If you want to go green, you can Kiss My Face

If you want to go green, you can Kiss My Face

“Face” is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Kiss My ____” but Kiss My Face, the latest Green Monday worthy line to dazzle the wht review team, is ten kinds of eco-fabulous and definitely caught my attention with the fun, quirky name!

What I love more than the name, though, is the philosophy behind the brand and the price tags on their products. Kiss My Face is an independent company that focuses on sustainability over quantity. Even better, they believe we all should be able to afford and enjoy natural products made with organic ingredients.

Because Kiss My Face is a drugstore brand, the prices are phenomenal – reasonable enough to try out the whole line without flinching. I tried out a trio of products, the Peach Moisture Soap, the Dazzling Duo Glosses set and the Clean for a Day Creamy Face Cleanser; a total of four quality pieces for less than 30 bucks, with the Peach Moisture Soap coming in under 5!

And as for that product philosophy? Kiss My Face has been at the front of the organic movement for over 25 years, and they have proven that organic products work – as a business practice, for their customers and our planet. Organic products are better for the environment because they generate fewer harmful by-products, and replenish the soil rather than depleting it.

With that in mind all Kiss My Face products are created as much as possible with all-natural and organic ingredients. They don’t use any artificial coloring, so what you see is what you get. Plus, many of the herbs used in Kiss My Face products are grown and harvested by indigenous peoples, allowing them a source of income and the preservation of their own lifestyles.

As a long-time vegetarian, my favorite thing about Kiss My Face is their respect for our furry friends. They use absolutely no animal products and do not test on animals. I don’t know about you guys, but this alone makes me want to buy a company’s products over the competition.

Time to talk soap. First, I must mention that I have über-sensitive skin, and I just love the Peach Moisture Soap ($5.29). It can be used anywhere – as a hand soap in the bath or kitchen, all over the body in the shower and even as a shaving cream. It’s been a lifesaver for me this summer – I’ve been using it on my legs in lieu of shaving cream. It helps get a close shave without any itchiness, redness or reaction from my skin. Plus the pump dispenser is so simple and handy when shaving in the shower – no metal can to pick up and shake and hold down (and no chance of rusty rings in the tub from the bottom of the can – genius). If you are ultra sensitive to scents, they also have a Fragrance Free version!

The Dazzling Duo Glosses set ($10.99) contains a Sheer Organic Shimmer (glistening balm-like wash of natural mineral color) and a Sheer Organic Shine (shiny gloss in a tube) in matching hues (3 sets available; Ruby, Garnet and Opal). The soft Organic Shimmer reminded me of a Burt’s Bees shimmer stick that I used to adore, creamy moisturizing and sheer, shiny color.

Finally, the Clean For A Day Creamy Face Cleanser ($15.49) from the Potent and Pure collection is a soap free cleanser for normal to dry skin. This simply packaged creamy wash promises to remove dirt and makeup while moisturizing skin using organic ingredients like jojoba oil and Ester C – the most “absorbable form of vitamin C“. I’ll leave the bulk of my thoughts in the comments but I the yummy scent, vanilla and tangerine, is pretty fabulous – sweet, bright and not overdone.

The lucky review team tested a slew of Kiss My Face products, so make sure to check the comments for their reviews – we’ll see other items like the Brightening Day Creme, another Potent and Pure product that helps to even out skin tone and minimize discolorations; In the Pink Shower Gel, a playful and pink body soap scented with grapefruit and lemongrass scents, as well as the Whenever Shampoo and Conditioner, designed for frequent use for all hair types and infused with green tea and lime.

If you’ve had the chance to try any Kiss My Face products in the past, what did you think? Love it? Leave it? What’s your go-to Kiss product?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. It also contains an affiliate link, a link that gives us a small commission if you purchase the item. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.



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17 thoughts on “If you want to go green, you can Kiss My Face”

  1. Cori

    I have seen Kiss my Face products all the time but never knew if it was worth my time to try out. Now I’m intrigued and must try the Fragrance Free version of the peach soap and the face wash! Thanks for the great post @shrimpsaladcircus

  2. stef

    I always remember Kiss my Face being one of the first beauty lines in Health Food stores that really intrigued me. So, for a shout out to that hippy intro, I chose to test the Moisture Shave in Peaceful Patchouli (plus Patchouli always makes me think of my Mom, she loves it!)

    There is nothing not to love about this. It does exactly what it says it will! It’s in a pump, so it’s easy to dispense. The Patchouli scent is light, just a hint of earthy spice that smells amazing. The lotion suds nicely and leaves you feeling really moisturized. I totally prefer this to a shaving cream!

    5 stars for this health store classic.

  3. vampyvarnish

    I’m glad to know that there is a fragrance-free version of the moisture soap, though I do love a peach scent normally. I have tried quite a few of their products in the past and really liked them.

    My only complaint about their products is sometimes the scent is a little too “earthy” for my tastes, but I know some people like that!

  4. Katie

    I’ve gotta be honest, I wasn’t impressed with my Kiss My Face product. I tested the Honey Calendula – Ultra Moisturizer. It looks and smells like honey, which is fine (very earthy, as Kelly said). But it also feels like honey! It doesn’t blend into the skin well because it is a bit sticky (very reminiscent of the honey Le Couvent products that Bath & Body Works used to carry). I would only recommend this product if you are serious honey lover!

  5. christy

    I’m like you @turboterp I always look at these and kind of want to buy their products but haven’t yet.. but after reading this great review I am definitely going to pick up a product or two next time Im at Whole Foods :)

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    I’ve seen Kiss My Face often in the drugstore for years, but never thought much about it. Although I consider myself eco-friendly, I hardly ever think green or organic when it comes to my cosmetics. I am one of those people who sometimes believe if it is made with “natural” ingredients than it doesn’t work.

