HIRSANA Golden Millet Oil Capsules review

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“Strengthen your hair, skin and nails.” Sounds good to me! Most of the products in my possession all claim to do at least one of these things. I have an arsenal of lotions to stay hydrated, more conditioners than I should admit to, and as far as nails, I have a reasonable amount of strengthening creams and polishes. So am I still on the quest for better hair, skin, and nails even with all these products? Of course I am! I don’t know what gene it is that makes me want to try more, but I do. For years I’ve known that to have healthy hair, skin and nails, you really need to look at what your eating and drinking.

Enter supplements.

I have been an avid believer in the benefits of supplements my whole life. You start to get sick, you power up on Vitamin C, Zinc and healthy dose of Elderberry syrup and you are on the road to recovery. So when wht sent me HIRSANA Golden Millet Oil Capsules, which promise “strong hair, radiant skin and firm nails”, I was eager to give them a shot.

If you’re unfamiliar with Millet, it’s a gluten free grain. You can cook it up as an alternative to rice or pasta. It’s really tasty, with a mild yet sweet-nutty flavor. Nutritionally, it packs a nice wallop of fiber, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium to name a few. So you can imagine a concentrated version of the finest form of millet would be really good for you. That’s where HIRSANA does all the work for you. These daily supplements have 100% of Vitamins E, B6, Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Biotin, as well as 50% of your daily Zinc.

What really makes these supplements stand out though is the main ingredient, which is 200mg of pure golden millet oil. Known to strengthen and hydrate your hair and skin, and give you nails that are seriously unbreakable!

I tried the regiment for two straight weeks and I have to say my nails are seriously stronger. My skin and hair honestly seem about the same, but I think you really need to give these at least a month to see the proper results. So I plan on ordering the bigger box and giving them a go. Based on my nails, I can tell that with consistent use my hair and skin will thank me!

I will say that if you try them, definitely take them with food. As with most vitamins and supplements they can cause a bit of an upset stomach if taken on their own. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose, which is two tablets. In fact, I bet you could take just one and still see the benefits. And of course, if your pregnant or have any health issues at all I would ask your doctor before trying them just to be on the safe side.

All in all, I personally give them four stars after a two-week trial. I bet if I had taken them for a month I would say five stars (once I re-order I will report back!) In my opinion, these are definitely worth the money and a good addition to a healthy routine. If you’re looking to help your self from the inside out, give them a shot. ($36 for a 15 day supply)

Has anyone else tried these golden beauty tickets! What did you think?

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  1. I was lucky enough to have someone give this to me and you’re right, I noticed my nails are more shiny and strong after I’ve finished one box. Two weeks wasn’t enough to see significant results on my skin and hair. I wish I had some more but it’s too expensive for me!

  2. I agree, I think a month would be a better time to judge them..I think taking one a day too would make it more affordable, and it would go a little further.
    Glad your nails saw some goodness too graykitty :)

  3. I too took one a day, and I have been done with my supply for a couple weeks now. Here is what i have noticed. My hair and nails are looking healthier. I keep my nails short because I have very weak nails and and have for years, but now i have them slightly longer and they are not pealing like they used to.. that’s a good sign. If you have horrible nails and your skin is lacking you might want to give this a whirl. I give it 4 stars.. only because i hate taking pills!

  4. Wow – if this has actually worked for everybody, I might have to try it. My nails are absolutely miserable and peel constantly…

  5. I wish I had more of these to try because I just didn’t see a huge difference in two weeks. Maybe I should have taken just one a day? I would love super shiny hair and healthy nails and would be up for trying these again, but I do feel they are quite pricey for a vitamin.

  6. I didn’t notice much of an improvement to my hair, and I can’t say for sure if the improvement to my skin was because of the vitamins or my improved skincare regime. However, I did notice that they did improve the condition of my nails which had started splitting. I keep my nails short because I type a lot, and it is easier to braid my daughters’ hair with short nails. Even being short, my nails were in bad condition. I give a shiny thumb-nail up to Hirsana capsules on improving my nails.

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