Holiday Gift Guide for Fragrance Lovers (that ARE NOT perfume)

Holiday Gift Guide for Fragrance Lovers (that ARE NOT perfume)

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Don’t be that person. I’m talking about those of you like my brother who knows Mom loved Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew perfume, and has bought it for her for Christmas for the past forty years. Forty years. My Mom rarely wears perfume at all, but she likes Youth Dew. Or at least she did in 1977. I’ll bet if you drop in to visit my 87 year-old mother, she has a drawer full of the stuff to back up the six bottles gathering dust on her powder room shelves. Yet still, that curvy bottle with the little elastic gold bow will find its way under the tree and my Mom will not even try to be surprised.

But what do you do with people who love fragrance, but just don’t wear perfume? I count myself in these ranks. I wear it, but my tastes change. I also don’t wear it very often. Surely there is fragrance to be had that doesn’t come in a little glass bottle (with or without a little gold bow)? Yes, Virginia, there is a fragrance gift like this. I’m here to tell you about three of them.

1. Commodity Candles ($55) Candles done right are instant mood enhancers—whatever that mood is. Commodity candles (from the British fragrance brand) aren’t those ubiquitous, single note, artificial-smelling vanilla and evergreen types—the schnapps of the candle world. No, these are artful creations, definitely done right. Take, for instance, the sweet and spicy Oolong candle. Warmly scented with honey, Egyptian Basil and tobacco in a long-burning soy-based wax, this candle is every bit as comforting as a bedtime cup of tea, yet ten times as elegant.

Commodity Candles

If the one on your list is more of a coffee aficionado than a tea fan, the Tonka candle is every bit as enticing. With notes of smoky whisky, leather, chocolate, caramel and coffee, this would go great on the mantle as you saddle up to your reading chair by the roaring fireplace with your peaty scotch and Agatha Christie whodunit. Oh yeah, to add to the mystery, you’ll find some Lotus and Magnolia notes. If that ain’t enough to make you want to hop on the Orient Express, I don’t know what is!

Aveda Shampure Set

2. Aveda Shampure Set Our editor-in-chief Stef is a long time fan of Aveda, which she credits as her first step into not only high-end haircare, but developing a love of fragrance as well. And while it might seem odd that a haircare line could also be known for their fragrance, it’s not odd at all to fans of the line and that “Aveda Smell.”

The fragrance of their products is a by-product of the essential oil and plant essences that work their magic on your body and your mind. And when we’re talking about something that #SmellsLikeAveda we have to talk about the Shampure collection.

Why not put together a gift set that shows how lovely fragrance does not have to equal perfume?

Limited Edition Shampure pure-fume mist

First up in this gift set should definitely be their Limited Edition Shampure pure-fume mist ($30). Calming plant essences that include organic lavender and ylang ylang (plus 23 others) nourish the skin and provide the mind with a “scents” of peace. There is also a Shampure composition oil ($30) that is scented as the pure-fume mist, but can be added to the bath, body and scalp for calm senses and radiant skin. Round out the whole shampure line with their signature shampoo and conditioner ($14 each). Or this set that pair the duo with a candle. Sensory overload, but in the best sense ever!

Artnaturals Fragrance diffuser and essential oil kit

3. Artnaturals Fragrance diffuser and essential oil kit ($49.95). About a year ago I got a diffuser and oil set. At first, I thought it was cool but I didn’t know the fragrance obsession that would follow. I’d need lavender to sleep, eucalyptus to wake, and peppermint to focus. I’m not sure if I can call fragrance an addiction, but if I can, I have it. With me being me, I’ve got to make sure everyone I know is an addict as well. Diffusers and oils for everyone!

Closer look of Artnaturals Fragrance diffuser and essential oil kit

Artnaturals makes awesome ones. The diffuser is attractive with its wood grain and modern shape, and practical as well with its Bluetooth speaker, clock and alarm plus LED lights. Add their top 8 essential oils (including those I mentioned, plus a very Christmas-y Frankincense and more) and you shouldn’t think twice about this gift!

So, to all you non-believers, the gift givers out there who thought there is no such thing as a gift of fragrance without perfume, I submit the above. Embrace the uncommon gift of fragrance. And let poor mom toss some of that Youth Dew. For everything there is a season…

we heartsters, do you have a non-perfume fragrance product that you love? Share it in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Fragrance Lovers (that ARE NOT perfume)”

  1. Great post! And talk about a long time love of AVEDA, I’m it, and have a never looked back.. I love going into the store and soaking in the peaceful sanctuary. Having tea and a massage.. Yeah, it’s one of my favorite places to visit!
    I can’t imagine not having shampure in my reach.. It is by far my favorite aroma they have! All I have to do is deeply breathe in and immediately, a sense of calm from the aroma sets me free! Why wouldn’t 25 pure flower and plant essences like organic lavender, petitgrain and ylang ylang do the trick! Get some!

  2. I forgot how much I love Aveda! I am the same way though, not a huge perfume fan, and lately have been more about scented lotions, soaps etc. Perfumes are just way too strong for me.

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