How to apply MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow

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Plus, the best brow tip I’ve EVER received

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow 

There are two constants that you should know going into this post (and look at me getting all mathy on you!):

1. I absolutely love MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua products. Developed for the Parisian Aqua Ballet, they’re long-lasting and absolutely crease proof. Aqua Rouge, Aqua Eyes, Aqua Cream – I’ve honestly loved every one I’ve tried.

2. I have crazy, sparse eyebrows. Years of plucking have left me very eyebrow challenged.

So, one day when chatting with a makeup artist friend of mine (the fab Shannon Park) about our mutual love of MUFE and what our favorite products were, she dropped this on me; “Aqua Brow is water and sweat proof and looks very natural with moderate brush skills.”

Now, I may have only remedial math skills but I knew this equaled me getting Aqua Brow ($20) pronto. And that’s how I met my favorite brow product ever.

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

It’s a small tube (.23 oz). But a tiny bit goes a long way. That little dot shown above is all I need for both brows. I’ve had my tube for four months and there’s not even a dent in it.

Aqua Brow is a lightweight creamy gel that feel like nothing on your skin, yet delivers a HUGE amount of pigment. And like all of their Aqua products, once it’s on, it’s on until you want it off! Available in seven shades, their lightest one (#10 light blonde) is perfect for my light brown brows. Always go slightly lighter when you’re picking your brow products. You’ll get a much more natural looking result.

Ready to see how it works, get a peek at my crazy brows and learn the brow product application tip that blew my mind?

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

Here’s the finished product, a natural looking brow!

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

And here’s pre-product crazy brow.

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

I don’t know what I’m smiling about with a brow like that!

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

Here’s the tip (straight from a makeup artist in MUFE’s Los Angeles store): Push your hairs out of the way and apply the product directly to your skin.

It seems like such a small thing. But not only do products adhere to your skin better than hair, they won’t just sit on top of your hair or get built up in it. You apply it to your skin, then brush or push the hair back over top of your product covered skin for the most natural looking result. Try it, minds will be blown. BLOWN!

(This was shared in relation to Aqua Brow, but it helps with application for any brow product.)

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

To apply Aqua Brow, use a slanted tip brush and short, small strokes (like you were painting on hairs). Of course, when I’m feeling lazy a straight ol’ line works pretty decent too! I like to use a spoolie brush to put my hair back in place and blend it all when I’m done.

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

Poof, no more crazy brow.

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua brow

And that is truly something to smile about. Add MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow to my list of all things aqua.

we heartsters, former plucker-happy readers and MUFE addicts – will you be checking this out?


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  1. Okay, it is RARE that I get surprised by a product anymore. I’m a bit…enthusiastic, so I’ll definitely get excited and squeal about a new line, collection, color, etc. But I’ve been a beauty junkie for so long that new products mostly make me go, “Oh neat!” But this post got me SO EXCITED, I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU.
    A rather zealous wax/pluck job when I was in theatre and needed 1950’s brows left me with the inner corners looking a little spare. Okay, a LOT sparse. I use brow powder daily, but it is so easy for me to overdo it and give me Joan Crawford brows.
    But this looks A-MAZING. Yay for a wide range of shades and YAY for waterproof! I’m in Texas and we are about to hit prime “sweat you face off” season. I’m picking this up this weekend, the only question is do I need dark brown or brown black….

    1. @lyssachelle – you will be AMAZED by this if you’re brow challenged. As for color, go lighter – I don’t think you’d need brown black unless your eyebrows are truly black.

  2. Thank you, @Stef, because I was holding my breath until you reviewed this (I can finally let it out . . .). How unique! My brows are challenged as well. What a fascinating way to fill in sparse areas and create an absolutely natural-looking brow. I think I’m in love with this. Waterproof? Bring it on! I sweat like crazy in summer’s heat. It’s magical.

    1. Have to say that I love your eyeliner as well. IT WORKS. Too many women do a truly exagerrated cat eye and it’s not flattering. Yours is both delicate and sexy at the same time!

    2. Thanks @gigi – I always feel like I look really silly with anything on my bottom lashes (just too made up) so that’s maybe why my cat eye looks a bit more subtle.

  3. All I can say is “DUH” to myself about that tip! It makes perfect sense too. How have I not done this yet is beyond me. Will definitely be working on my brows this way from now on starting tomorrow! Thanks @Stef and Shannon!

    1. Yeah, I felt the same way @mandabear – it was an “of COURSE!” sort of moment when I learned it!

    2. Add me to the “well, duh” column! I never thought of working with my brow products directly on the skin, but it makes so much sense.

      In general, I have decent brows – pretty full and dark, but I have this weird stress thing where I rub my eyebrow with my finger when I’m deep in thought (can’t believe I’m admitting that online) and sometimes I rub the hairs away. Will be using this trick the next time I need a little help with my brows.

  4. That is amazing–your brow looks PERFECT! I am always kind of a scaredy-cat about messing w/my brows…my deep dark secret is that one brow is higher than the other! But I feel like I could use this to subtly correct my asymmetrical situation…

    1. Oh thanks @amity! I don’t know about perfect, but this stuff sure makes them better! I think you could absolutely use this for symmetry. It’s so subtle.

  5. @stef showed me how to do this last time we paid a visit and then did mine. Easy to do and I was impressed with how well it makes your brows look great!
    You’re such a good teacher Stef and your brows look lovely!

  6. @Stef – this is such a great post/tutorial! I hope lots of our readers have learned a little something thanks to you and our makeup artist pal Shannon!

    Speaking of Miss Shannon we shared another of her makeup routine altering tips here – The Secret to Smudge Proof Eye Makeup – and this ‘secret’ has made a world of difference for my once always smudged eyes!

  7. Wow, that does a mighty fine job of filling in sparse brows! I find that after a flannel-filled winter, my brows are a little sparse (I swear the flannel sheets just rip the brow hairs out…). I’ll be checking out this bad boy…hopefully I find a good shade match. I have very dark brows and it’s easy for me to look all Joan Crawford if the shade is wrong…

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