How Long Does Arctic Fox Hair Dye Last? + 7 Tips for Lasting Color

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Addicted to switching up your hair color?

You’re not alone! In fact, fans of bold, vivid hair colors have taken to using semi-permanent hair dyes, which allow them to try new hues as often as they buy new clothes. 

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Of course, it’s a trade-off. You get vibrant hair colors without damaging your hair, but the exciting new hues last only a couple of weeks. 

Enter Arctic Fox hair dye. Created in 2013, this brand promises longer-lasting semi-permanent hair dyes.

But how long does Arctic Fox hair dye last exactly? Is it safe to use? Does it fade completely? 

Read on as we answer these questions in-depth and give you the lowdown on how to keep your hair color fresh, bright, and beautiful for longer! 

What Is Arctic Fox Hair Dye?

Arctic Fox hair dye is a semi-permanent hair color made from vegan ingredients. 

One of the most popular hair dyes on the market, the brand claims to use a cruelty-free formula that bleeds less and lasts longer than other direct dyes.

Each Arctic Fox bottle also includes an added conditioner to moisturize hair while it’s being color-treated. 

Likewise, its ingredient list is free of harsh chemicals found in permanent hair dyes, such as ammonia and peroxide — both of which are notorious for causing hair damage. It’s also sulfate- and paraben-free

With a wide range of 20+ vivid, highly pigmented unnatural hair colors, Arctic Fox hair dyes have been lauded as a must-have for hair color fanatics and newbies alike.

From electric hues like Virgin Pink to soft pastels like Iris Green to dark tones like Transylvania, Arctic Fox has a shade for every mood and personality!   

How Long Does Arctic Fox Last Hair Dye Last?

In general, Arctic Fox Hair Dye lasts for 4 to 8 weeks or 12 to 24 washes on bleached hair. If you have unbleached hair, you can expect it to last around 2 to 4 weeks. 

Folks used to permanent hair dye may find this length of time too short, but in the world of direct dyes, it’s already impressive. Most dye products of this nature last only two to three weeks!

Why? Direct or semi-permanent hair dye works by coating the strands with a temporary color, which means the product will inevitably fade after a few washes. 

In other words, Arctic Fox lasts pretty long! 

That said, the longevity of Arctic Fox dyes varies from individual to individual. Some users may find that it lasts more than a few weeks on their hair, while others may notice fading after their first wash. 

Factors That Affect the Longevity of Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Most hair dye fanatics deal with varying degrees of hair damage, which is why they opt for semi-permanent hair dyes. 

But this leads to an important question: how long does Arctic Fox hair dye last on damaged hair, low-porosity hair, or frequently styled hair? 

The longevity of your hair dye depends on several factors such as the following.

Frequency of wash days 

How often you wash your hair can make a difference in the longevity of your new hair color! 

Frequent washing can make dye fade faster. Even without the help of shampoo, water on its own can rinse color off your strands and contribute to quicker color loss. 

Use of hot water + strong shampoo in the shower 

The #1 nemesis of semi-permanent hair color? Clarifying shampoos! These include detox shampoos and anti-dandruff products. 

After all, these hair cleansers are formulated to remove dirt and buildup from hair, making them all too effective at stripping color off your dyed strands. 

Using hot water in the shower can contribute to fading as well. Exposure to heat — especially hot water — raises the hair cuticle and allows pigments to freely slip off the strands. 

Frequency of swimming

Ever wondered why your hair always looks sun-kissed after you hit the beach? Well, the reason is simple: it’s a combo of the lightening powers of the sun and the ocean! 

Exposure to the sun and saltwater can lift and brighten your natural hair color. Unfortunately, it can have the same effects on color-treated hair and contribute to quick fading.   

Opting for the pool won’t help either. Pool water contains chlorine, which can also lighten hair. 

Use of heat styling tools + styling products

The same principle above applies here. Flat irons, curling irons, blow-dryers, and other heat styling tools apply heat directly to the strands and cause hair cuticles to open up. The result is dull, less vivid hues. 

