Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer review

Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer review

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It seems that everyone is Mad Men crazy these days, but I long for another era to make a comeback – the 1930’s. Smoky eyes, the barest hunt of blush, the red, red lips and, of course, thick pitch-black lashes. Hourglass strives to bring back that sexy look with Film Noir Lash Lacquer ($28). This isn’t just another mascara, it’s a latex-like top coat that you apply in addition to your mascara, to turn your look from daytime into luxurious, inky nighttime. With a few strokes, Lash Lacquer adds a lengthening, volumizing look that mimics the look of glossy false lashes.

After applying a lengthening mascara, like Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara, Lash Lacquer is painted on with a brush, allowing you to control the amount you apply. A few strokes give you thicker and more defined lashes, even more gives you the inky, spidery lashes that are a hot trend now.

Being a mascara fanatic, I was more excited than necessary to try Lash Lacquer. It took me a few tries to get the application right; this is not a slap-dash application product. Wiping the excess on the inside of the tube, you hold the brush horizontally and apply Lash Lacquer in short strokes, as if you were painting them.

I prefer my lashes to be more fringe-like and super thick, but you ladies looking for length will flip. My already dark lashes looked even darker, and longer than they do with my normal mascara. I especially liked the look of Lash Lacquer on my lower lashes, they were defined without clumping or mess. And actually, I think I preferred the look of Lash Lacquer without the pre-application of mascara; it allowed for the same definition but with a softer feel.

Here’s how a VERY light application looks. Film Noir mascara alone on the left, Lash Lacquer applied to tips on the right.

• Super definition with pitch black, glossy color.
• Huge amount of product, much bang for your buck.
• Paraben, Phthalate and sulfate free.

• May not go with your current mascara; should not be used with thickening, tubing or other heavy formulas.
• Application takes practice and time.
• Not waterproof or water-resistant at all.
• Pricey.

All in all, this a good product. It delivers as promised, but the exacting application and specific look may not appeal to everyone. I’d love to see this with an miniature mascara brush or ball wand; I think either would make application faster and easier. But if you’re looking for dark, cinematic lashes that seem to extend for forever, well, here’s looking at you kid.

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11 thoughts on “Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer review”

  1. Oooh, this sounds interesting. I’ve got wimpy lashes so I love anything that will give my lashes major oomph!

    I see that it’s not waterproof or water-resistant, but did you experience any any under eye smudging?

    1. This definitely give oomph!
      I didn’t see a lot of smudging with normal wear, but I definitely wouldn’t sport this on a day with high allergies; I don’t think it will stand up to excessive watering.

  2. I’m already a fan of Hourglass’ amazing Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara, so your review really has my attention, @lyssachelle. I’m not sure if I will invest, but I’m definitely intrigued… Great post!

  3. I love alternative lash products, and this one looks fun. I think the price tag will keep me from getting it for now, but maybe I will add it to my holiday wish list.

  4. This is a four star product for me; a little more pricey than I’d pay for something that is a special occasion product for me. But if you crave oomph like Kari, then this would be a five stars for you!

  5. Oh wow, what an idea. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of, nor have I seen a lash lacquer. I imagine it being pretty messy if you’re not careful. I’m afraid I’m a little too slap-dash in my mascara application (and therefore likely my lash lacquer application, hah) so I don’t think I’d be willing to pay the price for the likelihood of error. Maybe if I can get it on sale!

  6. Ok, I love Hourglass like there’s no tomorrow. But I’m not sold on Lash Lacquer. What it comes down to for me is that I expect for my mascara to give me what Lash Lacquer is saying their 2 step process will give, extra black, super long lashes. It does work, but I found it does take practice. More often then not I ended up with clumpy lashes that were hard to comb through since the product is so latex-y. (it just kind of peeled off.)

    What ended up working best for me was applying it to the tips only. When I applied it to the whole lash, they tended to stick together and give me like 5 super long lashes. But tips only, I did have noticeable longer lashes.

    I also liked it for corner lashes that get missed with a mascara brush.

    But overall, I’d honestly rather have one product that delivered these results, rather than 2, with 1 that’s tricky to apply.

    If you’re a mascara junkie though, I’d say go for it – just because it’s like no other lash product I’ve ever tried. And you’d probably enjoy playing with it. But for me, 3 stars.

  7. Great review @lyssachelle! I totally agree with you @Stef. Even with mascara, one extra step is sometimes one step too many. I love the look but I don’t really know if it’s necessary for me. I received this product and was like, “Hmmm…a little instruction sheet” and got a bit weirded out and nervous because instructions make me antsy. It does take practice, especially with my weird long but thin eyelashes. That said, it looks fab on Stef, and I can tell the difference a bit on me too but I am always in a hurry so this might just be reserved for special times where I have a lot of time to get ready and not for a whole day because most mascaras smudge on me. 3 stars from me, only because while I heart Hourglass, mascara’s one of those things that you return to if if works for you and I probably won’t be returning to this!

  8. I agree with Amanda, I have never heard of such a product, so I am quite intriqued. From what the gals say, this product may be more trouble than it’s worth, but my curiosity is killing me..samples,Hourglass?

  9. Hourglass has this way of making everything look cool and making me think that I need it even when I probably don’t. Darn them!! But thanks for all of the honest reviews. This is why I love WHT.

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