Imju Fiberwig Mascara and Tiny Sniper review

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Men kinda suck. I say this not because of their dirty laundry that never quite makes it to the hamper. I say this not because of their penchant for drinking milk directly from the carton. It’s not even because it only takes them 5 minutes to wake up, shower and get dressed in the morning (I am sure this is some sort of super power or the result of a devil’s pact.) Have you ever looked at a man’s eyelashes? They’re usually ridiculously long, curly, and so full that my jealousy could send me into a homicidal rage. When I’m trying to imitate what Mother Nature has unfairly given them, it usually involves an eyelash curler (which closely resembles a Medieval torture device), some sort of lash primer, a mascara over top of that, and then if I’m trying to keep myself from closely resembling a raccoon, some sort of sealant. Then to undo all of this, it takes a heavy duty eye makeup remover, cotton pads, maybe a hazmat suit if I’m feeling frisky. It’s a pain in the caboose.

Thankfully, Japanese brand, Imju (pronounced ee-myoo), figured out an easier way to accomplish full, long lashes without all of the fuss or hassle. The brand promises that their Imju Fiberwig Mascara will provide “false eyelash-like results” and they DELIVER. What makes Imju Fiberwig different? It contains tiny fibers that bond to your lashes. The mascara coats the entire lash, creating fullness, and the fibers extend the lash, creating length. Best of all, no clumping. When I used an eyelash curler beforehand, the mascara even held the curl in place all day. The final effect is fuller, longer lashes that closely resemble false eyelashes, as promised. Also, the formula stays put until you use warm water and your fingers to gently remove it, so you don’t have to worry about smudging or the dreaded raccoon eye. Imju Fiberwig Mascara won’t budge until you want it to.

In addition to the original mascara, I was lucky enough to try out their Imju Fiberwig Tiny Sniper, a mascara for those hard-to-reach lashes in the inner and outer corners of the eye and perfect for lower lashes. I have never been able to wear mascara on my lower lashes. Never. Anytime I attempted this look, I ended up with dark, black rings under my eyes and it looked like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson (and lost). Not to mention how unnatural it looked–if you’ve ever heard of the dreaded “spider lashes”, you know that it wasn’t a good look for me. The Tiny Sniper, with it’s little bent brush, was not only perfect for getting those teensy corner lashes, when I ran it over my lower lashes, all I could say is WOW. The Tiny Sniper deposited just the right amount of mascara and my lower lashes just looked fuller and better, but still very natural.

Thanks to Imju Fiberwig Mascara and Tiny Sniper, my eyes have never looked better. I’m officially in love. We heart this review team – is anybody else there feeling the love?


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  1. Oh Krista, my son has the most beautiful eyelashes I’ve ever seen. I’m so jealous of them. Mascara is the one beauty product I wear pretty much everyday. I feel naked without it. I’ve tried all the drugstore brands and some higher priced items waiting for one of them to give me the beautiful full lash look. Well enter Fiberwig into my life. This stuff is crazy. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it when I first put it on. Kind of wet, but not sticky or clumpy, really does instantly make lashes look thicker, fuller and longer and man did my eyes just pop! I too never wear mascara on the bottom because I will look like Krista’s evil Tyson twin. The little sniper is perfect for corners and bottom lashes, now I want bottom lash mascara all the time. I must say for staying power this stuff doesn’t move. I used eyemakeup remover really quick one night and the next morning in the shower it appeared as though my lashes were coming off in my hands, good thing it was just the coating of faux lashes. Also very important to know, as a contact lens wearer, I had no issues with this! I’ll be a sad girl when I run out of this but it won’t be out of my house for long as I will be purchasing again!

  2. I’ll totally be repurchasing these beauties again. I will say that I have one complaint—the Tiny Sniper tube kept giving me trouble. It’s in one of those bottles that would typically hold a liquid eye liner and the black rim at the top of the bottle started to pop off whenever I’d try to open it after about the third time I used it. It was a bit of a hassle. Even so, I never want to be without the bottom lash mascara now because it opens up my eyes so much. It is my new addiction *sigh*.