Alcohol-based styling products can also accelerate dye fading. While not all alcohols are created equal, some can dry out your hair and make it easier for color to fade. 

Take note that most hair sprays and hair gels contain alcohol for fast drying. 

Hair porosity and  health

Dry, damaged strands have a much harder time holding on to color than healthy and moisturized locks. 

So if you’ve skipped the conditioner one too many times and ended up with fried, over-processed hair, you may find that even semi-permanent dyes tend to fade faster on your hair. 

Hair porosity also plays a major role in the longevity of your hair color. 

High-porosity hair is characterized by loose hair cuticles with gaps and holes, which makes moisture and hair color pigments easier to absorb but difficult to retain. 

Basically, highly porous hair absorbs dye fast but lets go of it just as quickly. 

On the flip side, folks with low-porosity hair may have difficulty with both absorbing and maintaining color. 

Choice of color

Lighter hues often fade faster than darker shades since they contain fewer pigments, which explains their short-lived vibrance.  

Plus, dark hair dyes don’t require bleaching to lift your hair cuticles and change your natural hair color. This means they won’t disrupt your hair’s natural pigments and thus latch onto the strands with less effort. 

Easy Tips to Make Arctic Fox Hair Color Last Longer

It’s right there in the name: semi-permanent hair dye — even high-quality products from Arctic Fox — won’t last forever. 

For those looking to make drastic changes to their hair without committing to long-term maintenance, this is great news! 

Still, if you find a shade that suits your complexion and matches your style, you’d want it to last as long as possible. 

Luckily, we’re here to give you some tips on how to extend the life of your Arctic Fox hair dye.

Apply the dye on clean hair

Dirt, grease, and product buildup can interfere with how well hair dye coats your stands. 

So it’s best to cleanse your hair thoroughly before application. Doing this will ensure the dye sticks well and help make it last longer. You can also wash your hair a day prior to dyeing. 

Wash your hair two to three times a week 

This serves two purposes: color retention and hair health. 

Overwashing can strip your hair of its natural oils and lead to dry, brittle hair. Strangely enough, it can also make your scalp produce more oils to compensate for the loss and make your hair overly greasy. 

Washing your hair less often prevents water and shampoo from removing hair color from your strands. 

So refrain from washing your hair every day; two to three times a week will suffice. Make sure as well to use only cold water. 

Top tip: For folks with colored curls, a once-a-week wash may work even better.  

Use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner

A smiling woman washing her hair with shampoo in the shower

Using shampoo or conditioner with sulfate on colored locks is a huge no-no! Sulfates lighten your hair, dry and irritate the scalp, and cause frizz — all of which lead to dull, faded hair colors. 

Instead, choose a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. 

One of our favorite color-safe cleansers is the Aveeno Blackberry Quinoa Protein Blend which contains no parabens or sulfates. 

It’s also specially formulated to make your hair color last longer and strengthen dyed locks. 

Top tip: Use a color-safe dry shampoo to refresh and cleanse your hair in between washes. 

Moisturize your hair

Healthy, well-moisturized strands have a stronger grip on hair dye pigments, keeping them locked in longer.

Make sure to condition your hair regularly and use a deep conditioner to nourish and hydrate your locks further.

Top tip: The Arvazallia Rejuvenating Hair Mask is among the best deep conditioners for color-treated hair on the market! 

Fortified with argan oil, macadamia oil, and aloe vera, it makes your hair softer, shinier, and easier to manage while keeping your new color fresh and vibrant.

Lay off harsh styling products and heat-styling tools 

Curling or straightening your hair takes your style to the next level! Sadly, the opposite is true for your hair color.

To keep your color intact, it’s best to ditch styling tools and alcohol-based styling products. 

If you can’t steer clear of these products altogether, you can turn down the heat on your iron instead to prevent hair damage and color fading. 

You can use alcohol-free hair sprays or hair gels like the Vanicream Hair Styling Gel to set your hair. 

Top tip: The good news is you can find creative ways to style your hair and maintain it without using heat-based tools! Braiding your hair overnight or using trusty ol’ rollers can help you curl your hair without heat. 

