Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern Bohemian

Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern Bohemian

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The Holiday Season is upon us, and with it expect a slew of gift guides from we heart this targeting someone on your “nice” list. Today, we’re aiming for that Boho member of your ranks, the modern hippie, if you will. So, let’s lay out a little Bohemian Rhapsody for those you list-readers. Cue the thunderbolts and lightening…

1. Target Project 62 Cream Tufted Wall Tapestry ($29.99)
Target has created a collection of Midcentury Modern themed home goods called Project 62, of which this tapestry, shown in the top photo, is one. In 1962 the Midcentury Modern movement in design was at its peak in popularity, hitting its stride and entering homes across America. Also in 1962? Target was born in Minnesota. What better marriage of history, aesthetics and affordability? Leave it to Target to find that sweet spot.

Yes, this is ALL from Target!

But about this tapestry…

At the end of the midcentury spectrum, just before the world went mad with goldenrod and avocado, the counterculture eased its bits into the clean lines and simple colorscapes of this movement. This tapestry is a gorgeous marriage of these times—and much cooler than its younger cousin, the 70’s macramé plant hanger. It’s a decidedly luxe-looking, but not bank-breaking, way to warm up a room with texture in touchable art form.

2. Artnaturals Essential Oil Rollerball Collection ($29)
Every hippie boy and girl worth his/her salt knows the importance of a little essential oil. But there is more to this world than patchouli, people! Open their eyes with this Essential Oil Rollerball Collection.

Artnaturals is a company founded on the belief that all beauty treatments should be derived from the purest form of nature. Their products are not only for your skin, hair and body, but also for your mind and spirit. All of their products are BPA –free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly—not to mention, highly affordable!

This particular set consists of 8 specially formulated blends, mixed with a jojoba oil base. Included are: Signature Bliss (cinnamon and clove to boost immunity and soothe tension), Signature Chi (wood and spice to stimulate the mind, energize the spirit, soothe aches and relieve congestion), Signature Cleanse (fruit to uplift, cleanse and detox), Signature Om (herbal to release worry, stress and depression and bring clarity), Signature Relief (mint to increase circulation and reduce inflammation), Signature Serene (sweet, airy scent that uplifts the mind and balances the body while promoting better sleep and happiness.

All for WAY less than a month of yoga classes!

2. Kypris Beauty Skincare (price varies)
Bohemians of yesteryear may have been able to just slap some coconut oil on their skin and call it a day. But what if you have real beauty issues, needs and wants, yet want to stay organic? Kypris Beauty is what you are looking for.

A luxurious, organic, high performance brand that uses sustainably grown botanicals that are 100% natural AND naturally derived, Kypris products are all scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts, beautifully packaged in glass and never tested on animals. Kypris is the hippie aesthetic for the successful grown up.

We’re recommending a pricey yet potent trio for your favorite nature lover: Cleanser Concentrate ($64), Glow Philtre Mask ($88) and Moonlight Catalyst ($77).

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate ($64) features co-op grown Moringa, wildcrafted Prickly Pear and probiotics. The cleanser doesn’t foam, but does dissolve dirt, leaving skin clean and hydrated.
FYI, wondering what wildcrafted is? Us too: Wildcrafting is the harvesting of plants that grow in the wild, not on a farm or with any human assistance.

The Kypris Glow Philtre Mask ($88) uses pomegranate pith enzymes, extracts of sea fennel stem cells and sea algae (note: products that use sea algae are SO good!) and silver ear mushroom. These all serve to exfoliate, soften, brighten and hydrate the skin.

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst ($77) is a bohemian answer to retinoids. No need for a very un-earthy chemical peel when this gentle, herbal elixir serves to revitalize the skin in your sleep. Ingredients such as fermented pumpkin enzymes and botanical extracts refine and renew the skin without irritation or peeling. Skin texture is refined, tone is evened and skin is renewed and plumped.

Let’s see your oatmeal soap do all that! And let’s be truthful in a very materialistic way, these will look damn fine on someone’s bathroom counter.

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