  3. I’m not really a mascara fiend. I wear it every day, but I’m perfectly happy with Max Factor Stretch. I think it’s because I’d rather spend my $ on something with color. But somehow, I’ve ended up trying all the big names anyway and while most are really nice, nothing really motivated me to buy again. Till now…

    I LOVE Fiberwig! It’s the only mascara I’ve ever tried that really does give you the look of falsies. The fibers hang on to your lashes for dear life and catch on the very ends and extends them.

    My love continues on to the Tiny Sniper. I love concentrating my mascara on the outer edge. But it’s always a trick to do with a huge brush. This teeny little brush gets in there perfectly, with the same great formula as the original fiberwig so it extends the corners like crazy.

    I will be buying both of these again. 5 stars from me, someone not normally swayed by fancy mascaras!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Red Alert – MAC Cockney =-.

  4. I have lots of lashes, but they’re pretty short…so I definitely love a lengthening mascara, and extra volume doesn’t hurt. I’m on the fence about the Imju. While I definitely like it, I’m not sure that I LOVE it. Here’s why its great: The extra fibers really do add lots of length and you can really build a full lash. It comes off in gummy little flakes (easily, I might add!) so I love that I don’t feel like I’m going to rip out my eyelashes trying to get it off. Plus its blacky black black! I have very dark hair so I want my mascara to be dark to get the extra drama. That being said, I feel like the formula is a little runny so it can easily get all over your face while you’re doing your work with the wand. Secondly, I’m not sure that I got greater results than I can get with my Diorshow or Tarte mascaras.

    That all being said, I AM a biiiiiig fan of the tiny sniper. I really like to make my lower lashes look drama-fied and that tiny little brush makes it sooo easy. And a much cheaper alternative to the Guerlain Les 2 mascara which has the same thing, with a dry crusty formula for twice the price.

  5. I am forever amazed by the great leaps and bounds we see in modern technology. Just think about how fast things have changed in our world in just 10 years. It makes my head spin and I marvel at how far we have come.. Thankfully, for us who love to bat our eyelashes. The same rings true in the world of beauty! Whoever dreamt we could paint false lashes on – with ease, without using glue? It’s really avant-garde!

    Well Hello Fiberwig mascara! I was impressed instantly by yet another hot item in from Japan. In my opinion, I liked the results a smidgen more than their competition. I thought when I tried Blinc mascara that I had found the end all and be all in painting on your lashes! When I did a side-by-side comparison I thought they were very similar in “false eyelash-like” results. Fiberwig excels at generating long lashes instantly. What’s the secret? It has micro-fine fibers that put a film coat around your natural lashes. I have rubbed and wiped my eyes and they remain smudge-proof. They are resistant to tears, sweat and oil. The only thing that takes them off is warm water.

    I like that there is more flexibility during it’s application–meaning you can add more length at anytime and your lashes stay workable. Although, It’s probably a good idea to put what you want on initially. My point is they don’t turn into stone, and there is no limit in how long you have to apply it. On the other hand, Blinc mascara has a time limitation of two minutes for its application and then you are done. However, I figure that if you cannot get your mascara on in two minutes you don’t deserve to wear it! HA! Another thing that really made this product work so well for me was that I made sure the brush was covered with plenty of the fibers, this is key! Then the best way to apply the fibers to your lashes is to use the tip of the brush. Then cover both the top and bottom part of your upper lashes. That way you are sure to cover or coat your lashes completely. Wow, in the end they really look awesome.

    Along with the Fiberwig mascara, you need to have their Tiny Sniper to get into those lashes that are forever left untouched because you just cannot get to them. Talk about loads of lashes when your done.. I noticed my eyelashes really looked fuller with the Tiny Sniper. It covers those baby lashes, the very thin ones that are hard-to-reach in the corner and lower lashes. No more neglected baby lashes. For a very dramatic look, and best possible results, definitely use the original Fiberwig and the Tiny Sniper together. I will purchase both again.