Avoid swimming if possible

Want to flaunt your cotton candy curls at the beach? Be careful; you might lose that gorgeous hue in a flash!

It might be a bummer, but staying away from the pool or the ocean can help preserve your hair color more effectively. 

Top tip: If you can’t skip that beach trip you’ve been planning for weeks, you can protect your hair by wearing a swim cap. 

Reduce sun exposure

As much as possible, stay out of the sun! This will benefit both your hair and your skin since it prevents UV rays from wreaking havoc on your skin cells and lightening your hair color. 

Top tip: Using a UV protection spray like the Sun Bum Revitalizing Leave-In Spray can help shield your color-treated hair against sun exposure. 

Does Arctic Fox Fade Completely?

Yes! Unlike permanent hair dye, it doesn’t use oxidizing chemicals to penetrate the hair cuticle and enter the hair cortex to change the color of the hair. 

Simply put, semi-permanent hair dyes like Arctic Fox are meant to be short-term coloring solutions that fade completely after a few weeks to a few months. 

If you want to make it fade more quickly, you can use a clarifying shampoo to get the job done. 

Is Arctic Fox Hair Dye Damaging?

Not at all! Since it’s a direct dye that doesn’t alter the structure of your hair to change its color, it won’t harm your hair in any way. 

Even better, its chemical-free formula features vegan ingredients and an added conditioner to moisturize your hair. 

More FAQs About Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Arctic Fox on Dark Hair: Will It Work?

Yes! Arctic Fox hair dye works on dark brown hair and black hair. 

Take note, though, that the brand’s bright shades will look different on dark, unbleached hair than on light hair.

Shades like Poison, Purple AF, and Phantom Green may be more visible on dark hair. After coloring, you’ll notice light, subtle tints of these shades in your hair, especially in sunlight. 

Now you may be wondering, “How long does Arctic Fox hair dye last on dark, unbleached hair?” Well, it may only take around 2 weeks to 1 month for the color to start fading. 

For vibrant, long-lasting color, you may want to consider bleaching your hair. 

Which Is Better: Arctic Fox or Manic Panic?

Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of these two popular hair color brands to help you make the right choice:

Arctic Fox Manic Panic
  • Intensely vibrant after application
  • Has a vegan, cruelty-free, and non-damaging formula
  • Contains conditioner
  • Lasts four to eight weeks
  • Less bleeding and staining
  • Fewer color options
  • Thick consistency
  • Less vibrant after application
  • Has a vegan, cruelty-free, and non-damaging formula
  • Contains conditioner
  • Lasts four to six weeks
  • More bleeding and staining
  • More color options
  • Thinner consistency

In terms of overall quality and longevity, Arctic Fox is the clear winner. Their hair dyes look bolder and more vibrant, last longer, and stain less. 

The downside is that Arctic Fox can be difficult to apply due to their thick consistency. 

So if you want easier application and a wider range of color choices, Manic Panic is the way to go. 

How Long Should I Leave Arctic Fox In?

The recommended amount of time to leave the dye in is 30 minutes. However, many users leave it in for one to two hours. 

If you’re not sure how long to leave Arctic Fox in to guarantee longevity, you can aim for the middle and leave it in for one hour to be safe.

Do You Put Arctic Fox on Wet or Dry Hair?

Wet hair can prevent semi-permanent dyes from adhering to each strand properly, which can cause uneven application. 

As such, it’s best to apply Arctic Fox to clean, dry hair. 

Enjoy Vibrant Locks with Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Want a brand-new look without the hassle of maintaining a permanent hair color? Go for Arctic Fox hair dyes!

This semi-permanent color allows you to experiment with different hues without damaging your delicate locks or requiring constant upkeep!

a close-up image of a hairstylist applying hair dye on woman's hair using a white brush

How long does Arctic Fox hair dye last? Just four to eight weeks, but you can prevent it from fading too quickly by avoiding exposure to heat and keeping wash days to a minimum. 

So go ahead. Reach for a bottle of Arctic Fox hair dye and express yourself with a bold, unapologetically loud hair color! 

Get more hair dye facts! 

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