    The tinted moisturizer matched my skin color very well. My look wasn’t a flawless mask, but an even natural look. It asborb quickly, but there was a slight greasiness to it. If you have dry skin, this would be a benefit. My skin is very oily in the summer. The texture is very light and there is hardly any scent. It is also very affordable–around $9 in the drugstores. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. I’d buy it again.

    It was my chance to put my believes to the test when I was given Kiss My Face Tinted Moisturizer in Clay to review. KMF claims that their mineral based tints provide sheer coverage that’s natural; are enriched with Ester-C; and are oil-free, fragrance-free, sheer color while protecting against UVA/UVB rays with SPF 8.

  7. glamazon56

    I bought the shower gel in Peaceful Patchouli and I love it too! Like @stef, I love the light smell that isn’t overpowering and says ‘ecologically responsible’ rather than ‘Burning Man’. (Although I have nothing against Burning Man….) he he!

  8. spitfire77

    I tested the Kiss My Face 3 Way Color in “Amber”, which is a rich looking, dark bronze color. It can be used on lips, eyes and cheeks. While I liked the smell and this worked well as a liquidy balm, I felt like it was too oily for my already slightly oily face, to be used on my eyes and cheeks. It didn’t have enough coverage or pigment and looks more like a subtler cream blush. I think it might have worked better for me in a different color, more pink maybe? All in all, I do like it on my lips and I love that these are affordable, green choices. I really want to try the Peach soap…I’m a big peach fan! I give this 4 stars for being an affordable green line that has lots of versatility.

  9. nouveaucheap

    Great review, @shrimpsaladcircus!

    I am a huge, long-time fan of KMF, and I’d like to let it be known that I have used Kiss My Face Moisture Shave for going on 15 yrs straight without ever wavering (except for the very occasional product review for my blog, but I’ve yet to review a single shaving product that has even come close to it).

    I swear to you, KMF Moisture Shave is the best shaving cream on the planet, bar none! It’s got enough slip to never leave you with razor burn, yet it’s not so thick that it prevents you from getting a nice, close shave. Plus, it really is moisturizing and I often can skip lotion altogether after shaving. I just cannot say enough good things about this product and I rave about it every single chance I get (like I’m doing right now).

    And the fact that you can get it at CVS, Target, Albertsons, etc. makes it all the better. I never have to be without it. Plus, the Key Lime scent is so subtle yet so delicious. It’s my current fave (though I went years just using Peaches & Cream).

    Anyway, so yeah, I love me some KMF. :)

  10. mandaleem

    I have had a love affair with KMF since high school. Back then my trigonometry teacher had a huge bottle of KMF lotion on her desk and I LOVED to stop at her desk and get a pump of it before and after class. I still associate that smell with her!
    I received KMF Whenever Shampoo and Conditioner to test. I’ve never tried this set because I have eczema and typically use a medicated shampoo. However, that shampoo tends to build up on my strands and make my hair feel… icky. The Whenever shampoo and conditioner- which smells Ah-Maze-Ing- has now become my go-to set for refreshing my hair after a long week of medicated shampoos. I love it! It lathers up nicely, the smell is bright and creamy all at once, and my hair feels squeaky clean after I’ve used it.
    KMF is a great “gateway” product for those trying to green up their beauty routines. It’s inexpensive (in terms of organic products) and available everywhere! Seriously, once you’ve tried it you’ll have a hard time going back.

  11. kari

    I got to try the 3-Way color for lips, eyes and cheeks in Heather. I’ve been quite fond of KMF soaps, but have never tried their makeup before and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.

    Generally 3 in 1 kind of scares me because I’m not convinced one color will work for all 3 areas, but I have to say this was a lovely neutral color and depending on how much product you build up it can go from barely there glow for day, to a lovely pearly shimmer at night. It’s perfect for summer and didn’t feel overly greasy or heavy on my lids and cheeks and blended beautifully.

    Added bonus? It has a nice fruity smell (thanks to 100% NATURAL fruit flavors!), olive and mango butters and an SPF 8 built in.

    I give it 4 stars and will definitely continue using KMF products!

  12. Cori

    You may not know this, but I’m a very nonobservant person. My boyfriend shaved off his beard and left a mustache and I didn’t notice until he pointed it out. So maybe you will be a little understanding when you see that I’m just now realizing that the new faveorite lip balm i have been falling for is in fact KMF Soothing Blam with extra virgin olive butter. :)

    I have been pulling out the Olive My Body soothing balm every night before I go to bed and every morning after I brush my teeth to coat my dry lips. And the virgin olive butter gives instant relief like no other chap stick I have used in the past. It’s long lasting too. I put this on first and then a gloss and my lips have never felt better. You can also use this balm for dry nails, cuticles, elbows, and knees. I have even used it on my calluses on my feet before bed and they aren’t as rough as they were before. And don’t worry, the virgin olive butter doesn’t make you smell like you are going to cook yourself! There isn’t really a scent that I noticed, unless you put your nose right up to it, then maybe a light citrus smell, which is good! 5 stars from this nonobservant but very grateful lady!

  13. tyna

    I tested the In The Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel and must say, I wasn’t blown away. While I am a fan of Kiss My Face products and have had great luck with their products (especially my faves the Moisture Soaps and Lip Balms) this one wasn’t a hit.

    I did like the scent – not too sweet or strong. But I took exception with the foam – or lack of foam. A large size bit of gel (at least 2 quarters) produces a very anemic amount of suds. I had to use way too much product (with a cloth) to get a semigood lather going. I would ding 1 star for this, but as the In The Pinks lead sentence promises a “foam party” and a “foamtastic time” – without delivering, I have to go with 3 for this product.

    Sorry, KMF, but don’t worry, I’ll continue to buy the unscented Moisture Soap forever!

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