IMATS haul photos - the evidence

IMATS haul photos – the evidence

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Hubby, did you hear that? Someone outside just called you. It sounded urgent too. You really should stop reading this and go see what’s up….

Is he gone? Oh, good – it’s time for my IMATS haul post! And he doesn’t need to see this. Read on for a closer look.

I’ve always wanted one of these Illumin8 Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. But for some reason the $40 price tag was always a tough one for me. They were $24 at IMATS and No. 4 (called Carnival) became mine. But wow, was it a hard choice, they’re all stunning.

I ended up coming home with five OCC Loose Color Pigments. The colors are bright and amazing, and the formula is the best loose powder I have EVER tried. I choose four greens (yes, I need help) and one cornflower blue. Clockwise from the top left, they are: Nori, Wasabi, Static, Lafayette and Bitmap. These were gifted by the uber fab founder David.

And you know I couldn’t leave without some Lip Tars. I couldn’t resist Cha Cha, Trollop and Trick. Holy heck, wait till I show you the Lip Tar trick I learned from the fab Rachel Rose Desimone. You’ll die, literally.

I was surprisingly restrained at Make Up For Ever (maybe because it was our first stop). But I couldn’t resist Lab Shine Diamond Collection gloss in DS a sheer, glittery magenta (omg, I just realized that’s a Duran Duran reference! No wonder I felt drawn to buy it.) and Aqua Liner in #6, a glittery, dark navy.

I also picked up an Aqua Cream in #5, which is NARS Orgasm in a gorgeous, creamy pot.

The Canadian line Lise Waiter is one I had heard of, but never tired. This lil’ bit of gorgeous is called the Duo Shadow and Glitter and my selection is called Golden Taupe. As if the cream portion wasn’t pretty enough, check out the glitter side…

I know! These are regularly $25, but were $15 at IMATS. I bought the last one and Tyna was totally jealous!

This Royal and Langnickel brush set was a gift to everyone who attended their kick off party on Friday night. It’s a 12 piece limited edition set of their synthetic silk brushes, similar to this one, but with rubberized handles and a silver case. It’s pretty much perfection!

I did have to buy this Royal and Langnickel Kabuki brush too. $7, as soft as a bunny…

Oh Inglot, how I love thee! Picking the shadows that went in this customized palette was one of my favorite moments of IMATS. It didn’t hurt that this five pan was only $24 (almost 50% off).

I’ll admit, I was convinced I was going to skip Naked Cosmetics the first time we stopped at the booth. I was kind of annoyed that you had to buy the colors in sets of six. But then I got a demo of the Ebony set, and that was all she wrote.

Check that out.

And a bit of water turns them into this. I was slayed by visions of eye lining with these. They were also only $30 (half off the regular price).

Kleancolor nail lacquers were three for $5, what did I have to lose? Shown from left: Neon Blue, Shooting Star and Neon Yellow.

These LA Splash lipglosses in Barely There and Lover’s Lane are like me in gloss form. They were $7 each, which annoys me now, as I paid full price. But the prettiness of them helps soothe my pain.

These Cinema Secrets Micro Scissors had me at hello. The blades are only a quarter of an inch long and perfect for any delicate place you’d like to rid of hair. I paid $20 for them ($5 off).

Finally, as proof of how sweet, generous and utterly fabulous the Napoleon Perdis crew were, press received the Swept Away Kit in Coral. What’s in it?

A shadow quad, a blush duo and…

…this little bit of perfect.

I urge everyone within the sound of my tapping keyboard to visit IMATS when it rolls through your town. I haven’t had this much fun in ages!

22 thoughts on “IMATS haul photos – the evidence”

  1. OOOh. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this post!! @Stef, what a haul.

    I have Nars in Orgasm so I’m really intrigued by that Aqua Cream #5. I love MUF as it is so I’m definitely going to look into that….Those Naked Cosmetics shadows look absolutely amazing. I also wish they didn’t sell them in groups of 6, but just looking at the color and intensity of them – I think it’d be worth it. Plus, $10/each isn’t bad.

    I also can’t wait for the tips on the OCC lip tar. I have NSFW and I’m thinking of getting Grandma next.

  2. You have a cool job and live in a great place @stef. IMATS doesn’t come anywhere close to where I live; it appears they only do coastline cities, which I don’t live near (and absolutely forbid myself to live in. I couldn’t handle the fears, people. My dad was ARMY, PEOPLE, ARMY. Not Navy. These things called earthquakes and hurricanes and tsunamis? They send me screaming to the flat, very boring wheat fields of Iowa.) I mean, I do live near a “coastline city,” but not the kind you think. Mine’s a lake coastline, not an ocean one! IMATS needs to come to a lake coastline.

    The brush set is beautiful, but I think the rubber handles would bug me. I like to be able to turn my brush around and move to a “clean” spot in my head. I also like to move my hand up and down easily. Rubber is sort of like super glue for me; it makes my hand stick to one spot and I can’t move my hand so easily (i.e. it aggravates me to no end).

    Have you ever seen the Hakuhodo brushes? I’m saving up to purchase some of those. Those are DIVINE. The S100 Series is the top of the line series. I drool over those brushes. I would die and go to heaven if I even got the brushes I want of the S100 series (most of them are in the 8 piece set and that’s $369!)

    The Naked Cosmetics eyeshadows look pretty. You should swatch the rest of them wet and do all them dry so we can oogle over them.

  3. Oh my god I am so jealous and I desperately need to know what your lip tar trick is.

    Can’t believe Napoleon Perdis were there though – they’re a massive cheapie brand notorious for rebranding here in Australia :)

    1. Hi Clare! Thanks for the comment – I’ll be sharing that tip soon. Never heard that about N. Perdis. They’ve got a good rep here, especially in LA. I guess an ocean can make a world of difference!

  4. Holy &#%*, @stef ! I read your post with my face almost pressed against the monitor and my jaw agape. What a haul! I’m especially enamored with the brushes, the Inglot palette (just the colors I would have chosen!), the little scissors… ooh, and the Swept Away Kit!

    I see I’ve missed the NYC show but next year for sure!

  5. Haul of HAULS! Wow-wee @stef, I am cracking up at your latest score and not the least bit surprised!
    Yes, the pallets and kit look awesome! And the Canadian line by Lise Waiter really has me intrigued. I’ve never seen a Duo Shadow and Glitter before like this and your selection above named Golden Taupe is sooo pretty. I would so die for one of those Royal and Langnickel Kabuki brushes.. I’m glad you got Naked Cosmetics Ebony set – cause it looks intense! Wowza! Great job, indeed! And by the way, I so want to go next year! :)

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  9. I enjoyed your haul a lot @Stef! That Lise Waiter shadow looks like a perfect taupe! I have been sorta interested in Naked Cosmetics for a while…I’m glad you picked up a set at IMATS for the nice price :) Your MUFE picks are super unique too and the Aqua Cream looks Amaazzzee

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  11. Dear god I go on an internet vacation for a holiday and come back to a post about heaven. I am insanely jealous that you got to talk to the ppl behind OCC and the pigments are crazy awesome! I was Bitmap soooooo bad!

    I’m not even going to be able to express my desire to see this thing/place/show/heaven. I’m just going to give up now.

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  13. Can I just mention how lush those brushes look and how crazy jealous I am that I probably won’t be able to buy them!?

    One day I will go to IMATS, one day!

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