How to: Scarf gift wrapping

How to: Scarf gift wrapping

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present wrapped in an orange scarfFor the longest time, I seemed to hoard scarves. I never wear them, so it was a kind of puzzling collection. But every single thrift store I ever go into has a basket full of them, usually priced somewhere in the 25 cents to $1.00 range. Brightly colored, fabulously patterned, and a really beautiful snapshot of whatever era they are from; geometrics from the 50’s, daisies from the 60’s, wild stripes from the 70’s. I just couldn’t pass them up. I think it was about the time that I filled an entire drawer and 2 shopping bags that I knew I better come up with a use for them…

It came easily, gift wrap! No paper or tape involved, so it’s totally reusable and a clever way to be green. I get to pick a scarf that either matches the gift on the inside or is a favorite color of the recipient. I get to share my obsession with friends. And best of all, I get to keep buying them. Hooray, everyone wins!

scarf with a hose and a scar with women in pink dresses with green leavesThis is so easy and really doesn’t need a step by step guide. But I will list a couple of simple tips for you…

Tip One: start buying scarves! Like I said, thrift stores always have them and for very little money. It’s an accessory that hasn’t really had popularity in awhile. Personally I think it would be sweet if we started wearing scarves over our hairdos on windy days. But until someone brings it back into fashion, a quarter can get you something really cute. Check out 2 of my favorites, a very Hermes looking horse print and a collectable homage to the musical South Pacific. (That’s the other good thing about this, you get to keep the really special ones. At least that’s what I do. But I’m stingy.)

Tip Two: Iron them (unlike I did for the picture of my favorites above). It makes for a much neater presentation and easier folding. Use a low setting if you’re unsure of the material.

present wrapped in an orange scarfTip Three: If you can choose the box, square boxes work best.

Tip Four: A knot or bow that may look good on one shape may not work on another. But a tie that I do use often is the one shown. To achieve it, tie catty-corner ends together, then tie the other 2 directly on top of it. Like so!

As with anything practice makes perfect. I tend to never wrap 2 boxes alike. But these gifts are always guaranteed to be appreciated. People will think you’re very clever (and you can totally say it’s your idea, I don’t mind. That will make me feel better for being stingy with my good scarves.) And as with all of our we heart this how to’s, when people start fussing over how cute it is, you get to proudly exclaim “I did that!”

22 thoughts on “How to: Scarf gift wrapping”

  1. OMG, why did I never think of that before? If you ask anybody I’ve gifted things to, I’m all about the presentation, so wrapping a scarf around a present is something I so need to do now. That is a genius idea! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks everybody! I thought you might like this, and it’s super simple.

    Katie, I’m with you, bring back the scarf! Tied to a purse, or your head, around your neck-anywhere!

  3. I love this idea! Seriously, I never thought to use scarves to gift wrap things!

    I’m going to try this out one day for sure.. :)

  4. As the recipient of one of Stef’s scarf-wrapped gifts, I can say they make a beautiful presentation and lasting impact. I love wrappings and bow and ribbon, but always feel guilty about the waste, not too mention all those pretty papers and extras can be pricey. Here’s a simple, cheap and lovely solution your friends will love – and it really makes the gift stand out. Love the idea of finding a scarf to coordinate with the present, the season or specific holiday.

  5. This is brilliant! I have a basket of scarves that I don’t know what to do with. It’s hard to pass them up when you see them in thrift stores for under $1.00. I currently use them as decoration on top of tables, dressers, and bookshelves. They add a nice pop of color to a room. You can also use a small decorative hanky (with the point facing down) underneath a framed picture. I’ve also used large ones as a swag over drapes or as tiebacks.
    My goal is to find an authentic Hermes scarf at a thrift store.
    I would also like to wear them again. They look so jaunty tied around the neck or as a headband trailing from beneath your hair. I just feel too self conscious to do this!

  6. So simple and so freaking clever! I don’t know if I could part with any of mine though.

    I’ve got a bit of a scarf fetish. Around my neck I roll them into small, 1 inch thick bands then tie them. It’s not as quite as “look at me, I’m wearing a scarf!” as a a triangle fold is. I like them as headbands too.

    Nicole, you should tie them to your purse. It’s a good way to get a bit of color.

    But I agree with you, let’s bring back the hair-do scarf! So much classier than a baseball hat for dirty hair days.

  7. I have never thought of doing this before! I love making gift presentations and using a scarf around the gift is something I will start doing now. What a great idea. This will come in handy for the Holidays. Thanks

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