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That’s right – we’ve got a couple of coveted slots open on our review team and we’re on the hunt for some creative chicks!

A woman experiementing With just over a year and a half online at we heart this, I can vouch that the question Stef and I hear the most (via emails, comments, friends and family, the mailbox employees) is “How can I become a member of the we heart this review team?”

We’ve got a smart audience; because being a member of this team has a lot of perks. And by ‘perks’ I mean beauty products! Every six to eight weeks our team receives a box of goodies filled with the latest and greatest in bath, body, makeup and home goods to put to test. And it’s all in the name of science – beauty review science, a very specialized field. If you are a beauty junkie and want to add a new creative outlet to your life (while getting a little exposure at the same time), here is your dream job!

make up products (Seriously, just look at Stef’s vanity. And that’s just the items on display!)

Need another reason? If you own your own blog, an etsy store, or write for another site, this is a great opportunity to promote a site while being active on wht. We’re thrilled to say our site is growing more popular every day (thanks guys!) and we’re currently ranked in the top 25,000 sites in the United States and just cracking 13,000 in the city of Los Angeles. (Source: Alexa) Or, if you have been meaning to start a blog, but just haven’t had the time to start, here’s a great way to get active in blogging with a dedicated community of fabulous women.

We’re expanding our review team by a handful of members and we’re looking for a few wht type chicks to add to our crew.

What are we looking for in a wht team member? Between Stef and I (and our current group of fantastic writers), we’ve got the beauty thing covered. (though if that’s your true specialty, and we absolutely NEED you, let us know!) But we’re especially looking for new writers with a passion for, or experience in some of our additional loves and obsessions. While we’re open to any story ideas you feel would interest the wht readers, we’ve especially interested in writers in these fields:

Fashion – from vintage finds to designer names, we love some shopping and style advice.
Crafting – great with thread and needle? A DIY queen? We’re always looking for ways to get crafty.
Home and Décor – we would love a decorating diva to turn to for all of our style dilemmas.
Food and Drink – have a stash of recipes you want to share with the world? Now’s the time).
Green Living ladies – from eco friendly products to veggie cooking, our readers are always going greener.

Of course, wht is a bit of everything, so if you’ve got an interest in more than one of these fields, all the better! Let us know what type of stories you want to write for wht – we can’t wait to hear from all of the amazing women out there!

In exchange for fabulous boxes full of products sure to make you squeal (review team members say it’s like having a birthday six times a year!) we ask for 3 tiny things from you:

  • Author one post per month for the wht site. Your column will include a credit and blurb with links to your blog (if you have one).
  • Leave a comment to review and rate every product you received.
  • Be active in the wht community. No product to review on any given day? Pop in and say hi and show your fellow writers some support. We’re looking for someone who can give us a few minutes of their day, every day.

Ready to apply? Hold on a moment! Do you have what it takes? The ideal wht team member is…

  • Honest – first and foremost, we need our testers to be truthful about their product findings.
  • Reliable – very simple, disappear and so will your fabulous deliveries.
  • A writer at heart – if you like to write, it usually shows.

Sound good? Here’s how you apply:

1. Email us with the Subject: wht Tester Application.
2. In a few sentences, let us know what what you think you can add to the wht review and writing team.
3. Then include an approximately 100-200 word “story” for the wht site (we will not publish any application), so we can get an idea of your writing style.

Other things to let us know in the email:
* Photography skills are a big bonus – if you can take a good photograph (meaning in focus, bright, pretty), please include ONE jpeg example of your work.
* If you have a blog (or contribute to one) please include the name and URL.
* We’re an oily bunch apparently – if you have Dry Skin (and are willing to test on it), please let us know.
* Make sure to share any specialty you think will help your posts (good cook, organic fanatic, fashionista, pop culture connoisseur, etc.)

We’ll be accepting entries till Wednesday, September 1st. We’ll email you if you’re chosen and expect a review box soon after that!

Now get writing…


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  1. This is just the greatest job that anyone can ask for. It has been an excellent creative outlet for me.

    I have written for other sites before and my experiences working with @stef and @tyna have been exceptional in comparison.

    The WHT review team is a very positive and supportive bunch. And the perks ie. goodie boxes are out of this world! The best in the business!

