Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

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Oh, the foodies! What fun it is to buy a gift for that foodie friend. Sort of. Tastes are definitely not universal, even for those with refined palates. Foodies, however, seem to be bound by the common thread of willingness to be adventurous—to be experimenters of all things wondrous, unique and edible. I, for one, have lots of fun shopping for that person on my list.

I concocted a list of food-things that are familiar, yet unique—perfect comfort food for those seeking a singular experience.

1. Compartes Old Hollywood Dark Chocolate/Smoked Sea Salt ($9.95)
Here’s an economically elegant gift for someone who adores chocolate (and really, who doesn’t?) A Deco wrapper hints of a bygone glamour era, but the rich, dark chocolate bark riddled with smoked sea salt is purely of the here and now. I mean, every self-respecting foodie has tried sea salt on their chocolate, but smoked sea salt? There’s a new taste dimension here, ready and set for exploration. And talk about authentic, these fancy chocolate bars are made in Los Angeles. Hooray for Hollywood!

2. Golden Door Honey Set ($36.95)
Honey is a complicated thing. Any foodie will tell you that honey is more than that found in the beloved squeeze bear of our youth. Local, flavored and spiced honey is big business. With the business of bees being equal to saving the world these days (seriously), honey has got to be done right.

Any honey-loving, world-saving, food-loving person out there has got to be happy to be on the receiving end of this trio of honeys from the famous Golden Door, the uber-fabulous week-long spa where the uber-famous go to prepare for roles (or relax after them). Stef spent a day there recently and raved about the 600 acre property and their conservation efforts.

And now, thanks to Executive Chef and beekeeper Greg Frey, Jr. anyone can bring a lttile bit of Golden Door home with them. This set has a sweet peppermint honey for that truly Christmasy vibe, an applewood smoked honey that seems destined to be paired with a holiday ham or a holiday yam, and a spicy Serrano honey that makes one long for a hot buttered biscuit and a thick piece of bacon. Yes, honey is big this year, and so are you for knowing that it is both a socially important AND culinarily relevant product. Kudos to you for this awesome gift!

3. Pickle Subscription Box (3 months/$60 per month)
And then there’s which is simply a commitment to great taste. My favorite gift on their site is found on their subscription page. It involves pickles… a pickle a month, actually. Yes, your Brooklynite pickle back fiend, err, friend, will be over the moon for the extra crunchy spears with Old Bay spice, or the garlicky dill Kirbys. Oh, yes…there is a bourbon or whiskey subscription (from $67/mo) if you’d like to take your pickle back aficionado to another level. And isn’t whiskey the most perfect comfort food of them all? Cheers!

we heartsters, do you have a gift recommendation for a foodie? Share it in the comments below!

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