    Sidebar: Regarding the backwards product name on it’s packaging. Did anyone notice that on the tube of mascara its labeling is reversed? I noticed it when I held the tube in my right hand. Maybe the designer was a lefty! When I showed it to a co-worker she said, the same. Does it really matter if the design and product name is backwards when you hold and look at the container?

  6. Pam, do you mean the words run up the packaging rather than down? I was thinking that may be a Japanese reading right to left thing, but that doesn’t make sense. I can’t wait to go home and look at my other Japanese products…

    I’ve got a question for you bottom lash mascara wearers, do you wear eyeliner on the bottom as well? I only wear either on the top. Every time I put them on the bottom I feel like I look like a drag queen, it looks so heavy. What’s the trick?

  7. Love this mascara. I was amazed at how long it made my eyelashes look. The first time I wore it, my husband asked me what I did differently with my eyes. He said it was a good difference and he hardly ever notices my makeup. I also love that this mascara doesn’t smear or give me raccoon eyes. I have such a hard time finding mascara that doesn’t slide off of my eyes. It’s been so refreshing that once I apply it, it stays on!

    I also really like the Tiny Sniper, but sadly I have had trouble with mine like Krista has. The top part of the tube wants to come out when I pull the brush out. I really wish they could have combined both of these brushes into one product…maybe a double ended tube with a brush on each end? That would be the ultimate mascara if you ask me. Even with the tube issues, I would definitely buy the Tiny Sniper again. It does amazing things to my bottom lashes and can’t imagine not using it now that I’ve come to love it!

  8. This Mascara is wonderful and the Tiny Sniper is genius!!
    Not only for the bottom lashes, but the corner lashes of the upper lashes. (wow that was a wacky sentence :) )
    but seriously, the tiny sniper is the first product I’ve ever used that actually get’s those lashes covered.

    The lasting power of this Mascara is great too. I’m a mascara fiend. I wear it every day and am suckered into trying every brand you can imagine because of their claims and fancy packaging! I have a handful that I love now, and this is one of them. It really makes the lashes pop, and with the tiny sniper EVERY lash gets attention!

    Krista you are so right about men, they always have the best lashes!

    Stef, I almost always wear Mascara on the bottom too, and often eye liner too. But I usually use my fav. MAC black eyeshadow and wet the slanted eyeliner brush to apply it to the bottom and it usually stays and gives a nice sassy smokey flair. If I use regular eyeliner I use it on the inner bottom lid then mascara on the bottom lashes for a fancy but clean looking bottom eye :)

    Fiberwig and the Tiny Sniper get 5 stars from me! I will buy them again for sure!

  9. Don’t hate me Krista, but I have those super long lashes that curl without using the medieval looking tools. They are so long and full that they touch my glasses and make smudges on the lens….I usually just have to do one coat of mascara and I’m done.

    With that being said…Fiberwig was not my favorite. I already have long, curled, and thick lashes that when I used Fiberwig, it made my lashes fell even thicker but not in a good way. They were droopy and looked messy. I ended up getting the taranchula lashes and it gooped up on my eyelid and got in my eyebrows. It was a mess.

    However, when I used the Tiny Sniper I found that I got less of a mess. And it was great when I used it on my lower lashes. I just had to be careful not to get the smudges. And I had the same problem as Krista with the bottle. After a few uses the rubber thing in the bottle kept coming out and I could hardly screw the lid back on.

    I did like washing it off! It was really cool! You can feel the fibers fall off your lashes. And you don’t have to scrub super hard. Just use some warm water and soap.

  10. Oh and Stef…I wear liner and mascara on the bottom lash as well as the top. I start on the outside and go to the middle, then smudge the liner. And use a light hand!

  11. I wear mascara on the bottom always to get that “doll” look. I keep my eyeliner very slight on the bottom (I love smudging colored liner underneath the lashes for a pop!). If not I put it on the inner rim to really smoke out the look.

