I Got Injectables in My Face and Here’s What Happened: part two

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Previously on we heart this, I shared the prep involved for my first experience with injectables. While I’m waiting to get my official “after” shots (they were taken this week, so it’s coming soon!), enjoy my pre/during/post pic above, from “I’m nervous” to “not so bad” to “oh…wow!” I also wanted to give you a mini we heart science lesson on what Restylane is and how it works. No thinking caps required, I’ll break it down…

Restylane is a dermal filler that has been made for over 20 years. It was the first non-animal product filler on the market. It uses hyaluronic acid (let’s call it HA), which is a molecule composed of sugars and an ingredient naturally found in every cell of your body, but in larger quantities in skin, cartilage and connective tissues.

HA attracts and retains water almost like a sponge. With it, you’ve got healthy joints and supple skin. But as you get older and it depletes, you’re looking at achy joints and dry skin with less elasticity. Boooooo!

Which is what makes HA an obvious choice as an ingredient in Restylane. It attracts and holds water, creating volume with a soft texture. It generally does not cause allergic reactions and it degrades naturally in the body over time.

Here’s where it gets interesting…Restylane uses this natural ingredient in combination with synthetic ingredients to create its family of products. The difference in the products is the cross-linking stabilization process that takes place, resulting in different sized particles within the product for different effects in the targeted area. A larger particle will create a firmer support, so Restylane-Lyft is for a larger area of the face where you want stable volume, such as the cheeks. A smaller particle will be softer and more fluid, so Restylane Silk will easily fill smaller crevices in lips but still have a pliable feel. Think gelatin versus pudding, both soft but gelatin keeps a firmer shape.

Got all that science, my fellow beauty geeks? I can’t wait to share the before and after pics with you. I’ll also answer the question I’ve heard most during this process “Does it hurt?” Until then, I definitely have one big tip for you: even if you are only in the thinking stage of getting fillers and/or injectables, sign up for Galderma’s ASPIRE Rewards program. It will give you simple ways to earn exclusive rewards, bonuses and discounts, should decide to move forward.

Want to read the other post in this series? Check out Part One. See you back here soon for Part Three!


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  1. Before, after, you’re just a gorgeous lady, @stef!

    That being said, is it wrong that I’m kind of looking forward to getting old? And I mean OLD. Like, CREEPY old. Like, the kind of old where children think I’m a scary old crone and when I point my arthritic index finger at them, they feel cursed? Because I’m super looking forward to that. :D

  2. @stef — You are such a tease . . . I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear more . . . please post Part 3 SOON!!

  3. GAHHHH I wanna see! I love that you’re sharing this with us. I’ve been thinking of getting botox in my forehead recently.

  4. Teaser! I want to see your “after” shot!
    Very interesting lesson about Restalyne… I’ve used great topical products containing hyaluronic acid, so it makes sense that this ingredient works even better as an injectable.

  5. I’m on the brink of deciding about filler for under my eyes. The Galderma link is much appreciated. Looking forward to the ‘after’ and your observations post procedure

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