almost 2 years and it seemed like the Clarisonic face brush was never going to be mine. My hubby thought I was crazy for wanting one because of the cost, so I knew I could forget him ever surprising me with one, and then this past Christmas, I FINALLY became a proud owner, thanks to my bff, Nicole. I think I peed myself a little when I saw the box. Okay, maybe I peed myself a lot. Since using my Clarisonic, I’ve noticed that my pores are smaller, my skin glows more, I don’t break out nearly as much as I used to, and I’ve seen a reduction in the fine lines, especially those between my eyebrows. When I do break out (the brush can’t prevent hormonal breakouts), my skin clears up about 5 times faster because I think the products I use absorb better. Stef had a great idea about saving up $50 a month for one, but if you need instant gratification like I do, you should check out—sometimes they have the brush on easy pay—and it comes with a full size Kate Somerville cleanser for FREE (it is not currently on easy pay, but check back frequently because it goes on and off easy pay constantly).

  5. I’d love to reduce the tiny lines between my eyebrows too. I am always grimacing or looking incredulous because I deal with giving tourists information all day long. I see botox in my future; that or a lobotomy.

  6. Stef loves this Clarisonic so much. I swear.. she even travels with it too. That and her spaz pillow. she has used it a million times over.. now i want one too.. It’s worth every penny of which i have none at the moment.. so i may borrow hers! If you have the means, treat yourself!

  7. Ladies – you need to throw your hat in the ring for this one, if you haven’t already…this is the single best thing I have done for my face. I got this for Christmas just over a year ago – I don’t even use it everyday – but in one year’s time my skin looks better than it ever has. A gentle cleanser is all you need to go along with it – or use something a little thicker and it will spread beautifully for the couple minutes it takes to work. Skins comes out soft, squeaky clean, and glowing. I have much less shine and acne now. I only use it once a day or every other day – twice a day was too much for my particular skin. Products do absorb better and seem to work better. It is well worth the investment! a glowing stars from me.

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  9. With winter on its way here in Australia, I’m getting all dry, red and blotchy. Save me Clarisonic before I turn into pile of flaky skin! Please don’t make me wear a bg on my head!!

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  11. I can’t live without this. My pores are smaller, I have less flakiness, my millia are reduced, when I break out it disappears faster… I love Clarisonic! I have the Classic two speed and I really want to upgrade to the three speed! But I’m broke, so that will have to wait.

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