  12. Stef,
    I think it may be only Fiberwig’s design. Did you see what I was talking about?
    When I really want to get that extra pop, I’ll sometimes wear eyeliner underneath and mascara on the bottom too. but most of the time, it’s just on top!

  13. Stef—until the Tiny Sniper, I was like you. I’d stick to top lash line application only for mascara and eye liner. I’d never put mascara on my bottom lashes and very rarely eye liner. If I did use eye liner on my under eye area, it was usually a jewel tone and I’d apply it and then smudge it down to almost nothing so there was just a hint of color. Now I feel like experimenting. These bad boys have opened up whole new worlds for me :P

  14. I always wear mascara! i barely wear any makeup but that is something i pretty much always wear. I thought this went on great, no clumps, wasn’t too think and it looked really natural on me. And that Tiny Sniper is totally genius! GENIUS! when i first got it i had no idea what it was. i’ve never seen anything like that before. it’s great because a lot of times i put my mascara on with an upward, outward stroke at the ends and most of the time getting it on my temples. not with this. the results were great and it was super easy and neat! I also used it on my bottom lashes which i usually never do because it would always look odd to me. not natural at all. but this the wand being so tiny, it just dusts my bottom lashes giving a little pop with out looking like Raggedy Ann!
    Ummm i never wear liner on the bottom, only top. But thats because i’ve just mastered putting liner on my lid after 37 years. When i do attempt the bottom, its a mess. but at least now i can start using mascara on the bottom lashes. Baby steps!
    Pam what are you talking about? my label looks totally normal.

  15. Brownwen- look at the mascara in the picture above. If a righty picks it up in the left hand to apply it with their right, the words are upside down. But if a lefty picks it up with their right to apply with their left hand, it reads correctly.

    Pam is right, most labels read for right handed people. I would have never noticed!

    And you summed it up perfectly. Mascara on my bottom lashes ALWAYS makes me look like Raggedy Ann! I just can’t get used to it.

  16. I’ve always worn mascara on both the top and bottom lashes and never realized some people don’t apply it on the bottom. I think I would feel naked without it. I try to only wear a little bit though and I guess that’s another reason why I love the Tiny Sniper so much. Now I’m a little self-conscious and wonder if I have Raggedy Ann eyes??? :)

    I’m a lefty and never noticed the wording. Great observation Pam.

  17. Hey Stef & Brownwen,
    I even looked at my shu uemura mascara and it was also reversed! But, it really doesn’t matter and if your a lefty, you’ve gotta feel happy!

  18. Ok i just figured out what you were talking about. Yesterday when i was reading your post, i was sitting there staring at the tube trying to figure out what you were talking about! You really do pay attention to detail because i NEVER would of noticed that one!

  19. Firstly, I need to agree that it is totally unfair how so many men are blessed with lush long dark lashes. Luckily, brands like Imju make it possible for the ladies to compete with the men for long lashes – all of them – that last until you are ready to take them off. I’ve used tube type mascara before and adore the staying power. The Imju stayed in place all day and night. I’m a contact lens wearer and an eye rubber so I have lots of issues with smudges and flakes when it comes to mascara. I was very pleased that the Imju looked freshly applied when it was time to take it off. I also really liked that the formula is a little “wetter” and takes a few seconds to lock in. It makes it super easy to add another layer or two for depth without worrying about clumps or eyelashes sticking together. And adding a second layer really makes a difference! You can get a false eyelash look without the hassle of applying them. I had no problems with removing the mascara. After washing my face and using some makeup remover swiped over the lash line the tubes fall harmlessly away.

    Finally, another huge thumbs up for the Tiny Sniper (love the name too!). The small and angled brush gets into those tiny lashes around the corners that can be hard to reach. I’ve been using it on just the corners of the upper lashes and it really opens up the eye! Love it!
    .-= tyna´s last blog ..Weekly Deal-lights 7.12.09 =-.

  20. so glad I found this review! I’ve been hesitating to get this. I’m definitely going to the drugstore to get it now. I think it’s cheaper here than to get it from sephora too, it cost less than 20.

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