Hourglass Extreme Sheen gloss in Fortune

Hourglass Extreme Sheen gloss in Fortune

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Plus, a peek at Illume Cream to Powder Bronzer Duo in Sunset.

I’ve read fanatical fan reviews of high-end line Hourglass Cosmetics, and wht reviewers have given their products nothing but raves, so the sight of not one but two Hourglass items in my mailbox made me jump up and down (and scare my neighbor, who was mowing his lawn). After I composed myself a bit, it didn’t take long for me to understand all the hoopla. Hourglass have made everything else in my makeup bag feel a little shoddy and substandard.

I first pounced on the most gorgeous gloss I’ve ever seen, Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss ($28) in an otherworldly golden pink called Fortune. This is a new, improved version of Extreme Sheen, “with unprecedented and multidimensional shine.” Sounds like a typical empty advertising claim, right? So wrong!

Even in the tube, the color is luminous and inviting, the pink seeming to be lit from within with a golden sheen. When I applied it, I realized how unique and stunning this product really is. The hydrating gloss is not at all sticky and blends like a dream, and the metallic color manages to appear both sheer and be heavily pigmented.

For evening, I put on a full coating of Fortune and the shine was blinding in a perfectly wonderful way (just take a look at it in the image below). For day, I used just a dab and it was subtle and pretty. My only minor complaint is that I can’t quite master the brush applicator, which picks up more gloss than I need for one application. I’ve been dabbing the gloss on with the brush, then blending with my pinky, and that works better and wastes less product.

Rich in super-antioxidant vitamin E and free of nasty chemicals, Extreme Sheen comes in eleven colors and I long to own every single one of them.

The second product I received was Illume Cream to Powder Bronzer Duo in Sunset ($40), their new packaged duo (instead of the highlighter that comes with Illume Bronze Light, this comes with a blush).

Let’s start with the packaging (insert squeal of joy here). I have never, ever seen a compact like this: it shines, it swivels 360 degrees, it contains a mirror that works from every possible angle. (It’s been over a year since we first laid eyes on this incredible compact design and we are still bowled over by them! ~wht) I would love the compact even if the product didn’t measure up… but it does, and then some.

This duo, which would probably be best for a medium complexion, but works well even on my fair skin. The bronzer blends like a dream, its creamy texture magically turning into a powdery finish. The pink blush is sheer and pretty. For both, a little goes a long way. Illume is free of oil, wax, fragrance and parabens, and full of vitamins that hydrate and protect the skin.

The wht review team tested Extreme Sheen in Fortune, and I can’t wait to hear if they share my Super Fan sentiments for Hourglass’. we heartsters, has anyone tried and fell for Fortune yet?

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12 thoughts on “Hourglass Extreme Sheen gloss in Fortune”

  1. Great review Melissa!
    I am a sucker for packaging too and this seems to not disappoint!
    Am I crazy, or does the gloss look like a prettier version of the cult-classic, Nars Orgasm gloss!? I do love a peachy-goldy gloss!

  2. OMG, stop it stop it stop it! I shouldn’t be buying more gloss! LOL

    Fortune is seriously, seriously beautiful. I think @glamazon56 is right, it does look a bit like a gloss version of NARS Orgasm! I love it! And great tip @turboterp about spreading the gloss with your pinky. I tend to end up with too much gloss, I’ll have to try this tip!
    The bronzer duo makes me nervous as most bronzers just make me look kinda dirty. I’m too fair skinned! I’ll have to give this one a try next time I’m in Sephora. Great review!

  3. Fortune is a chameleon of a gloss, and so, so gorgeous. @glamazon56 – there is a sort of Orgasm quality to it at certain angles (as seen in my swatch). Straight on (and in the tube) it’s pink. But when the light catches the gold (and there is A LOT of gold to catch) it dominates the pink and even makes it look sort of peachy. It’s beautiful at any angle!

    And if you haven’t tried Extreme Sheen, it’s just the best. Really, I think it’s my favorite gloss formula on the market. Smooth, silky, a faint and lovely scent (Caramel? Vanilla?) and not an ounce of stickiness. Of course, with no stick it doesn’t stick around for very long. But seeing as it’s such a joy to apply-I’m fine with that!

    Huge Extreme Sheen fan, and love this warm golden pink! 5 stars.

  4. @turboterp – isn’t the Hourglass compact packaging the best ever? The swiveling mirror is just genius. I’ve had mine for over a year (a pressed face powder) and while the powder is reaching the bottom of the pan the compact is still in great shape – mirror secure and steady, clasp still working, etc. Lots of time great packaging can’t stand up over the life of the product, but Hourglass sure does.

  5. Let’s start with the packaging (insert squeal of joy here). I have never, ever seen a compact like this: it shines, it swivels 360 degrees, it contains a mirror that works from every possible angle.

    @Melissa, how cool is that packaging? It’s very James (Jane?) Bond. :-)

  6. Love this color! I haven’t tried the Extreme Sheen yet, so I can’t wait to give it a whirl. It kind of looks like my MAC Nymphette which I love…the gold shimmer really seems to work for me.

  7. I’m absolutely addicted to this stuff – wearing it right now, actually. It’s got the prettiest color shift, and the consistency makes it a pleasure to wear.

    @turboterp I’ve found the same thing about the brush applying a bit too heavily, so I used your pinky tip and had no trouble at all!

    @stef I know what you mean about it sliding off because it’s not sticky, but I’ve actually been super impressed with how well it’s stayed on for such a smooth gloss – love it!

    5 stars!!!

  8. I keep meaning to procure more Extreme Sheen gloss…methinks I need to go to Sephora. Like maybe tonight.
    I’d be all over that blush in the cream to powder bronzer duo, but alas, bronzer just makes me look like Pigpen from “The Peanuts” *sighs*…

  9. Thanks for the great review, @turboterp! I’ll be off to Sephora to check it (and all the other shades)out ASAP—because I need another gloss, right? Seriously, though, I’m a huge fan of Hourglass, and you’ve definitely handed me another lemming!

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