    If you are willing to do a little bit of work you will get a huge payoff and make some great friends in the process. I highly recommend joining the WHT review team!

  2. My six months or so as a wht tester have taught me a big lesson: it’s not work if you love what you’re doing, and I’ve loved every minute doing this!

    @kellie76 highlighted the major perks—- not just the goodie boxes, which really are like Christmas Day or your birthday every two months, filled with all kinds of extraordinary products. Picture a pirate opening a treasure chest. That’s what I’m like opening a box from @Stef and @Tyna! But it’s been just as cool being a part of this fun, upbeat community of interesting people! I’m always learning something from them: a link, a tip, a recipe, a charity.

    Trust me, it’s so worth the “work” required of a tester. I wish I could do this full-time!

  3. I can’t wait to see who fills these positions and what their point of view is.

    Good Luck to everyone that applies!

  4. Last time the application process came up I recommended it to 2 of my friends, one of which got the “job”. Seeing how much fun she is having I was so jealous I didn’t apply myself. Well, I did this time and I hope I get it, the products and community just keep getting better and better.

  5. If you’re even thinking for one moment that you’d like to apply, do it! Being a part of the WHT Review Team is a great experience. Not only do you get to chill with a bunch of great people, but you can connect with them in a whole new way.
    Like the other testers have said, getting the test box is GREAT (like, seriously great, LOL) but it’s not the best part. You can promote your site, get your name out there, show off your creative skills, and meet some great new friends!

  6. OMG!! This is actually a little weird…last night I was looking on your blog at the new MAC collection and I was thinking that the testers are very lucky people and I was wondering how did they get THE job! :) And this morning I see this… thank you! (I so hope I’ll get it :) )

  7. As a review team member for a little over a year now, I can tell you that this is one of the very best gigs you’ll ever have. I absolutely agree with @mandaleem–if you are even thinking for a moment that you’d like to do this, APPLY. You will not regret it. It’s like having your birthday once a month (those boxes are unbelievable) but that’s not even the best part (not by a long shot). @tyna and @stef, along with the community they’ve created here, are awesome beyond words. Really, it’s the most warm and welcoming place on the net because, for me, it’s filled with amazing women who all have common interests (and common obsessions!) and well, you can’t get much better than that, right?

    As the Nike folks say, just do it.

  8. Hooray for a few more good women to join the WHT clan! Smart women want straightforward answers. The women’s world loves and needs to hear a clear, sound voice in this day and age of confusion. We refuse to be buffaloed by smoke and mirrors! Welcome in advance, lucky ones! America, not only the land of opportunity, it’s the land of great women coming together with great minds, opinions and solutions to every problem imaginable!
    You will adore, as we all do working with the best of the best, @Tyna and @Stef!

  9. @Tyna – are y’all looking for tips on dog training or bathing a dog or just general doggy stuff? I’ve always been curious!

  10. whoa, @stef! Haha. My makeup stash pales in comparison. Which is an advantage of reviewing for WHT- you will build your stash! Disadvantage: You will find yourself NEEDING that new defrizz cream or face wash. And you’ll be hooked, just like that. :)

    Once @tyna and @stef offered me the how-to column, I felt like I found my niche at wht. They are very supportive and encouraging! It’s a great experience for me to work with people that are not in the crafting realm – it gives me a different viewpoint! And I think it has that benefit for any wht member.

  11. Really this is one of the most fun things I have done. @tyna and @stef are the best! They really make you feel special and one of the team. And if something isn’t working for you they are quick to help out!

    Good luck to all who apply!

  12. I absolutely love love LOVE being part of the WHT team. I can never thank @stef and @Tyna enough for creating such a fantastic site! Not just because I get that magical box of awesome every couple of months, but because this is a really great community full of fascinating and supportive women. It’s been one of the most enjoyable and fun jobs I’ve ever had and I feel very fortunate to write for this great site!

    So to anyone considering this: Apply! It’s totally worth it! And good luck!

  13. This is absolutely perfect!! I really wanted to know how to apply for this, and I’m glad to know how. I think I’ll get started right away :D

  14. I am very interested in applying. Not only do I have dry skin but I also have eczema. So testing beauty products have been a life long experiment for me. I’ll have to get working on a sample. Looks like I have another reason to kick my bad procrastinating habits!

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